That reminds me…

Everybody needs a good reminder once in a while:  Don’t forget Grandma’s birthday. Floss. Buy stamps. Pack deodorant. Return those shoes. Flush. 
Here’s another one: White paint is magic!  It’s pretty common knowledge, but just in case you forgot, Heather shows us what a few coats of white can to to unify a gallery wall made from cheapie thrift store picture frames.  What a cost-effective way to make a statement! She says she’s never paid more than $3 for a frame. 

And for fun, here’s a  glimpse of the whole room.  So cool!

The Ugly Lamp Contest is coming soon!  Submit your ugly lamp to me at by August 10th!

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  1. That Light is serious, I love it!

  2. Yes, DYING to know where the light is from!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pottery Barn sells a light like that.

  4. Love it! Looks really good!

  5. kwebber says:

    I don;t know how I found this site but I love it. You make me laugh AND inspire me daily. I think I need to paint all my frames white. Add that to my DIY list.

  6. that looks so great! i love the clean feeling of the white!

  7. I’ve never met a frame I didn’t like, once it was painted white! ~ Maureen

  8. White paint is magic…AND i love the wainscot with picture ledge detail. So lovely!!

    ~ Jillian

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