Faithfully Fresh

Way back when, when Rebecca and her husband first bought this house, hot pink trim and faux stone panels were all the rage in the home exteriors world.  That is not true. That has actually never been true.  But they had faith that they could eventually turn its offensive pinkness into something lovely.  Rebecca had faith anyway.  Her husband had little more than a desperate shred of hope that she was right.  And seven and a half years later, I’d say she was! 
Get a glimpse of everything they’ve been up to  since then on her blog We Need Some Pink!

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  1. Ik vind het een prachtig huis

    Groetjes Saskia

    Lovely house

  2. stephbo93 says:

    Wow! They took it from a house I wouldn’t look twice at to one I’d really want! Great job!

  3. I bet the neighbors bring them cookies on a regular basis

  4. Oh yes, much better – they have done a fantastic job!

  5. Much better after

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