BurlapFabric.com Giveaway! (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED)

(now closed.  Congrats to our winner, Susie’s Sassy DIY!)
I’m a huge fan of the burlap/jute/natural look that is running rampant right now. (I don’t want to call it a trend, because I don’t want it to go away!)  So I’m really excited to offer you a sweet little giveaway today from Better After’s newest sponsor, BurlapFabric.com
BurlapFabric.com is your one-stop shop for all things burlappy and beyond.  They offer a great selection of items, from twine to table covers.  
Plus, they have colored burlap! And big plus, they sanitize their burlap.  If you’ve ever experienced how funky burlap can smell in its natural state, you know that’s a big deal.
 I’ve been pinning burlap project inspiration pretty much since Pinterest began.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Hobby Lobby                                                Tara Dennis
My Vintage Bliss                                                                   BHandG
Shanty 2 Chic                                           Jill Ruth

So, since BurlapFabric.com was nice enough to send me some products to play around with, I decided to make a table runner.  Mine was not nearly as ambitious as the weaved one above, but on the plus side, it took less than an hour!
Step one: cut your roll of burlap to desired length.
Step two: tape off some lines
Step three: paint!
Let it dry, and it’s done! It’s kind of a coastal, beachy-ish look, yeah?  I  really like how it turned out.
(Even if my husband failed to notice it completely.  Hmph.)
SO! If you’d like to get started on (or add to) your a burlap stash, you’re in luck!  BurlapFabric.com is giving away a $30 gift certificate to their store for a Better After reader!  (A lot of their items are for bulk purchases, but there are some specials going on here.  I’m digging the burlap placemats).
Entering is easy!
No, seriously, it’s easy.

To enter to win the $30 gift certificate to BurlapFabric.com, simply …

Leave a comment here!

That’s it!
That’s all there is to it!
Giveaway ends Monday, August 20th. Winner will be chosen at random.  
Good luck and have a great weekend friend!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to make that woven runner!

  2. Love burlap!!

  3. I hope I win!!!

  4. I like all the great ideas you have shown. I need some of the colored burlap!

  5. I’ve been waiting all my life for a give away this easy. I need to make some burlap curtains, so winning this would be a SCORE!

  6. Ohh the projects to craft!

  7. Love all the cool ideas to use the burlap. Thank you!

  8. I love burlap! I would love to win! 🙂

  9. I love the burlap projects on Pinterest-and I really like the burlap ribbon. I hope I win. . .

  10. I love the natural look. There’s so much to do with natural fibers.

  11. I can think of so many projects I can do with burlap! I’m really digging the woven runner…

  12. would love to make burlap curtains!

  13. Thanks for offering the giveaway! I have a bulletin board project for which the burlap would be perfect.

  14. Woohoo! Burlap!

  15. I love using burlap. Enter me I can’t wait.

  16. Yes please! Burlap works in sooo many settings!

  17. I would love to get my hands on some of that burlappy goodness! I hope I win!

  18. The woven runner is awesome! There is just something calming about burlap- perhaps that is why I like it so much!

  19. I absolutely LOVE burlap and have never heard of this website!! I will definitely be buying from them in the future!

  20. Run with that runner..no really, run with it, and let’s see if your hubby notices! I like companies that specialize in making one product very well. Cool giveaway.

  21. I love the beachy look on your table. What a great idea!!

  22. I am in live with that woven table runner! I have yet to do anything with burlap but I’m itching to.

  23. I lived that woven burlap runner, I can think of so many things to do with it.

  24. I love burlap and I am going to get a tablecloth if I win this, and edge it with some of that “ribbon”.

  25. Love me some burlap!!

  26. Oh! A burlap table runner would be just the ticket for my (giant) coffee table… hmm…

  27. Totally want a table runner! Crossing my fingers.

  28. Fingers crossed I win! I love burlap and use it every where in my house.

  29. I really like your table runner. I am wanting to get some burlap to work on some bottles I have been saving. A gift certificate would sure come in handy lol. Thank you.

  30. I had never heard of them before today but I cannot wait to check them out! :-)Thanks!

  31. I’ve been wanting to make a burlap wreath and this place is such a great resource. Thanks!

  32. I have two burlap projects I’ve been putting off – I’d love to win & get creative! Pick me please. :o)

  33. i want to win! yay!

  34. What a great giveaway, burlap is awesome!

  35. I love the casual look of burlap!

  36. just the website I was looking for! I want to wrap my box springs in burlap with nail head trim. And I have 2 caned wing back chairs that are crying out for some coffee sack love on their backs 🙂

    pick me pick me!

  37. Burlap is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    This website looks amazing! I love burlap 🙂

    a faithful butterfly (at) yahoo (dot) com

  39. I LOVE burlap! Thanks for the great ideas!

  40. I think your runner came out real cute!

  41. Like everyone else here, I’m in love with burlap as well! Haha thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Me, me, me!!! Please?

  43. Oooo…I can never have enough burlap!

  44. Love your runner!

  45. Pick me! Pick me! And I love your runner.

  46. Ooooh I really need this, my kitchen needs it!! 🙂

  47. Love it!

  48. Love your runner! Hope I can make one too soon!

  49. The tablecloth turned out great!

  50. Looks good!

  51. I would love to do something with the colored burlap!

  52. Ooooo….colored burlap!

  53. I LOVE Burlap! I used it in my wedding and now I’m using my leftovers all over my house! I will go to that site even if I don’t win…but I hope I do!

  54. Love the table runner!

  55. Pick me! I would love to win. Either way, I am excited to learn about their website

  56. I’m with you. Love the burlap/twine/natural look.

  57. I agree with you, I hope the burlap look is much more than a fad. 🙂

  58. Love Burlap and how wonderful of you to only want one comment as oppose to a comment and a tweet And like on facebook And link to your blog And And And!!!!! Ugh!

  59. Love Burlap and how wonderful of you to only want one comment as oppose to a comment and a tweet And like on facebook And link to your blog And And And!!!!! Ugh!

  60. Awesome stuff!

  61. I have been wanting to make some wall art using burlap! This would be perfect!

  62. Love all those awesome colors of burlap!

  63. Love all those awesome colors of burlap!

  64. I need some of that burlap in colors and some of the twine!!
    So nice of you to offer it!!

  65. I’ve never tried using burlap and would love to give it a shot!

  66. I do hope I win ~ have big projects to start in October & could use this.

  67. I hope I win. I LOVE burlap and have been wanting a runner for soo long.

  68. Love burlap!!!

  69. Never used burlap yet – unless I win!

  70. Love, love, love burlap!

  71. So many ideas now! Definitely the runner is on my list

  72. I’d love to win and hope the “trend” never ends!

  73. LOVE anything burlap! Looks like they have some great stuff!!

  74. Great striped runner, Lindsay! Thanks for the fun giveaway and happy weekend to you!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Burlap, schmurlap…JUST KIDDING! I LOVE IT! I’ve been using it in lots of projects lately : ) -KMG

  76. I like it! It is really pretty, in a rustic chic kind if way!

  77. Love your runner!!! A duplicate would look fabulous on my dark wood table. Oh, and I love your blog too 🙂

  78. Anonymous says:

    Yes please. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. And burlap.


  79. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the burlap ribbon.

  80. I love your blog! Thanks for the giveaway! jlk

  81. I love the texture and look of burlap.

  82. Burlap is natty!

  83. Burlap is natty!

  84. Awesome giveaway! Burlap items make amazing gifts..they just look so good!

  85. That would be a fun project to make. casidyanne at hot mail dot com

  86. That jewelry board is fantastic!

  87. Ahhh! Will go look! I have been a burlap fan for the past 8 years! :0)

  88. Comment left!

  89. I would love to buy the webbing to do a DIY growth chart for my 1 year old!

  90. So perfect for a new project…Thank you for the giveaway…

  91. love burlap!

  92. love burlap!

  93. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  94. Great giveaway! Pinterest is making me want some burlap 🙂



  95. Anonymous says:

    would love to win!
    deadamsjun at yahoo dot com

  96. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win so I can have the chance to impress you with my own beautiful and unique project using your high quality burlap product. Thanks!

  97. Anonymous says:
  98. Would Love to get me some Burlap! Thanks for the chance!


  99. Ohhh would love to make table runner.

  100. Love your Blog. Can’t wait to view it every day. I love the burlap!! Would like to try to make purses out of it.

  101. Sweet!

  102. Karen Greer says:

    Fun! I just saw a burlap-wrapped wreath that was really cute and I’ve been thinking of making for my front door.

    And while I’m here, thank you for being a blogger who lets me put in comments using just my name…sometimes I’d like to comment on a blog but don’t have a google ID or one of the numerous other things they want you to have to just leave a simple comment.

  103. Would Love to Make my Mom Some Burlap Curtains!

  104. grrrreat job! It IS beachy. Love it. I wish I was brave enough to try burlap in decorating.

  105. beachy burlap FTW!!

  106. I have chair in need of repair…

  107. I have chair in need of repair…

  108. Love me some burlap!

  109. wow–some great ideas! I love the burlap/natural look also and would love to make some of these things for my house.

  110. I love the burlap with the red stripes.

  111. I LOVE burlap…I have several ideas floating around for my new home that use burlap! 🙂

  112. I LOVE burlap…I have several ideas floating around for my new home that use burlap! 🙂

  113. Hmmmm I need to experiment with burlap

  114. Love natural fabrics- crossing my fingers that I win this one!

  115. Oh yes I would love to win some burlap!!!

  116. I love to use the natural and the great colored burlaps for crafts and home decor projects! Thanks for a chance to win.

  117. Lovin this burlap!! It is REALLY COOL!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. I have wanted to make a couple of projects but don’t like the smell of burlap. Looks like the problem has been solved. Yea!

  119. Gosh, I use so much burlap, and have never ordered from them before, but sure would like to try! Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Love the table runner! Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. Thanks for the offer … I love your blog …

  122. I would love to win some burlap! 🙂

  123. Woot! Count me in for the WIN! Now must go find the pin for that weaved tablecloth……that was serious.

  124. So adorable! I wanna win.

  125. So adorable! I wanna win.

  126. I love the woven table runner!

  127. I love burlap! Its going to be a major component in my wedding.

  128. I love the way burlap looks and have been itching to make something!!

  129. I’m throwing my hat in the ring. Maybe I’ll be lucky….one day.

  130. Love that striped runner!!! Crossing my fingers….

  131. You’ve got one of the best blogs around! Thanks for hosting this, I’d love to put together a burlap runner! Thanks to BurlapFabric.com, too!


  132. That colorful webbing is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I can think of a million uses at my house! Good Luck to me!

    P.S. If you were my child, you would be Lindsey Lindsay!

  133. I love that woven runner!

  134. I love the burlap look, & would be soooo excited to win! And the rolls of webbing – very cool possibilities!
    P.S. Love the runner!

  135. This comment has been removed by the author.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Wow! I could really use that around the house! Great ideas for decorating!

  138. Anonymous says:

    Love burlap!!!

  139. LOVE the runner & kind of obsessed with burlap…

  140. Your runner is so cute! I have been looking at Pinterest burlap projects too. So fun!

  141. Your runner is so cute! I have been looking at Pinterest burlap projects too. So fun!

  142. Yay burlap!I would use this for my wedding in September!

  143. Hope I win!

  144. Oh, please please please! I have a wedding coming up in December that is burlap themed. PLEEEASE let me win.

  145. I love the way your runner turned out!

  146. Great giveaway – I’ve been meaning to buy something off this website for a while now!

  147. i LOVE burlap! so cheap and so pretty! 🙂
    erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

  148. Fingers crossed, I hope I win! So many neat projects shown here. Thanks!

  149. Wow I love all of your inspirations it got me motivated. I LOVE Burlap!

  150. Anonymous says:

    I love this stuff! I see great projects happening with this in the future.


  151. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’d love to add some colored burlap to my stash!


  152. Leave a comment?? Of course!! I am obsessed with burlap!!! I love it for so many different things!! PICK ME! PICK ME!!

  153. Your runner turned out really cute.
    I’m sure your husband will notice it someday. Mine usually does about the time I’m thinking of getting rid of whatever it is he overlooked.

  154. I pin burlap all the time but didn’t realize that it is burlap I need to soften up my family room. I think it will warm up the gray I have going on. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  155. LOVE burlap!

  156. Would love to win this Ü

  157. Burlap is one of my favorite things to decorate with. I use it throughout the whole house. Love the ideas you posted!

  158. Well, my chances of winning are getting slimmer by the second, but I would have commented anyway so here goes. Lindsey, you made a great table runner – I’ve had a piece of burlap sitting in my laundry room for weeks now waiting to make one, but I didn’t think of painting white stripes on it. You’re right it makes it totally beachy and fresh – exactly what I wanted. So YOU are MY inspiration today. Thanks!

  159. whooo hooo easy entry 🙂 thank you

  160. I love your table runner!

  161. I love your table runner!

  162. I’ve been wanting some burlap curtains for a while!

  163. I’ve been wanting some burlap curtains for a while!

  164. I love your table runner!

  165. I love your table runner!

  166. I LOVE burlap!

  167. I LOVE burlap!

  168. Burlap is the best! Thanks for bringing us the opportunity to win some!

  169. One of the saddest days of my life was when feed stopped coming in feedbags and starting coming in regular bags. The burlap was like a gift with purchase! Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. Love the burlap ideas!

  171. Love the burlap ideas!

  172. I have been wanting to make burlap lamp shades!

  173. I have been wanting to make burlap lamp shades!

  174. We just moved cross country and some of my furniture was damaged, I’ve been re-covering chairs and would love to win this!!!

  175. I love the Union Jack.

  176. I love the Union Jack.

  177. Jessica N. says:

    Love to have some burlap in a beautiful autumn color!

  178. Love the casual-ness of burlap. Thanks

  179. Awesome Ideas…great one.

  180. perfect! love burlap

  181. How fun! I also love burlap and would love to make a custom table runner using freezer paper stenciling.

  182. Love that beautiful runner!

  183. Love that beautiful table runner!

  184. Love burlap. Planning on doing a lamp shade this weekend!

  185. Love burlap – – so many ways to use it in decorating! Love the colored burlap – – gets the creative juices goin’!!

  186. burlap lamp shades are on my summer to do. I am running out of time 🙂 I LOVE the woven runner too!

  187. Pick me, pick me!! Seriously LOVE burlap!!

  188. I *love* burlap! I have chairs to cover, an old favorite chair&sofa kiln-dried hardwood frames to re-web, Lordy would that discount help! I’m quiet but read your every post…and this one have to open my mouth! Er, fingers? Thank you for the chance & all the great ideas I’ve saved. 🙂

  189. I love burlap!….especially during the fall. I’m sure there will be plenty to order from this site. 🙂

  190. FOR THE LOVE OF BURLAP! Seriously, burlap goes with EVERY season.

  191. Pick me! I love the runner! Want.to do that on a rug in my daughters room!

  192. Jamie Davis says:

    OMHeavens – I didn’t even know this website existed – I am sure to become a loyal customer!~!

    This gives a whole new meaning to “you’d look great in a potato sack!~!”

  193. Awesome giveaway especially since I’m getting ready to cover a chair right now. Good luck to ya’ll

  194. Brandy Siemens says:

    perfect giveaway for fall project!~thanks, Brandy Siemens of Vintage Style and Designs

  195. Anonymous says:

    I would love to make me some colored burlap placemats!!!

  196. Loving all the burlap ideas. I am sure I could make something fantastic with $30 of burlap….. : )

  197. Excited for this giveaway!

  198. like your runner

  199. I love it – the burlap and what you made out of it! I so hope to win it!

  200. Love the giveaway!

  201. Leaving a comment!

    I would love some burlap. 🙂

  202. I bought some authentic burlap coffee and potato sacks and I’m dreading washing them! They’re stiff and have strong smells. Now I have some inspiration to start on a project!

  203. Anonymous says:

    I love burlap and am so happy to see so many colors. Nancy Carr nancythedove@aol.com

  204. I’ve been wanting to make some burlap wreaths! Thanks for letting me know about a great resource! Now, winning this would be the icing on the cake! Wait… did someone say cake? Mmmmmm….

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  205. Anonymous says:

    So grateful for the source for burlap and all its forms. Thanks for the tip!

  206. Jane Pyle says:

    Love it! i’m going to have to try a burlap project. I’ve never worked with it!

  207. I luv burlap!

  208. I love burlap!! Awesome giveaway – count me in 🙂


  209. :gasp: I love those natural-looking projects you pictured. I am going to explore BurlapFabric.com and I hope I win the giveaway. 🙂

  210. I need burlap! I need to make a new shade for the dining room hangy lamp thingy so that I can send you before and after pics!

  211. Burlap! I love the look!

  212. Would love to get my hands of some burlap!!

  213. Would love to get my hands on some burlap!!

  214. Would love to win–am really enjoying your blog 🙂

  215. Lovely runner-great idea!

  216. Those are some great colors! I love the embroidery on burlap.

  217. Ooh, that jewelry organizer is gorgeous! And yes, what a plus to not have burlap smell. Crossing my fingers!

  218. Pick me! Pick me! I would choose the webbing. I have seen lots of cool projects using that.

  219. Pick me! Pick me! I would choose the webbing. I have seen lots of cool projects using that.

  220. Awesome giveaway!

  221. I love this natural style too! I would love to win this so I can update some stuff around my house. I don’t know where I’d start!

  222. Love the runner – and burlap!

  223. Lovin’ the burlap vibe – perfect for my beach themed house!

  224. I love burlap! $30 would get a lot of crafts underway! Fun, thanks so much.

    emilystevens03 at yahoo dot com

  225. I love burlap for the fall!!!

  226. Anonymous says:

    Great I’d love some.
    Bonnie P

  227. I love burlap! I was just thinking I needed a table runner too. 🙂

  228. I am leaving a comment here. Because I secretly love burlap. Please don’t tell anyone!

  229. LOVE burlap!! I’ve been looking for some to cover a lamp shade with! This would be perfect!!

  230. Your husband, and mine, must be cut from the same cloth. Today I moved a chair from the bedroom to the living room. My husband said he had never seen the chair. It has been next to his side of the bed for almost three years!

  231. I love working with burlap. So many fun projects. 🙂

  232. Oh, I really, really want to win!! What an awesome giveaway! So many things I would make, especially with fall almost here! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  233. Susan Gosman says:

    I love burlap, have burlap curtains with heavy fringe in my bedroom!

  234. Well I must say I love the coffee sacks and such a great price. Wow if I win that is what I am going to order. Thanks for the chance.

  235. Have searched the web high and low for wedding ideas using burlap! Thanks for the info!

  236. I’ve been itching to redo an old ladder back chair in burlap, this sure would help!

  237. I’m already imagining all the lovely things I could make with $30 worth of burlap 🙂 I would LOVE to win this gift card!!!

  238. I would love to win some sweet smelling burlap! The burlap bow on my current wreath stinks! thanks!

  239. I was just looking at burlap at JoAnn last week and said it smelled kind of funny to sew/work with. Intriguing that BurlapFabric.com treats theirs. Looking forward to checking out their stock. The table runner looks really nice btw.

  240. Love it!! Thanks for the give-away!!

  241. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to buy some burlap and get creative!

    tj cullen at yahoo dot com

  242. What a great giveaway! Love the natural look of burlap.

  243. thanks for the link!we’ll be moving soon … would love to stencil some burlap panels

  244. Great giveaway!

  245. Oh burlap, I love it! I actually have tons of coffee bags so I’d love some of the burlap ribbons and what not to edge off some of my coming burlap projects! Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to pin some of these photos.

    makinghome (at) yahoo (dot) com

  246. Love Burlap! Just got new curtains and now I need to recover some chairs!

  247. Ooh, I never knew a 60″ round burlap tablecloth existed. Awesome!

  248. I am closing on a newly built house in 12 days, and my new master bedroom will be a coastal chic theme. I am loving the idea of burlap accents in there!!

  249. trishasorber at yahoo dot com

  250. Please enter my name. I can think of so many things I could do with burlap. I appreciate the simplicity of entering. So many hoops to jump through most of the time. Thanks, Amy

  251. Great post with so many burlap ideas which would be terrific with the gift certificate..

  252. I hope I win.

  253. Pick me! Pick me! I seriously was thisclose to buying some today!!

  254. Melissa P says:

    Oooo I love love love the orange burlap.

  255. I’d like to win! foreverfaithful2jc@yahoo.com

  256. thanks for the giveaway….love the runner!!

  257. I’d love to get craft with some burlap! Great examples!

  258. Burlap is so versatile! I could do a lot with it. I have already lined the back of my china cabinet with it, and I have many more ideas. Thanks for the chance to win;)

  259. In 1963 my mom covered an entire wall in our living room with burlap and painted it a deep butter yellow. She covered the wall with black framed pictures and photographs. . . very hip! I remember thinking, “Wow, you can do that?”
    Checked out the BurlapFabric.com site and I’m totally coveting the 60″ Avocado burlap! I might not be able to wait and see if I win the $30! May have to just go ahead and but it!

  260. What a great give away! I have been wanting some burlap to make a front door wreath…heres to hoping its me! 🙂

  261. Love all the colors available there!!!

  262. Burlap is awesome and it has so many uses. This give away is amazing!!!

  263. Burlap is awesome. It has so many uses. This give away is just amazing…I’m so excited!!!

  264. Burlap is my new love. Thinking about redoing my coffee table into a burlap ottoman. thanks for the contest chance.

  265. Cathy camikula@bell.net says:

    Just had a look around the website! Some great stuff! Too bad the wider burlap only comes in rolls but, like you, I also like the placemats and especially the table runner.
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  266. Yay!!

  267. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT!!!! L O V E IT!!!!

    Tammy Gaede


  269. Oh my I would so love to win plz add me to the giveaway thank u

  270. Ooh exciting! My new apartment could use some burlap…

  271. Love it!

  272. How fun! I love burlap!

  273. How fun! I love burlap!

  274. Love burlap! Want to cover my world in it!

  275. Great timing! Found myself with a couple yards of extra burlap after using it to create table runners for my son’s wedding. Trying to figure out what to do with it and then your blog post showed up! Nice! For the giveaway…Choose me!!

  276. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Burlap!!! This would be so wonderful to win.
    Good Luck to us all!

  277. I would love to win! I have so many burlap projects planned, I just need the material.

  278. Cool, I would love to win the burlap!
    I love your blog…Better After, both my niece and I do…I think the first time I was on your site, I was on for hours checking out all your posts, and now when we see your name in our ‘in box’ you’re the first email we open.
    Thank you for being so great!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. I love me some burlap! I have used it as curtains, bench cover, and on my media center (remotes work through it!) Thanks for the chance for more!!!

  280. Oh you want to give me some burlap? I’ll take it, yes please! And I’ll give it an extreme makeover and find it a forever home. 🙂

  281. Burlap rocks!!!

  282. Burlap rocks!!!

  283. I love this!!! I especially love the hot pink burlap!

  284. I love the pink burlap!! Email: laurenthms4@gmail.com

  285. Burlap is so fun! I’m picturing a fall wreath made with some burlap ribbon.

  286. I love to use burlap on so many things 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win, crossing my fingers!!

  287. I had just seen a chair redone in coffee bags and was wondering where you find coffee bags! Perfect! Thank you!

  288. love love the burlap table runner!

  289. This comment has been removed by the author.

  290. such a great site…i’m currently obsessed with burlap!~!

    ~ Jillian

  291. I want one of those in my house! Seriously so cute

  292. Would love to win this to pick up some orange burlap for a wreath!

  293. I so want to make a burlap bubble wreath for fall for my front door.
    shel704 at aol dot com

  294. I love getting ideas on here and would love to use that burlap gift card

  295. So many fun things to do with burlap! Yay!

  296. Anonymous says:

    Love it! The colors are gorgeous..
    -Amy daav @ amydaav@hotmail

  297. love your blog…and i love burlap! here’s to hoping i win!!


  298. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic resource.

  299. I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect grey burlap! I want to make drapes!

  300. How did I not know about this company?! I’ll be ordering soon.

  301. love it!

  302. i would love to win this! thanks for the giveaway! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  303. Your runner looks great!! This is a wonderful source for burlap.


  304. Your runner looks great!! This is a wonderful source for burlap.


  305. I would love to make something from burlap for the first time! Love the look!

  306. I was wanting to make that table runner too, I think I will go with yours now. It looks much easier and is super cute.

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  324. I’ve never worked with burlap, but have always wanted to. I think your runner is a good way to start

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  338. I love the look of burlap and ADORE that woven runner!

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  343. I love burlap! It’s cheap and goes with so many things. But it does smell weird. The awesomeness of burlap without the funky smell sounds like a double win.

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  348. I love the look of burlap! It’s a shame it’s so popular right now. You can’t even buy an old coffee burlap for less than $40 these days. You’re totally right, if they’re not sanitized, it can really get ripe! 🙂

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  351. Anonymous says:

    Love creating with burlap! Thanks for the give-away. danamsummers@yahoo.com

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  375. I love burlap and would enjoy another burlap project to start!

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