Parting with Paneling

Parting with Paneling
Oooh, how I love me some white painted paneling.  Doesn’t Laura’s dining room look infinitely brighter? And bigger? And better?  Even the pots in the pot rack look nicer! That is the power of paint.  Not to be confused with the power of love.  Not to be confused with the Celine Dion version of The Power of Love, because I was actually referring to the Huey Lewis and the News version. You know, from Back to the Future?  Kind of like how this kitchen went back in time from outdated ’70s to timeless farmhouse?   (How’s that for a segue?)  (Wait, I just realized that didn’t actually make sense.)
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  1. July 2, 2012 / 3:34 PM

    Oh I just love this – and how awesome that she was able to fit that antique armoire in her kitchen? Beautiful transformation
    Great post!

  2. July 2, 2012 / 3:35 PM

    Lovity love love!!

  3. July 2, 2012 / 4:13 PM

    Love this! I rent a house with paneling so I can’t paint it, but I am working on contrasting the furniture as best I can. It ain’t easy!

  4. July 2, 2012 / 5:30 PM

    Well hang dang it! The power of paint strikes again and it did make the pots and pans look better too! What a pretty kitchen!

    P.S. I totally followed your power of love reference so what does that mean?

  5. July 2, 2012 / 6:04 PM

    Umm…I think she got new pots and pans…I would have if my paint job made the kitchen look this good!

  6. Anonymous
    July 2, 2012 / 7:29 PM

    Good Call!

  7. July 2, 2012 / 7:35 PM

    We have some serious 70s-style paneling in the basement to get rid of! Love what a difference this made!

  8. July 2, 2012 / 7:41 PM

    I am always hopeful that the power of love doesn’t need a primer coat.

  9. July 3, 2012 / 6:31 AM

    I had to keep scrolling up and down to make sure it was the same kitchen. LOL! Looks great! 🙂

  10. July 26, 2012 / 7:19 PM

    I painted mine but would love to rip it out and drywall the entire room, okay it’s actually in 2 rooms.

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