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The one good thing happening in Vanessa’s kitchen was her sassy little window valance, but you couldn’t even tell, because it was being swallowed whole by the ancientness of everything else around it.  It’s so very vintagey, in fact, that it looks like this picture was snapped back in 1979.  Or with some hip Instagram filter, I can never tell anymore.  Seriously people. Is that a picture of yourself at age eight, or is it a picture of your eight-year-old child?  Is that a Red Ryder wagon from your childhood, or one you bought yesterday at Costco? I can’t tell the difference!  AND WHY SO MANY PICTURES OF FOOD? AND FEET?!?!  WHY?
I’m sorry.  As you can see, Instagram and I aren’t fast friends.  Let’s get back on track to Vanessa’s sweet kitchen makeover that she and her family did entirely themselves.  Looks completely fresh and fabulous, and yes, filter-free.  Check out the whole story on her blog Make Yourself Happy.

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  1. Beautiful makeover! Love the back splash –
    Have a wonderful wknd Lindsey

  2. im so sapped from this ridiculous heat that my only response is ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!! and wooooow! i want.

  3. one of these days i’m gonna get me a backsplash!

    you crack me up w/ your commentary. always!

  4. Love the makeover and as are hilarious!

  5. that was awesome

  6. Oh, yes. The feet. You, my dear, are hilarious! And yet, I do instagram. I’ve yet to show my feet though…

  7. YES!! I do NOT get instagram. Why do I want my pictures to look 35 years old? Nope! I want nice crisp whites and brilliant shadows!

    And here I thought I was alone in not getting it!

  8. I actually liked the before cabinets. But the after certainly feels fresher! Great work.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been afraid to out myself about my total confusion over Instagram. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in my suffering.

  10. Thanks for the comments on the kitchen, it does feel much fresher :).
    As for Instagram, It is my favorite app..use it all the time!


  11. Never heard of instagram – been too busy living under a rock in the backyard…

  12. Hi! I’ve been a lurker for a while and haven’t ever commented…but i wanted to tell you that you’re little commentary before showing the before and afters is hysterical. Especially today with the Instagram stuff…cracked me up 🙂 So true, you can’t tell if it’s an old photo or not! Love your site!

  13. I’m old. I admit it. Well, if you are 12 and look at me I am old. Back way back when I was a hip teen with my instamatic camera and a lousy $2 a week allowance all my photos were crisp and clean and boring. Years later I drag them out and someone says, “Oh did you instagram your sister? Looks way cool, you know like back in 1978 or sumpin.” Yeah, well, let me tell you buddy, it WAS 1978 and the pics went yellow from cheap chemicals in processing the pics!
    SO how come THAT effect is so cool now? I’d give anything to see my pics of yore and not to mention my daggy clothes in glorious true tone!
    I digress; The make over is lovely! I hate boring brown cupboards! White is bright and crisp and makes me want to sing “Oh what a beautiful morning!!!!”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for also being confused by pictures of people’s feet. I don’t get it. Trying to show a cool floor? Get your toes out of the way. Trying to show off your cool hipster shoes? Actually show them, not crop and show the toes.

  15. I have seen this beauty of a kitchen in real life, and let me tell you, instagram or not…its looks perfect now!! :)I love the transformation!

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