Do’s and Donuts

Would you pay $10 for this before hutch?  I don’t know if I would … it looks pretty sketchy.  Plus, think of all the other things you could buy with $10.  Like a dozen donuts.  But Tiffany wasn’t scared, and she didn’t want any donuts, because she plunked down her $10 for this thing and painted it mustard yellow.  I think it looks great, and I think Tiffany and I could be friends, and I think I want a donut now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You brave, brave woman. I love to refinish furniture and even I would have let that bad-boy go. lol
    Congratulations on tackling the (almost) impossible and making it look fantastic!

    London, ON

  2. oh my goodness. WHAT AN ADORABLE FINISHED product!

  3. Wow! Super Job, Tiffany!

  4. I love your blog. You are so funny!And all the works are amazing. Be well. Greetings from Argentina.

  5. stephbo93 says:

    All I can think is “Wow! A dozen donuts costs $10 ?!” I don’t think I would have tackled that one either. Maybe if it came with donuts, ’cause they’re apparently pretty pricey. Nice job with it!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks soooo much for the awesome, positive feedback! I will forever welcome positive reinforcement for my work! Criticism welcomed as well as a beginning refinisher! I’ve thrown together a quick facebook page if anyone is interested in seeing some more of my other labors of love 🙂 Thanks again!!!

  8. Love it!

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