Race and Chase

So, I’m taking it back to the old school … cuz I’m an old fool … who’s so cool … Seriously, I don’t know why I get the lyrics to Whoomp, There It Is stuck in my head so often. It’s like a disease.  But I am also serious about taking it back to the old school.  Let’s revisit our childhoods today!
For instance: endless days of carefree bike-riding.  Remember those days?  Of course you do.  Once you ride a bike you never forget … or something or other.  I actually still ride my bike all the time. Not that I am a serious biker, I am just to lazy to walk to the mailbox.  And I am really loving this snazzy bicycle dresser from Kymberlie at Gameel Designs.

Did your childhood include board games?  Then maybe this dresser from Martha at Leone Design will drudge up some old memories of Parcheesi.  It looks awesome, even though I can’t quite see the Parcheesiness myself. However, I’ve never played Parcheesi. I was more of a Pollyanna gal.  Ever heard of that one?  We should play it sometime!

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  1. I’ve never played Pollyanna but we got it a large collection of board games at an auction! I never have known anyone who plays… now I’m wanting to!

    Great features by the way. 🙂

  2. I love the bicycles, how fun is that. The dresser is so cute.

  3. Parcheesi is only fun if you cheat, get caught, and your brother tattletales and then you retaliate by refusing to finish the game. BTW, great afters.

  4. wow! they look really nice:)

  5. Thanks for featuring the parcheesi dresser. Yeah, you’re right… it’s hard to see the connection to the game board. It really just provided inspiration for the overall design… not a literal interpretation. Thanks again for featuring it! The other features are beautiful!!

  6. Thanks a lot. Now I have the lyrics stuck in my head. My daughter calls that having an ear worm. Yuk. Anyway, fun features!

  7. I would LOVE to know where people find dressers as awesome as these. All I seem to find is ugly. And even if you paint it. Still ugly. It gives me the sadsberries.

  8. You got to bust out a little Whoomp There It Is from time to time! Tag Team back again!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love them! So different!

  10. You really are so funny, your blog makes me day. I love the part about riding your bike to the mail box. I am sitting here in my office laughing so hard all alone.
    Thanks again

  11. Love the dressers! Also, I have that SAME DISEASE. Seriously, that song is ALWAYS in my head (only in my head it combines with the song “ice ice baby” and they turn into one song seamlessly…so I guess it’s just a related disease…perhaps a mutation?)

  12. Thanks, now I’ve got both stuck in my head. At least it gets that kids’ Adventure Time theme out. Come along with meee … 🙂

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