He’s a washing machine!

I bet a lot of people are hanging on to furniture they don’t love, simply because it’s a quality piece of furniture.  “But it’s solid wood! And so sturdy! Who cares if its glossy, yellowy tone matches nothing else in my home? Who cares if I weep a little inside every time I look at it?”  Well, I’m here to slap some sense into you.  You can have it all! 
Actually, Jesse at Nine Red will slap some sense into you with his color-washed armoire.  I love this look so much. The distressed black bun feet are my favorite; just a cool bit of contrast.  And I love that the knots aren’t so screamingly visible anymore, even though Jesse is a weirdo who actually likes those freaky wooden eyeballs of terror.  (Maybe I’m the weirdo).  Anyway, hop on over there to check out his complete color-wash tutorial! 

The Ugly Lamp Contest is coming soon!  Submit your ugly lamp to me at BetterAfter@live.com by August 10th!

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  1. He does great work, love this one!

  2. ooh! Thanks so much for posting this for me! Yes, I am the freak who likes those knots, haha. Don’t judge me! hehe, thanks again!

  3. I love the washed look! He did a great job. (I’m with you, I hate knots).

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