Degrossifying my bathroom: Final Chapter, (giveaway now closed)

So, are you ready for the final chapter in the degrossification of my master bath?   To get you up to speed, The Home Depot offered me a chance to try out their Atmospheres Collection line of Daltile tileexcitedface!  I had an in-store visit with our personal flooring expert Ron, and loaded up with everything I needed to decarpet our bathroom.
Matt got busy right away tearing it out, and surprisingly, it was not that bad under there.  Just kidding, it was super gross.  I was literally skipping around the house just to have it gone.  
The tiling process was actually pretty easy; we only hit a few minor snafus along the way. (Hint: don’t bother with unsanded grout. We should have listened to Ron and his eyebrow of dubiousness when we put it in our cart). 
So, after nearly four years of living with it like this, and only a few evenings of work, we’ve finally got a bathroom floor that doesn’t give your stomach the herky-jerkys.  Want to see?
So. Much. Brown. And that light fixture!  And I promise I don’t usually have a blanket tacked up over the bedroom window. Super classy.  But now …

Do you like it?  I love it.  I’m so happy with the results.  It’s so much brighter in there, it feels twice as big! 
If you remember, I had originally wanted a rectangle tile, but the one I chose was actually wall tile, so no bueno. We achieved a similar look by simply staggering the 12×12 tiles. (Briton Bone, see it HERE).
You may notice the “shoe” trim around the edges.  This is what happens when you are unaware that your husband’s tiling experience only equals “I helped a guy tile once back in high school.”  So we had some rough edges that could have been unnoticeable had we just cut them a bit more exact. (Grout can only do so much).  I’ll probably paint or stain them in the future to blend in a bit better with the cabinetry, but I’m not complaining.  Because let’s take one more look at the tragic before:

The new light fixtures are from The Home Depot and the mirror frame is from Mirror Mate.  (Stay tuned for more info on that).  Someday I’d like to frame the other mirror too, but it has an obnoxiously placed outlet cut right into the edge of the glass.
And now, just for reading the scintillating saga of my bathroom floor, you have a chance to win a $100 gift card to The Home Depot!

Entering is easy!  Like really easy.  Just leave me a comment and make sure you leave a way for me to contact you!

That’s it!  Good luck, I hope you win!  Giveaway will end Monday, July 16th.
The Home Depot partnered with bloggers like me to participate in the Daltile program.  As part of the program, I received compensation from The Home Depot in the form of a gift card to participate in this campaign promoting the new Atmospheres Tile Collection by Daltile.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. Winner will be chosen at random and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.

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  1. Wow! Carpeting a bathroom should be against the law. Love the staggered tiles.

  2. The new light fixture looks great!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  3. Looks great, now I want to go back and stagger the tiles in my bathroom!

  4. Your bathroom looks great! I love the tiles and the chunky frame around the mirror.
    lauriemac982 at aol dot com

  5. What a beautiful bathroom. I love the cabinets colors and the mirror. thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Looks great! We are starting a master bath remodel in a few days and you have given me some great ideas!

  7. Nice work!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yay! Your remodel looks great. We are building a new house and could use the gift card 🙂

  9. Wow, I love it! We want to tile our bathrooms as well. No yucky carpet in ours though. Just ugly linoleum. The builders did not splurge on the flooring in our house. Or the light fixtures. Or the fireplace…

    bethcomnc at yahoo dot com

  10. I just about choked on my pancake at the “after!” Yay for breakfast for dinner. Wahoo!

  11. I will never understand people carpet their bathrooms. Love the tile and the way it is staggered!! Thanks for the chance to win the HD gift card too! 🙂

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  13. Absolutely much better after. Congrats on being able to live in that nice space.

  14. Your bathroom looks wonderful! Love your blog and all the wonderful ideas I get from it. Would love to win and Thanks, Kathy

  15. Love the offsetting of the tile. It looks great! We are in escrow of our first home and could really use a little help from Home Depot! Thanks :)kylepluskatie at gmail dot com

  16. What an incredible improvement! Love it!

  17. I’m obsessed with this and I think you just convinced me to put this tile in my kitchen. Do you remember what your new light is called? I NEED that for my bathrooms! This update completely ROCKS!!


  18. I’ve been looking at tile for our bathrooms, entry and kitchen, a gift card would be so helpful!

  19. Awesome reno! Looks fabulous!!

  20. It’s amazing how much of a difference tile makes! WOW!!! I’d love to win believe5621 at yahoo .com

  21. This looks great! I love the updated look, minus the carpet-wonderful.
    hkhanson.1979 at gmail dot com

  22. it looks so much bigger!!! the flooring is so much better!!!!

  23. Oh my goodness..what an improvement! I have only seen 2 houses ever with carpet in the bathroom…both were my sister’s!! And she hated it!! Who does that! Certainly a wonderful improvement!! Love it!! (And I’d love to win as well!!)

  24. Wow, I can’t believe how much bigger your bathroom looks! Great job!

  25. I want to remove the carpet in my bathroom too!!!


  26. Anonymous says:

    Your new bathroom is amazing! The framed mirror really stands out

  27. It looks amazing! The house I grew up in has carpet bathrooms. I totally want to redo them for my moms birthday. Thanks for giving me the inspiration! Also LOVE the framed mirror! Huge difference. Great job!

  28. I love it! What an amazing transformation! And thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  29. Anonymous says:

    Love it! I read your blog everyday and I think your redo is so funny — only because you always complain about doing anything your house and not being creative. I think this goes to show – you’re up here with some of the best on this site.

  30. I would love to win this giveaway! 🙂

  31. Awesome! Good work, and I do see that you did way more than tile. Maybe you could elaborate on how you framed up that builder grade giganto-mirror. I have one of those . . .

  32. Amazing job! It looks fantastic. tinacrofts at yahoo dot com

  33. Love it and would love to win!!!

  34. You’ve inspired me to do some updating. Looks great!

  35. Ooh, such a beautiful transformation!

    This gift card would be perfect for when we move into our new apartment in September.

  36. It looks soooo much bigger and brighter!
    Excellent job 🙂

  37. Wowee! That is so speccy! You’ve done a terrific job. Did you remember to use grout sealer? If you did, go get some before it’s too late. It stops the grout from staining. It can be a real pain in the bum to get down and scrub. 🙂

  38. It does look twice as big! This is a great giveaway. Thanks! (

  39. It looks great! I would have ripped up the carpet too!

  40. Wow, your bathroom is GORGEOUS!!!

  41. Your bathroom turned out great! It looks much lighter and brighter in there. amwhite85 at gmail dot com

  42. Unbelievable difference! I love it, and I’m sure your feet do too when you step out of the shower!

  43. That looks awesome! Great job!

  44. I’m just starting to do some redos and I would love to not have to spend my own money for some supplies!! 🙂

  45. Yay for tile!! Andthe frame is fab too.


  46. Ooooo my bathroom in my new house is SO awful. The hot and cold water come out of two different spouts. Who does that? So you either freeze your hands or burn them off.

  47. Oh my gosh! The transformation is amazing! Whoever thought that carpet in a bathroom was a good idea anyway?? SUPER GROSS! Love the end result. It’s so much brighter!! 🙂

  48. Great design with the tile pattern. My bathroom floor in my over 100 year old house had to be replaced this week. Total rot….yuck…

    ston380 at bellsouth net….

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  50. Love it! What an impact with only changing the flooring. I have some of my own degrossifying to do in our bathroom and the gift card would help out. Love all your posts!

  51. I would LOVE to win the gift card to finish my naked stairs. 🙂

    kritterblogdesign at gmail dot com

  52. Know what’s possibly more gross than a carpeted bathroom is a carpeted kitchen. I’ve actually seen one. Who carpets a kitchen?!
    Love your bathroom. The floor looks great.

    Rubberducki (at) Gmail (dot) com
    Would love to win the gift certificate! My house needs some help too.

  53. Hello gorgeous! That looks fantastic.

    atravelingwife (at) gmail (dot) com

  54. The bathroom is gorgeous…but what I really wanna know is how you took all those pictures without being reflected in a single mirror!?!


  55. Love your new bathroom! It makes me happy to see a before and after from you and not just a reader (love ’em all though). I would love to win a gift card! My husband and I just bought our first house and it could use some help. 🙂
    (You should be able to contact via Google since I’m signed in, right?)

  56. Your bathroom looks great! I’d love to win 🙂

  57. Know what’s possibly more gross than a carpeted bathroom is a carpeted kitchen. I’ve actually seen one. Who carpets a kitchen?!
    Love your bathroom. The floor looks great.

    Rubberducki (at) Gmail (dot) com
    Would love to win the gift certificate! My house needs some help too.

  58. Looks awesome! I would love to win that gift card – we just bought our first home and are up to our ears in projects 🙂 You can email me at nicoleshieldsblog at gmail dot com.


  59. Looks beautiful! Our last house had carpet in the bathrooms. Carpet does not belong in bathrooms!

  60. It looks phenomenal! I framed a mirror in our guest bath and loved how to changed things up. Thanks too for the giveawy.

  61. Super Wow! The bathroom make-over looks great.

    DandC25verse12 at gmail dot com

  62. Ok now that you know how it’s done you are welcome to come pull up my bathroom carpet and tile it for me!!!
    The bathroom looks great!!!

  63. Wow!Light and Bright and such a fabulous change…

  64. Oops! I completely forgot to add my contact: ashes4fire @ aol . com


  65. That looks 20,000 times better!

  66. Michelle J says:

    Fantastic! It’s about 500% better than it used to be.

    I hope I win!

    michelle dot w dot johnson at gmail dot com

  67. Anonymous says:

    BRAVO on the do it yourselfiness of it all. Just call it a kickplate trend in the making and enjoy. You know, I think I would’ve stated a “tile drive” for you had you shown that before picture with “mine for four years and counting” as a caption. (My goodness girleen! It looked like Fozzie the Bear killed Chewbaca in that bathroom.)

    Love your site and your daily dose of comedy. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with all of us.


  68. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Looks gorgeous. I love it all.Thanks for the giveaway!Heather Spooner
    miyax15 at yahoo dot com

  69. Love your floor! Sign me up gemelinda

  70. Ha! Love the censorship square on your shower stall Ü. aubsterlobster at hotmail

  71. Your bathroom is beautiful! I could definitely use that money as I am closing on my first home in two weeks!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    I love the way you staggered the tile. A whole new look in tiled floors. And that mirror frame is genius. Such small changes to make such a HUGE impact. It looks wonderful. And I’d love some DIY cash from Home Depot. Thanks.

  73. It looks great now. I too have a carpeted master bath and it drives me crazy!

  74. It looks great now. I too have a carpeted master bath and it drives me crazy!

  75. Your bath looks much better. Would be tickled to win a HD gift card. skwrusphe @ hotmail[dot]com

  76. What a difference – so clean & light! Great job!

  77. Great bathroom redo!! I painted a similar color in my master bath in a previous house! It’s such a bright cheery color first thing in the morning 🙂 gebhart928 at gmail dot com

  78. Love! Love! Love it!!! We laid our tile in a brick pattern too and we get so many compliments on it 🙂 I love the frame around the mirror too…hope I win so I can copy you 😉

  79. Your blog is the only one I make sure and check everyday.

  80. Fantastic transformation! Your bathroom looks like a haven!

  81. It’s amazing what new flooring and lighting can do. Your bathroom looks great!

    We’re in the middle of some renovation work ourselves and Home Depot staff practically know us by name, so that gift card would get used in a hurry.

  82. Love the tile & new lighting! Getting rid of that carpet did wonders!

  83. I want the GC! You can contact me at rh38158 at yahoo dot com.

    Your bathroom looks great, btw. 🙂

  84. Totally awesome 🙂 I ended up degrossifying mine with stick on tile. It didn’t actually work very well…

  85. I am so happy to don’t have to wear your Crocs in the bathroom any more, because those Crocs are as bad as your carpet was. 🙂

  86. wiwza! what a transformation. it doesn’t even look like the same room! i like my mirrormate frame, too, and your light fixtures look great too.

  87. yeah, that should have said “wowza” not “wiza!”

  88. That looks SO much better!

  89. Wow, I can’t believe the carpet in the bathroom, it looks amazing now! Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. Wow! Great job girl! Im getting ready to buy my very first home – hope i can fix mine up as well as you did yours!!

  91. Oops! I got so excited i forgot my email address: hischild11 at hotmail dot com

  92. love the new faucets! and the framed mirrors! 🙂
    erincyoung (at)

  93. it looks so much brighter in there now! great work 🙂

    thanks for the contest!

    figure.ei8ht at gmail dot com

  94. Definitely better after – nice job!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I’m so afraid of tackling a tiling job.

  96. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post. I have some big projects floating around in my head… and the Home Depot gift card is calling my name! You’re degrossified bathroom looks fantastic!

  97. I love it! It looks so great! 🙂

  98. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the chance , the room looks great! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  99. I am in desperate need of a shower door… oh that would be awesome if I won! 🙂

    roxanne.renee at yahoo dot com

  100. Wow! That’s a great makeover. Gives me inspiration to re-do my bathroom.

  101. This is SO gorgeous! I love everything about it. Great job.

  102. Our duplex came with staggered tiles (brick pattern?) and I love it – it really elevates even the cheapest tiles (which are the ones we have).

  103. Who couldn’t use $100 for Home Depot? Pick me. Pick me.

  104. Oh wow – it looks awesome now!

  105. Wow, what a change! Your bathroom looks fabulous!

  106. Looks amazing! ljquerns at gmail dot com

  107. Pick me, Pick me! Have a great weekend!

  108. It always amazes me how a light floor brightens an entire space. Great makeover. Thanks for giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  109. I can’t believe how much of a transformation the tiles made! Wow! Plus I love that you staggered the tiles, what a clever idea! Now I’m all inspired to dig into my bathroom!

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  110. The bathroom is beautiful! It’s amazing this difference it made just to change the flooring! I’m getting inspired!

  111. Love the new bathroom! I wish I could do the same thing!

  112. Love it! I want to do the same 🙂

  113. Hi Lindsey! Beautiful transformation! You’re right the bathroom looks twice as big. I’m super jealous, as my bathroom is tiny!!!

    zorrielee @ gmail dot com


  114. Looks much better! I didn’t even notice the funny toe kicks until I read about them and looked again. The change in flooring was a big improvement.

  115. I Love the new bathroom! I soo need to have mine redone. I have pink! Who ever thought of pink tile in bathroom was high on some type of fumes. sigh….

  116. Love the bathroom. We need tile for our bathrooms and a portion could help get that started sooner than later. my email is

  117. The bathroom is beautiful! It’s amazing this difference it made just to change the flooring! I’m getting inspired!

  118. Your bathroom looks beautiful! I love the mirror!

  119. Wow, it looks great!!

  120. It looks fantastic! I really like the mirror:)

  121. The entire bathroom is just gorgeous, but what I love the most is the flooring! It’s perfect for the whole room!

  122. Susan Gosman says:

    Love how your bathroom turned out and thanks so much for this opportunity to win!

  123. Love it!! We had kitchen carpet in one house and that is not even as gross as bathroom carpet – Congrats on a great job; it looks super!

  124. You did a fantastic job!

    We are about to buy a house and I could use a $100 to buy LOTS of paint!

  125. The floor looks great! Totally transformed the space! I’ve thought about adding a frame around our bathroom mirror, but have yet to do any improvements in there (living here 8 years), so I don’t know when that will happen! ha!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!
    alicia _ coats (at) hot mail (dot) com

  126. It looks amazing! So much brighter and it actually looks bigger. I had to look back and forth a few times just to see if you actually expanded the room.
    Meganlee29 at Yahoo dot com

  127. I like how the whole place looks a lot brighter!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  128. Looks so much better! And not hygienically hazardous anymore – Bonus!

  129. Wow, it looks like a whole new bathroom.

  130. April D. says:

    Looks beautiful! I don’t think you could ever go wrong by ripping out carpet in a bathroom!!

  131. First time visitor to your blog. 🙂 Your bathroom redo looks great!

  132. WOW! what a huge improvement! and yay for one of your own before and afters!
    i have some light fixtures i need to replace in my kids bath that i am working on… i am scurred.

  133. WOW! what a huge improvement! and yay for one of your own before and afters!
    i have some light fixtures i need to replace in my kids bath that i am working on… i am scurred.

  134. Anonymous says:

    It really does look larger. Enjoy.
    D Young

  135. Beautiful! I’m dying to know if the framing on your shower was originally the dark color or if you stained it somehow. Every bathroom in my house is full of shiny gold. I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months, but maybe that was a before and after that you posted about previously.

  136. Whoa – way to go! The floor looks great!

    And I really want to frame my mirror now.

    marenmadsen816 at gmail dot com

  137. What a difference!! Really looks great!

  138. Ooooooh, Aaaaaah, clap clap clap!!! Soooo verrry Niiiiice!! I can’t believe you lived with the old bathroom so long!! It was really creepy! Love it! 🙂

  139. Wow. It looks so different. Your cabinetry and mirror really stands out. And your faucets. Incredible. It is beautiful. Please enter me for the drawing as I still have those light fixtures in my bath!!! Would help to replace them!!

  140. Anonymous says:

    Nice job, the bathroom looks amazing! christa_petrie{at}yahoo{dot}com

  141. You rock my world!

  142. Looks amazing!!!!!!
    Seriously? Who puts carpet in a bathroom?? GROSS

  143. Looks great. trishasorber at yahoo dot com

  144. I love the size of your bathroom! Plenty of room to move around in and the makeover looks fantastic.

  145. What a beautiful transformation! Our master bathroom was the first room to be “completed” when we moved in


  146. You did a great job!

  147. First, I love your new bathroom. I agree with your feelings of carpet in the bathroom. I had that once. My husband and I are building our home. We could REALLY use a Home Depot gift card. My son is coming home in a few weeks and he asked what needed to be done while he was here. I told him I would have sheet rock and beadboard waiting for him when he gets here for the downstairs bathroom. Thanks for the chance! I enjoy your blog.

  148. I need money!

  149. Looks TWICE as big! Could use the gift card – hubby lost his job today 🙁

  150. I want to win!

  151. Anonymous says:

    love the staggered tile!

  152. Out of curiosity, where did you want to use unsanded grout? On the floor?
    Unsanded grout it a wall grout (to be used on easily scratched, high-gloss glass/porcelain/natural stone tiles). It does not have the stress to stand up to the use & abuse for a flooring application (unless of course you used a rectified grout joint and sealed it all and this would *ONLY* be advised if you were using an easily scratched natural stone for your floor).
    That’s the flooring girl in me talking!

    The bathroom looks great – love that you choose to cobble your floor tile… less grid-like than squaring the tiles up.

    Love the light fixture, definitely a lighter & brighter feel overall!

  153. It looks so fresh and light!

  154. Love the makeover. We have a large mirror in our main bathroom. Love the frame around the mirror. How did you attach it? Thanks for the giveaway.

  155. Looks amazing! I have a few bathrooms that I need to tackle here at some point and this is great inspiration!


  156. Looks gorgeous! I love your idea to stagger the tile. I would’ve never thought of doing that!

  157. Looks amazing! I have a few bathrooms that I need to tackle here at some point and this is great inspiration!


  158. This looks brilliant! Congrats!

  159. What a huge improvement! I’m saving our pennies to replace our nasty bathroom carpet with pretty new tile. Loving your tile choice!

  160. Half of my bathroom is carpeted. Yeah, I know that’s stupid…thank the manufactured home industry for that stroke of brilliance! But our house is for sale…so if I win, I’ll save the $100 for our next home, and let the new owners degrossify this bathroom. 🙂

  161. Half of my bathroom is carpeted. Yeah, I know that’s stupid…thank the manufactured home industry for that stroke of brilliance! But our house is for sale…so if I win, I’ll save the $100 for our next home, and let the new owners degrossify this bathroom. 🙂

  162. What a transformation! Great job!
    Missemmy68 at gmail dot com

  163. what a better after!!! 🙂
    brittanyelise at gmail dot com

  164. Sara B. says:

    Lovely job on your bathroom!

  165. Looks fantastic!

  166. What a huge difference the tile makes. It is great.

  167. Wow, 110% improvement! Great job! I’m working on a bathroom remodel right now and seeing your after is so encouraging. I could REALLY use the HD card to stretch my slim budget. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  168. It looks wonderful!! The tile really helped brighten it up! 🙂

  169. Looks great! The frame around the mirror really adds a lot of impact!

  170. Great job. The bathroom looks great!

  171. The transformation is amazing. I love your mirror frame!

    emilystevens03 at yahoo dot com

  172. Anonymous says:

    Love it. Your floor tile fooled me. I thought it was rectangular until I read your post.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Looks Great! Rebecca at

  174. Your bathroom looks great!

  175. This left me speechless!
    Soooooooo beyond impressed!
    Great job!
    Beth at foreverjunkin@ yahoo dot com

  176. We’re moving. We need a Home Depot card in the worst way! The new bathroom is lovely!!

    lavenderpaperhearts at gmail dot com

  177. Love it! So much lighter!

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  179. WOW!!

    I L.O.V.E it,it is fan-friggin-tastic! You did a fantastic job and it is sooo bright. I’m jealous!

  180. I always love your projects!
    We are currently remodeling our basement and are working on the floors!
    A Home Depot gift card would be great!!

    Thanks so much for the give away and for the many ideas from your blog!


  181. Wonderful transformation! Goodbye yucky brown carpet, hello gorgeous! 🙂

  182. SOOO great and you’re soooo funny!

  183. Your new floor looks wonderful! Our bathroom floor is currently a beautiful layer of plywood. Sooooo luxurious!! It would be nice to win!

  184. That looks FABULOUS!!!! Love the staggered tiles. Please enter me into the contest, I can be reached at

  185. This looks so great! Love what you’ve done!


  186. This looks so great! Love what you’ve done!


  187. Wow! Well done!!!

    cfmaagad at yahoo dot com

  188. My house could definitely use some redoing!!

  189. Who can’t use credit at Home Depot???? anne (dot) neu @ hotmail (dot)com

  190. Adrienne says:

    I love the tile you chose. Awesome job!
    newmama703 at yahoo dot com

  191. We are taking the next 9 months to get our house ready to put on the market, so a Home Depot gift card would be such a gift! We’d love to win.
    lnalmengor at gmail dot com

  192. You did a great job, I love the way you did the tiles. i hope I win the drawing because we are landscaping our backyard!

  193. I Like that you added a plant 🙂 It looks so much better without that ugly carpet

  194. Beautiful.

    Thanks for the chance to win this!
    It’s much needed!

  195. Good job getting rid of the carpet! sunnipehrson at yahoo dot com

  196. Beautiful Bathroom!!! It definitely gives me that relaxing feel to it without being overly “spa-ey” 🙂

  197. Love, love, love your site! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration 🙂

    coleconnection at gmail dot com

  198. Love the bathroom it all looks great!! very spa like!

    ajmoore1309 @ gmail

  199. Seriously amazing!
    Aubreyharris8 at gmail

  200. Beautiful “after” pics.
    The floor tiles look so nice!
    Enjoy it.

    Thanks for the chance!

  201. I mostly want to know how you got the killer photos without having your reflection in the pictures! ARE YOU A VAMPIRE???!!!

  202. Beautiful bathroom! I wish mine was as good as your BEFORE photo… my previous homeowner thought she was good at installing tiles… let’s just say she wasn’t. Not even a nicely done trim job could help her issues… that I now have to live with!

  203. Looks great. I wish I had the nerve to tackle mine.

  204. You have to be a happy girl. It’s beautiful!

  205. Love the bathroom! Awesome Giveaway too!

    briannamurf at gmail dot com

  206. Julie Y says:
  207. stephbo93 says:

    Beautiful re-do! And I totally thought you bought a new mirror until you talked about the other one. Didn’t even realize all you did was frame it! Great job!

  208. Your bathroom is DA BOMB!!! It’s huge too and so bright and white and overall awesome! I love it!!!!
    When iwin the giftcard you can email me at…..bahaha, I’m a little cocky, sorry : )

  209. Anonymous says:

    Looks beautiful!! New tile can do wonders for a bathroom. I love the light fixture! -Alaina

    akterry at gmail dot com

  210. I like the white shoe trim. I think it makes everything look higher and brighter.

  211. I like the white shoe trim. I think it makes everything look higher and brighter.

  212. I like the white shoe trim. I think it makes everything look higher and brighter.

  213. what a difference! molliedivine at gmail

  214. Awesome! So much BETTER!!! Never afraid to step on soggy carpet again. Ok I think you will always have flashbacks when stepping on wet carpet. But those might diminish quickly everytime you look at your new beautiful bathroom. Enjoy!

  215. Why carpet would be allowed in bathroom? Crazy but looove the after now.

  216. I LOVE the dark cabinets and light walls. I was thinking of going the opposite for my bathroom, dark walls and light cabinets! LOVE the framed mirror too!

  217. Oh my gosh, I laugh out loud at almost everything you post. My sister’s newish house also had carpet in both bathrooms. Then she birthed two boys. Then they MOVED OUT OF STATE to get away from the crunchiness! Haha

  218. Your staggered tile is brilliant! Love it!

  219. Your staggered tile is brilliant! Love it!

  220. Andrea in Aggieland says:

    The new look is bee-uuu-tiful! We’re in the middle of building our house right now…your website gives me way too many ideas to decorate our new house!

  221. Andrea in Aggieland says:

    i completely forgot to leave an email address…

  222. Huge impact with just a few changes! Looks great!

  223. I LOVE Home Depot and this blog. Equally.

  224. Your bathroom looks absolutely amazing without the carpet ;)good job!!

    frivicalfancy at gmail dot com

  225. Looks fantastic! Nicely done.

    ~ Jillian

  226. Anonymous says:

    Looks great, I also live in Phoenix, so am loving any before/after of any house down there.
    Many look quite a bit alike.
    Check your site every day.
    Love the blog.


  227. Holy cow, it looks AH-MA-ZING!!!

  228. The after pictures look great!
    Thanks for the chance.

  229. LOVE the new floor. We HAVE to get the carpet our of our bathroom. Thanks for the chance to win! If I win, I will send you before and after of whatever I do with it!!!!

  230. LOVE the bathroom!!!!

    gretchen 333 at gmail dot com

  231. LOVE the bathroom!!!!

    gretchen 333 at gmail dot com

  232. That looks awesome!

  233. I can see why you’re so thrilled with the new tile! It makes an incredible difference in the look and atmosphere of the room. Good job!

  234. Your new bathroom looks amazing! Awesome job!

  235. Oops. Forgot to leave my email addy!
    nycpetite at gmail dot com

  236. The bathroom looks so much bigger. I don’t know what could be worse, your carpet or my bathroom with all 4 walls covered in mustard yellow 2×2 tiles with a checkerboard pattern of dark brown tiles at the ceiling. Not to mention a drop ceiling–who knows how much moisture has gotten trapped in that? Yuck!
    hug_711 at yahoo dot com

  237. Jane Pyle says:

    I love it! that mirror makes such a big difference! I’m so jealous on how big your bathroom is! Love your blog. I check it a couple of times a day!

  238. Super duper yowser wowser makeover!!! Jealous over here!! 🙂

  239. Super duper yowser wowser makeover!!! Jealous over here!! 🙂

  240. Anonymous says:

    looks so fab! You must be giddy every time you walk in there. I feel relieved that you don’t have to live with carpet in your bathroom anymore:)

  241. Looks great. I’m looking at some carpet tiles from Home Depot so this would be great.

  242. Love the changes! I’ve been following your blog for some time. You give me lots of inspiration. Thanks for giving me a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Home Depot too! Have a great day!

  243. Wow, your bathroom is lovely! Good job!

    My husband and I moved into a house recently that… needs some work 🙂 $100 towards that would be awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

    alisonme at byu dot net

  244. MUCH better!!!!! Pick me, pick me!!!! You got my number!

  245. Also cursed with bathroom carpet…seriously who in their right mind??? Anyway, looks great!

  246. Your bathroom is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

    astansel at hotmail dot com

  247. I’d love a chance to win, Lindsey! What a great ‘new’ bathroom you have! I’m totally jealous. My email is

  248. So clean and fresh looking! I love it!

  249. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I love the after! I’m gathering ideas for the house we’ll be moving into…an old turkey farm. And believe me, it looks nearly hopeless. I’m just hoping there will be enough money to replace a few of the broken up floors! Thank you for all the inspiration you share w us:) Verna (

  250. I love your bathroom re-do! We recently updated our one bathroom, and one stop shopped at Home Depot. The results…? As nice as yours and so much fun to work with the grout’able stick on tiles that nobody believes are stick ons! Great job!

  251. So much better! Love it.
    I love the staggering of the tiles.

  252. Anonymous says:

    Awesome change! Carpet is horrible.
    decakemaven at

  253. Love your new bathroom. I wish I had that much space to work with in our bathroom.
    Debbie at

  254. Love your new bathroom. I wish I had that much space to work with in our bathroom.
    Debbie at

  255. Love your bathroom redo. Super cute!!

    arya_wiese (at)

  256. It looks amazing! Nice job!

  257. Wow! That’s an amazing transformation! The tile really does brighten it up and the new black mirror frame makes all your other white trim really pop!

  258. Love it! Want to frame my lovely mirrors too! Happily we do not have the carpet issue though 🙂

  259. Love your blog! I recommend it to anyone who will listen!

  260. Your bathroom is gorgeous Lindsey! We just learned to tile remodeling our main bathroom. If ‘d love to win the gift card since we have more remodeling to do!

  261. Your bathroom is gorgeous Lindsey! We just learned to tile remodeling our main bathroom. If ‘d love to win the gift card since we have more remodeling to do!

  262. Marisalop at MsN dot CoM says:

    Great job…. yay, no more carpet 😀

  263. Great giveaway! I can’t get enough of Home Depot – love it!

  264. Great giveaway! I can’t get enough of Home Depot – love it!

  265. So much better! Looks amazing now! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! Betsy@coastal-colors

  266. Your bathroom looks great and I really like the idea of staggered tile. I need to replace the floor in my bath – definitely will be checking out the tile at Home Depot.

  267. What a difference the file made!! I love the frame around the mirror too!! Nice job!

  268. Anonymous says:

    Hello, It gorgeous. I would have never thought of the staggering tiles. It really works. I have to do mine soon and very well may do the same thing. That is if I win that $100 to go towards it. Thanks for your blog.
    Jane at:

  269. I would love to stagger tiles in my bathroom!


  270. Love it! The staggering of the tiles makes a great impact!

  271. We used to have carpet in our dining room. It was a light cream color. We have three small children. horrifying disaster. We could use the gift certificate to replace the baseboards my husband may never get to otherwise…

  272. This is AWESOME. My boyfriend and I have slowly been trying our hand at DIY remodeling and decorating our little silly homie home (not really just for homies). If we are so lucky to be picked, we would be very grateful 🙂 Or at least I would. He doesn’t even know about it yet haha.

  273. Great idea to stagger the tiles, it looks beautiful!

  274. I LOVE the 12×12 tiles and the fact that you staggered them!

  275. Love the tile and the way you staggered it. Really opens up your bathroom!!!

  276. Looks awesome!!

  277. Great job. Way better 🙂

  278. Your bathroom is SO big, and looks even bigger with that gorgeous new floor. Great job!

  279. It looks so good! I love the way you staggered the tiles…such a good idea!

  280. So much better now! I am saving up for a bathroom remodel of my own. Definitely many trips to home depot in the future!

  281. So much better now! I am saving up for a bathroom remodel of my own. Definitely many trips to home depot in the future!

  282. I really want your bathroom! Mine is so small I can pee, shower and wash my hands at the same time…

  283. Wow, talk about a crazy difference!

  284. Love it! It looks absolutely huge and cheery now.

    Your site has inspired me to paint and revamp a lot of my furniture. I have a completely different bedroom now that I have painted my dresser, nightstands, a coat rack and numerous accessories like a birdcage and basket. Your posts are also entertaining to read and always put a smile on my face.

  285. This time I really was like WOOOOW!!
    Love it!!

  286. Holy camoly!!! HUGE difference! Nice work guys! I’m loving the tile staggering. Inspiring I tell ya!!


  287. Your new bathroom looks really great!

  288. Looks great! I’m hoping to finish mine soon…

  289. The tiles are such an improvement.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  290. Beautiful makeover! Did you also paint your bathroom? If so, what is the color?

  291. Amazing transformation! The light colored tile really opens up the space and adding the molding transformed the entire look of the mirrors!
    Now to win the gift card so I can take your inspiration and turn it into a reality in my GROSS bathroom!

  292. Holy sweet awesomeness!!! It’s amazing. Aren’t you so proud of yourself? You should be, it’s perfect. Love seeing a glimpse of your “real” life. LOVE your blog and have followed it for a very long time. ~Michelle (

  293. OOOOH, great opportunity to win-I’m ON IT! 🙂


  294. I love the tile you chose, and Mirror Mate is awesome – saw them at Haven!

  295. That tile job looks great! I love the staggering. I want to tile our bathroom & I think I’m going to borrow the look.

    bookbound7 at yahoo dot com

  296. It’s amazing what a difference that just a few changes can make. The master bath of my house has the original turquoise colored tile and a 29″ vanity that is killing my back. One great thing about my house, though is that it’s only a couple of miles from Home Depot. 😉

  297. rileydakitty says:

    Looks awesome!

    We’re going to redo our bathroom so this was perfect inspiration timing!

  298. Nice job! That framing of the mirror makes a huge impact.

    pelhamhebertdesigns at gmail dot com

  299. I can’t believe how great the mirror and light fixture look! What simple changes to make and what a difference.

    Also, I can just imagine the day, way back in pre-historic times, when some man thought it would be great it his wife would spread a wooly mammoth rug in the bathroom.

    I don’t know who EVER thought carpet in the bathroom would ever be a good idea!

    Now I want to frame all my mirrors!!!

  300. Linz! I love it my friend! Excellent work. You should come over and do mine! I would love home depot $$$. 🙂

  301. Anonymous says:

    Such a dramatic improvement! di_frazier at yahoo dot

  302. Oh, so much better after! Staggering the tiles was a great idea, much more interesting. ~Cindy

  303. I could totally use the gift card… thanks for the chance to win.

    You could contact me through my blog.

    And the bathroom turned out so much brighter & more airy.

  304. It’s just gorgeous Lindsey – not only the floor – the whole bathroom
    Wish I had a master bath!!!!
    No such thing in a Victorian

  305. Catherine T. says:

    It looks great. I may have to steal your idea of staggering the tile.

  306. Oh. My. Goodness. What a difference! Looks like such a happier place :)! Your blog always inspires me to change something in my home….thanks!
    mfitch13 at gmail dot com

  307. Loooooove it! It’s so bright and happy now!! I love the framed mirror, but those floors look amazing!

  308. Anonymous says:

    Looks great
    Pebsrn at gmail dot com

  309. Inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  310. Anonymous says:

    Wow! What a transformation on the master bath. Great Jo!

  311. Anonymous says:

    Just beautiful! It is amazing how floor color influences the over all feeling of a room, especially a small room!

  312. Gorgeous! It looks huge and beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win.

  313. Looks fantastic Lindsey! We’re working on a home depot project too right now and we plan on submitting it once it’s done!

    Jackie.mayville at

  314. LOVE it! Its so much brighter. The cabinetry looks even better without the brown carpet. Nice work.

  315. Anonymous says:

    looks great!
    aimee432 at comcast dot net

  316. Anonymous says:

    The bathroom looks wonderful.

  317. What an AMAZING transformation! Love everything you did…jealous that you have a brass-free space. Kudos to you and your hubby for doing it yourselves!

  318. Nice job with the tile! Your bathroom looks great.

  319. Great job!! Gives me hope for our house’s future!!

  320. I love it! Inspiring and beautiful! So, that said, I hope I win a gift card as well!

  321. I’d love to frame in our mirrors. Thank you so much!

  322. Wow! What a difference, love the look of the framed mirror. Great Job!

  323. I never understood the logic in bathroom rugs. Ugh, the stench. Please enter my name in the contest.

  324. Anonymous says:

    Great bathroom update!

  325. I’d love to win!

  326. Great job on the tile! That gift card could definitely put a dent on some of our projects.

  327. Anonymous says:

    Great idea to stagger the tile!

  328. GREAT job on the makeover!! You have such a nice, big bathroom, and it really looks fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win…

  329. Anonymous says:

    Nice work and what an improvement! I love Home Depot!


  330. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I am inspired. Having someone come by this afternoon to fix a leak in our bathroom.

  331. Love the new tile! We keep thinking about doing our master bathroom in tile, and this is pushing me over the edge into ‘Yesser’ land 😉

  332. Would love to win, thanks!

  333. Looks AMAZING! I’m in the beginning stages of redecorating my whole house and remodeling a partially closed off storage room into a studio! a $100 Home Depot gift card would be great! 🙂

  334. I love it!! What a 360 degree turn around!

    I will certainly be checking out Home Depots tile selection, we are working on a master bathroom at our house.

  335. Ashley K. says:

    Love how the bathroom turned out!

  336. Love your bathroom! I would love to win.

    joy_unspeakable.lk711 at gmail dot com

  337. It looks great!

  338. Yuck, seriously, who wants a carpeted bathroom. I can’t imagine all the little germs that were living in there. Good for you for tiling it, it looks awesome! My bathroom could use an update too!

  339. the tile is beautiful! and i love the mirror and light fixture. Good Work!

  340. Yay for no more carpet! It’s a beaut!

  341. Beautiful and it looks so much bigger, too!

  342. Your bathroom looks fantastic! Great idea to stagger the joints. At first glance I thought they were rectangle tiles. I’d love to win the gift card to home depot since my house is always a work in progress and I already have spent a gazillion dollars in that store,

  343. Love it!

  344. I love it. You’re bathroom looks so much bigger and brighter.

  345. Great job! The new bathroom looks fabulous!

  346. That looks amazing!!

  347. That looks amazing!!

  348. Looks great! We’re in the middle of a bathroom remodel and it’s not moving as quickly as we would like.

  349. You are an amazing decorator/designer/doer of all things divine! Do you hire out?
    contact me @

  350. OMG it’s amazing!!!!!! Nice work! I’m redoing my bathroom as we speak and you’ve given me some major inspiration this morning! Go girl! Great job!

  351. Looks great!!!

  352. Looks awesome! I love the brick pattern with the tiles.

    ssmckeel at gmail dot com

  353. great giveaway! looks amazing!

  354. Anonymous says:

    Holy guacamole! Awesome transformation!

  355. Anonymous says:

    Looks great! Good job you two. So pretty and clean.
    jefnsuz at gmail dot com.

  356. Beautiful! Just showed the hubs as he is finishing the shower tile 🙂

  357. Very smart to stagger the tiles – looks great!
    katieholz at gmail dot com

  358. gorgeous! i wish i could leave beautiful potted plants around, they add so much to a space…too bad little kitty likes to eat leaves and then puke them all over the place afterward. you done good, kid. 🙂

  359. I love the bathroom transformation! Amazing how tile can do so much! Our bathrooms are in need of some updating!!

  360. How lovely! We are in the tear-out process of our teeny master bathroom, and I am already overwhelmed! My hat goes off to you!


  361. LouiseM says:

    Impressive. Would love to know more about the “shoe” edging you used. Looking to attempt first tile attempt in small guest bathroom soon and any tips would be helfpul.

    Love your blog.

  362. Wow! Such a beautiful transformation!

  363. Great job!! I love it 🙂

    *We have a pink faux finish painted living room and this giveaway would be perfect for finally de-pinking it!*

    thanks for the chance to win!

  364. Beautiful job!

  365. My comment is actually a question- how did you cut the tiles? Did you rent a tile cutter or did Home Depot help you out with that? I love the new bathroom 🙂

  366. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! I love the bathroom remodel. I’m actually just wrapping mine up right now. That Home Depot gift card would totally come in handy!


  367. Incredible transformation! Great job!

  368. It’s so so so lovely Lindsey! GREAT job! How in the world did you take that picture without a reflection of yourself in it? PS to the rescue?

  369. Love your blog! Thanks!
    Wolfe.lindsey (at) gmail (dot) com

  370. So beautiful Lindz! My bathroom has been just cement for a year now. Waiting for time and money and my husband to get that done. I want to frame my mirror like you did.

  371. Gorgeous re-do!

    fingers crossed.

  372. Gorgeous! You did a fabulous job.
    I’m getting ready to move into a new apartment and a gift card would be awesome to help with buying paint.
    emilyrenee101 at

  373. Anonymous says:

    In the middle of reno on our mortgage-free fixer-upper and need all the help i can get!

    Your bathroom is amazing! Love the tile pattern!

  374. Wow, it looks great! It really does look SO much bigger. So classy & timeless!
    shauna.mailloux at gmail dot com

  375. I am so ready to work on my bathroom. Yours is beautiful!

    wallacelr (at) gmail (dot) com

  376. Anonymous says:

    So much better!! Looking forward to hearing more about the MirrorMate framing!

  377. I do love what you did with that bathroom! I’m trying to screw up the courage to tile ceiling and walls in a bathroom. ~ Maureen

  378. WOW! It looks wonderful! So refreshing. I love how BRIGHT it looks now. Great frame and light fixture too. 🙂 You should feature it on one of those ‘before and after’ sites… hey, wait a second 😉 ha. Thanks for sharing!

  379. Oh, that is SO much better! (and my Dad laid tile professionally for about 40 years. Sanded grout is what you need for the floor, unsanded is much better for walls!)

  380. That transformation was AH-MAZING!!! Great job! Makes me want to redo my bathroom now.

    chelsibrea at gmail dot com

  381. That transformation is AH-MAZING!! Looks like a totally different bathroom. Makes want to go tackle my bathroom. Great job!

    chelsibrea at gmail dot com

  382. Looks much better!

    chinachemmy at gmail dot com

  383. I love the colors, it looks really good and makes the bathroom look light and modern! Nice with the framed mirror! We just bought an old house and we are putting tile in the bathroom… only 20 sf of floor area, and I think your bathroom is as big as our bedroom ;)! Thank you for the chance to win and wonderful ideas for our new home!

  384. I love the colors, it looks really good and makes the bathroom look light and modern! Nice with the framed mirror! We just bought an old house and we are putting tile in the bathroom… only 20 sf of floor area, and I think your bathroom is as big as our bedroom ;)! Thank you for the chance to win and wonderful ideas for our new home!

  385. I love the colors, it looks really good and makes the bathroom look light and modern! Nice with the framed mirror! We just bought an old house and we are putting tile in the bathroom… only 20 sf of floor area, and I think your bathroom is as big as our bedroom ;)! Thank you for the chance to win and wonderful ideas for our new home!

  386. So neat!! Never would have thought of staggering the tile, love that idea!

    Makes me think we really CAN do our bathroom now. Thanks for the chance to win, hmmmm tile and paint!? 🙂

  387. Your bathroom looks wonderful! That’s a great giveaway!

  388. SoCalLynn says:

    Your bathroom is huge! The next thing I want to do in our master bath is frame out the mirror and change the light fixture. And paint the vanity. lynns at dslextreme dot com

  389. Looks amazing! I once lived in a rental with a carpeted bathroom…whoever thought carpeting bathrooms was a good idea?

  390. Wow! 150% better. i like the placement of tiles that are staggered and the light it brings into the room! Good job!

  391. It looks awesome – I agree, totally brightens it up! My hubby had carpeted bathrooms in his former house and he liked it – can you imagine?

  392. What a difference! Good job. Love that tile.

  393. would love to redo my bath and $100 giftcard would be a great start!

  394. Your bathroom looks AMAZING!!! Such a great transformation!



  395. Your bathroom looks awesome!!! And what an awesome giveaway!


  396. Anonymous says:

    what a difference! Love the tile and framed mirror. Great job.

  397. Holy brightness Batman!! What a difference the lighter tile makes! Love the new light fixture and the frame around the mirror too.

    I still have the Hollywood lights in my bathroom too (hanging head in shame). So have mercy on me and send me to Home Depot with $100 so I can take a flying leap into this century with new lighting!

  398. Yep, I’m asking the same question as Missey: teach us your mad invisible picture-taking vampire skillz.

    I was even trying to find the little glint of ‘sparkle’./Twilight reference

  399. Your bathroom looks fantastic! Love the staggered tile, it looks great 🙂 I can only imagine how happy you are to be rid of that carpet!!! Yay for a giveaway 🙂

  400. Looks the mirror frame.

  401. currently searching to buy our first home, oct of the houses we have seen have be capital T Terrible. you guys did a great job! I’m looking forward to a few diy project in the future

  402. currently searching to buy our first home, oct of the houses we have seen have be capital T Terrible. you guys did a great job! I’m looking forward to a few diy project in the future

  403. It looks clean and new. Great job!!!

  404. Looks clean and new, great job!!!

  405. Wow, what an amazing transformation! And, seriously, carpet? Who does that?!?

  406. Oh my GOSH — that looks like a completely different room! Our master bath is carpeted, too. NASTY. How hard was it to handle the transition from carpet to tile? That (and the fact that our room isn’t square = lots of odd cutting!) has me worried. Still, can’t wait to tile ours, and if it turns out half as nice as yours, I’m happy! Good job, and enjoy!

  407. I LOVE the way it turned out! I love the mirror frame, so I will be looking for more info on that. We have the same light fixture in our bathroom, and I can’t wait to replace it! GREAT WORK!

  408. I love your bathroom! Enjoy your blog so much! So inspirational and full of great ideas.

  409. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness lovely new bathroom! The counter tops look gorgeous.. Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift card to the best place ever.. amydaav @ hotmail dot com

    ~Amy Daav

  410. Beautiful! Wish I could redo our bathroom, it is real bad. I will definitely post Before and After when I get the chance, maybe soon if I win 😉

  411. Anonymous says:

    amazing, it’s beautiful 🙂
    mercurysmine at yahoo dot com

  412. BEAUTIFUL makeover…looks great..Contact

  413. I would love to win! And I love your bathroom… the after, not the before. Carpet in the bathroom, no thanks!

  414. thanks for the chance!
    i’d love to get new paint 🙂
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  415. looks great!! what an improvement.

  416. Really like the new look,and loved the comment about your husbands tiling experience…to funny!

  417. Love the framed mirror! My fiance and I are purchasing a home that has a mirror similar to yours. Gonna try the frame! Carpets in bathrooms should be banned!!!

  418. Anonymous says:

    Your bathroom looks great! It seems so much bigger!

  419. The floor looks great, but I think the mirror is what has the biggest visual impact. Well done!

    e2louise at gmail

  420. The floor looks great, but I think the mirror frame has the biggest visual impact. Well done!!

    e2louise at gmail

  421. Love the peek at your house. It’s looks fantastic. Very nice of Home Depot.

  422. Your blog is amazing! This bathroom makeover is absolutely incredible. My email address for the contest is Thanks for sharing!!!

  423. Wow! What a dramatic improvement. We have carpet in our bath now; it really is disgusting!

  424. Doh! I forgot my email:

    angela at allencafe dot com


  425. Your bathroom looks wonderful! We have slowly been remodeling our home. Our bathroom is next. Thanks for inspiring me to get started sooner then later.

  426. You did SUCH a good job. I love it! And thanks for this chance to win a great giveaway 🙂

  427. It looks great! Thanks for the chance to win, a gift card would come in handy as we just began renos on our ensuite and found way more water damage than we had expected!

  428. Anonymous says:

    Wayyyy better after! Nice work…
    Valerie.yost at gmail dot com

  429. This comment has been removed by the author.

  430. I love your blog!!! I have so many projects I need to do. $100 from Home
    Depot would surely help.

  431. Lindy crain says:

    Looks beautiful

  432. Looks great! I want to frame out bathroom mirrors too!

  433. Such a huge improvement. It’s carpet anywhere else, but it’s crapet in bathrooms. Your blog is my favorite for so many reasons, thank you for all of your work.

  434. Your bathroom looks great!

  435. wow! love the transformation! i could sure use that $100 to transform some grossness in our new home! thanks for the giveaway! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  436. Very nice bathroom improvements! ; ) Reach me at jacquelynbaker@comcast, if I happen to be the LUCKY winner of the $100 Home Depot gift card. ; )

  437. Looking great with the After pics. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.


  438. Really nice transformation. Isn’t it amazing what a little tile can do? MUCH nicer than carpet. Also love the light fixture – really adds to the updated look. Good job!

    Colyn Ward

  439. Your bathroom is georgeous! So jealous! My (much smaller) bathroom is next on my redo list. Great before and after!

  440. Catherine Pirisky says:

    Love that floor! My kitchen could use some sparkle and bling like that. 😉

  441. What an inspiration. Our bathroom is on the list to do soon.

  442. The lighter colored tile really improve the feeling of size I Like the color of light grey/blue walls you chose too…What’s it called ?

  443. It looks great! I was appalled to find out that our new home we were having built came standard with carpet in the master bath. Gross! They knew this and just wanted more money from us to upgrade to tile.

  444. It looks great! I was appalled to find out that our new home we were having built came standard with carpet in the master bath. Gross! They knew this and just wanted more money from us to upgrade to tile.

  445. Anonymous says:

    The bathroom looks great. I’m sure you don’t miss that carpet. thanks,

  446. That looks spectacular! It makes the whole space light and bright.

    What a fantastic giveaway. Kristencyr(at)

  447. Cristina says:

    LOVE it! Good job!

  448. love your bathroom…it turned out beautiful…doesn’t look like the same room…I would love to win a HD gift card….I love Home Depot..

  449. Crazy what just changing out flooring can do to a space! Love the framed mirror!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    rachellecullimore at gmail dot com

  450. love it

  451. love it

  452. Anonymous says:

    Awesome result!! So happy for you!. ad_rocha_1 at yahoo


  453. My grandmother not only had carpet in all her bathrooms, but also in her kitchen! Can you imagine anything grosser?! Love the tile, your bathroom looks beautiful!

  454. Love the mirror and the tile!

  455. Ihave gross blue carpeting in my bathroom also. I JusT ripped it out and REALLY could use $100 dollars towards remodeling..! Yours looks way better than mine. I also need to frame mirrors… Hope i win!see ya!

  456. What a beautiful job you did on your bathroom. It looks spa like.

  457. I love your new bathroom! And the staggered tile, I would never thought of that! I can’t believe how big your bathroom is too, I’m jealous.

    We’re remodeling, so I’d love a card from Home Depot!

  458. Wow! That tile makes a world of a difference.

  459. Those staggered tiles are gorgeous! What an awesome upgrade!

  460. Your bathroom looks bigger and brighter. Thank you for the chance to win.

  461. I could so use this gift card!

  462. It looks WAY better. It’s amazing what just a little bit of change can do to any room.

    I would love to win the gift card! I can think of so many things I could do with it.

    sarah dot carter 0909 at gmail dot com

  463. So much better! Carpet in the bathroom is icky! melisa (at) toadinaboat (dot) com

  464. We are in the process of degrossifying our small masterbathroom. not out of choice but because our house is on slab and our cast iron pipes had rotted out, and guess where that pipe went- from the kitchen sink through our hallway and through our shower/bathroom and slightly into our master bedroom. soooo we one thing led to another and another and we ended up gutting the bathroom to the studs, building an open shower, and custom vanity and every bit will be tiled(dal tile) everything except the ceiling. the rest of the house will be getting new floors. just because of the hallway. but thats alright because there was nasty green carpet in the bedrooms and bad tile job in the kitchen and also some poorly installed laminate in the living room. anyway,my wonderful hubby(not an expert handyman) took all the jobs on himself. and its looking great. mrscash2007 at gmail dot com

  465. I once had a carpeted bathroom…It grew mushrooms along the tub. Datile seems like a much better option.

  466. Anonymous says:

    Jealous, so very jealous!! The bathroom looks awesome!! We just moved so I can really use a HD gift card. Thanks, Bethany –

  467. I love your bathroom and am extrmely jealous! I cannot wait until I get the courage to update anything, yes anything, in my house!

    Veronica S.

  468. Great looking redo!

  469. It’s going to be so nice to step out of the bath or shower onto cool tile floor! Congrats.

    bethleasure at gmail dot com

  470. Looks great!! I love the fresh feel your bathroom has! (Or, looks like it has since I’ve never been in your bathroom!) Great job!!

  471. Looks great!! I love the fresh feel your bathroom has! (Or, looks like it has since I’ve never been in your bathroom!) Great job!!

  472. You guys did a great job. It really does look so much bigger & way brighter. Susansjo at msn dot com

  473. Wow! It looks great!!

  474. Anonymous says:

    Your bathroom looks amazing! Can’t wait to replace my light fixture with the giant bulbs that heat the room up as soon as you turn them on.
    turner3897at gmaildotcom

  475. Your bathroom looks amazing! And thanks for the giveaway!

    Joann_newport at yahoo dot com

  476. Love the new bathroom! Was the frame on your shower doors always dark or did you paint them?

    Jane B

  477. Looks great!! And I can’t believe there are bathrooms with carpet in them! Though, the house I grew up in had a carpeted bathroom AND kitchen, now that I think about it. Who DOES that?

    Thanks for the opportunity to feed my addiction. 🙂

  478. Looks great!! And I can’t believe there are bathrooms with carpet in them! Though, the house I grew up in had a carpeted bathroom AND kitchen, now that I think about it. Who DOES that?

    Thanks for the opportunity to feed my addiction. 🙂

  479. You did a superb job, I love everything about it, especially the new floor despite the boo-boo edges LOL.

    Thanks for the chance
    shel704 at aol dot com

  480. Anonymous says:

    Nice job on the “after” bathroom!
    I would love to tackle mine—please enter me in the Home Depot givaway!

  481. This comment has been removed by the author.

  482. Beautiful! It hardly looks like the same bathroom. It looks like you did so much more than those few changes. Gorgeous!

    pdx2mo at gmail dot com

  483. Beautiful! It’s amazing that it’s the same bathroom – it looks SO different with only those couple of changes made.

  484. Looks awesome. I am definitely interested. In finding out more about the frame around the mirror.

  485. Anonymous says:

    Your bathroom looks Fantabulous! I have been thinking of redoing my master bathroom but kept dreading it’d be extremely difficult, but you made it seem do-able. Thanks!

  486. Cathy says:

    I could hardly believe it was the same bathroom! I kept rolling back & forth trying to compare the two! I absolutely love the file you chose.
    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway,

  487. It looks awesome!

    Thanks for the contest. 🙂

    laumeux at gmail dot com

  488. Looks great!

  489. Looks great!

  490. That is an amazing transformation. So happy to see YOUR before and after for a change.

  491. That is an amazing transformation. So happy to see YOUR before and after for a change.

  492. Looks amazing! I love the staggered tile and the mirror frame. The new light fixture helps a lot, too.

    pastacats (at) gmail (dot) com

  493. The bathroom looks GREAT! Don’t wait too long to stain or paint those shoe moldings…or you will get “used” to it and may end up not ever doing it! 🙂

  494. Hi! First time on your blog- love it! Thanks for super great ideas!

  495. Hi! First time on your blog- love it! Thanks for super great ideas!

  496. woohoo! nicely done! it looks much brighter! like a bathroom you could actually get CLEAN in.

  497. Staggered tiles are ingenious!! Looks fantastic! I love how updated the bathroom looks now with all the white accessories!! Good job y’all!

  498. Yeah, wow, the tile looks great!!


  499. I absolutely love the new bathroom. I love all the dark fixtures, trimmings and mirror framing. I would love to re-do our bathroom. We have PINK marble… BLAH! Someone must have been blind when they decided on that color.

  500. Your new bathroom looks beautiful! Fantastic job–I really, really love it!

  501. From gross to lovely! Nicely done; I especially like the sand-looking tile.
    Karen –

  502. I am glad you could remove the carpet. The lighter floor is much better. And the lighting fixture is nice. cathydevinney(at)gmail(dot)com

  503. I have two gross bathrooms that I would love to look more like your after pictures!

    utahraptors at zookee dot org

  504. I love how bright the bathroom is! And the framed mirror is great. I want to frame my mirrors one day. Great jobon the tile choice!

  505. Wow = what a difference. The whole room is so much brighter and inviting! Really love it!

  506. Nice! The tile looks awesome, but I LOVE the mirror frame and new lighting! That looks FANTASTIC!

  507. I so LOVE the new bathroom. Everything about it!
    thebrooks79 at gmail dot com

  508. Love the makeover! I’d love to win so I can startup own bathroom renovation! 🙂

    Missa4713 at yahoo dot com

  509. looks sooo good!!

  510. When my kids were little, they couldn’t remember the name ‘Home Depot’, so they just called it “mom’s orange store”. Love your bathroom – huge change without a huge amount of money spent! 🙂

    kim1coe at yahoo dot com

  511. Oh My Goodness, what a difference. It looks so much better. Never was a fan of carpet in the bathroom. Love the staggered tile look also. Great job!

  512. Your bathroom looks amazing! It could be in a magazine.

  513. Wow! The tile makes such a huge difference! Love it!

  514. Anonymous says:

    Love what you’ve done to your bathroom. I’d like that Home Depot gift card too.
    Contact me at

  515. Hello
    Every body how are you. We know that furniture is most important for a beautiful house. I know that yacht furniture is very beautiful visit it for more information……

  516. That looks beautiful! And about that gift card, um, yes please!

  517. Love it! Looking forward to the post about framing the mirror, thats my next project!

    Wilson.julieb at gmail dot com

  518. Love it! Looking forward to the post about framing the mirror, thats my next project!

    Wilson.julieb at gmail dot com

  519. Love it! Looking forward to the post about framing the mirror, thats my next project!

    Wilson.julieb at gmail dot com

  520. Love it! Looking forward to the post about framing the mirror, thats my next project!

    Wilson.julieb at gmail dot com

  521. Beautiful job! I bet going from carpet to tile in the bathroom makes you feel so much better!

    We just built and I understand builder’s grade loveliness. We upgraded some things, but I would love to make my bathroom prettier like you did. I love what you did with the mirror – can’t wait to hear about mirror mate! Our mirrors are just sort of there.

  522. OMG! I thought I was the only one in America with gross carpet in the bathroom. Why did builders do that? Your after is absolutely beautiful. I love the mirror, tile and new light fixture. You have given me tons of ideas on how I can update my bathrooms. Thanks for taking the time to post. cledadtaylor@yahoo,com

  523. OMG! I thought I was the only one in America with gross carpet in the bathroom. Why did builders do that? Your after is absolutely beautiful. I love the mirror, tile and new light fixture. You have given me tons of ideas on how I can update my bathrooms. Thanks for taking the time to post. cledadtaylor@yahoo,com

  524. the bathroom is gorgeous!
    ericnandy at gmail dot com

  525. I’d love to redo my bathroom!

  526. Such a difference a floor makes! Love the changes.

    L. E. Bruce

  527. Such a difference a floor makes! Love the changes.

    L. E. Bruce

  528. Lindsey, you have been hiding your style! This looks great! I love the tile pattern. Staggering it was genius. It looks so upscale and modern. Well done!

  529. That looks so sophisticated now! Enjoy!

  530. Love the bathroom reno! I’ve always hated bathroom and kitchen carpet (blah, yuck, patooie 😛 )!
    kim dot jameyson at gmail dot com

  531. Love your results- so airy!!!

  532. Awesome results!!! Looks so airy now- great facelift!!

  533. That before looks strikingly similar to my current! This has given me the courage to start a redo in my master bath…thank you!

  534. Anonymous says:

    loooove the new look! I want to frame our bathroom mirror too … along with a million other projects I want to do!

  535. Looks AMAZING! I love the dark accents.

  536. Looks AMAZING! I love the dark accents.

  537. Looks great! And I’m jealous of all the conter space you have in your bathroom! I have maybe 1/10 of that. Lucky you!!!

    Dustbunnies at Juno dot com

  538. Looks fabulous! And great idea to use the shoe trim to help ease the edges.

  539. This comment has been removed by the author.

  540. Theresa says:

    Your bathroom looks great. We don’t have carpet, but are the not so proud owners of some festive mint green tile that has driven me to the verge of pulling out a sledge hammer. Thanks for the chance to make a less violent choice.

  541. Theresa says:

    Theresa of mint green tile
    Whoajarvis at yahoo

  542. The bathroom transformation is wonderful! So pretty!

  543. Its beautiful, I just love the color! Im getting ready to tackle our bathroom and thats exactly what i was looking for.

  544. Your bathroom looks awesome, you did a great job!

  545. I love it! It is amazing what little changes can do to your space! I recently found your blog and I am addicted! My husband probably hates that I get so many ideas that I want to try from your site. Our house is older and very blah so I would love to win. I will have to be sure to take pictures of our before and after so that I can submit to you. Thanks!

  546. My bathroom has a concrete floor at the moment… it’s a little bumpy and slightly chilly. Love the tile and it’s amazing how much bigger AND brighter your space looks!

  547. Wow, what a difference!


  548. Fabulous! Good bye brown carpet forever!!

  549. Wow!! It looks fantastico!!

  550. Wow that looks amazing! Carpet in bathrooms should be illegal! Yuck!

    jamie_7821 at yahoo dot com

  551. I have to ask:
    (1) where did you get the planter? It is so cute!
    (2) how on earth did you take pictures facing a mirror and manage not to be seen? Please share any disappearing tricks on you next post.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind the gift card. 🙂

  552. I sure could use that gift card! My bathroom needs help!

  553. It really does open the room up so much!

  554. What a transformation!

  555. Love the black accents with tan walls!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  556. Anonymous says:

    Amazing transformation! The tile, light fixture, framed mirror – it all looks great! We are hoping to improve our master bathroom soon.
    brittanydimassi at gmail dot com

  557. Pretty!

  558. Your bathroom looks great!!

  559. Anonymous says:

    Looks awesome

    hannahb07 @ yahoo dot com

  560. It’s gorgeous! What a huge difference!

  561. That looks awesome! Great job!

  562. That looks awesome! Great job!

  563. Our bathroom was carpeted when I was growing up, until one day my mom had enough and just ripped the carpet up! Your new bathroom looks great!

  564. we staggered the tile in our bathroom too. I love the color of your tile.

  565. We staggered the tile in our bathroom too. I love the color of your tile.

  566. Anonymous says:

    Lovelovelove the bathroom makeover! We have a light fixture just like your “before” one, and we’re getting ready to put it out to pasture. Or bury it at sea, or drive a stake through it – whichever is more effective, we’re not picky.

  567. I am promptly emailing DH that this is all the proof I need that we should remodel our bathroom!!!

  568. I’m always looking at your awesome blog with my wife, and I’ve never posted anything on a blog before, but I’ve gotta say that this remodel effort captures all the things I like about Better After – detail, simplification, refreshment, vision, and…my favorite…redemption. What a great job.

    Three cheers from a big fan among the statistically insignificant “married guys who like sports & stuff but who also like to get ideas for sprucin’ up the homestead with their bride” club!

  569. Wow, it looks SO we need to tile our bathroom, but I am chicken to start the process.
    C_Hellum at hot mail dot com

  570. You have inspired me! We have the exact same “before” light fixture! consider it replaced!!!

  571. WoW! Can’t imagine how horrible having carpet in the bathroom was, I have it in my kitchen and I can barely stand it! The new light fixture really opened the room up, it looks huge now. Love the tiling, hope I have a bathroom that looks this nice one day 🙂

  572. Love the staggered tiles – what a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway!

  573. Love the bathroom, especially the tile!!!

  574. What wonderful job! Love your blog!

    bari tone zone at gmail dot com

  575. Fantastic! I love that tile!!

    elaine2email at comcast dot net

  576. Wonderful job!

    baritone zone at gmail dot com

  577. I love your bathroom. It is so fresh and pretty. Enjoy it!

  578. Anonymous says:

    It looks awesome!

    Contact is Sarah Ford

  579. That is amazing!

  580. I will never for the life of me understand carpeted bathrooms. Or those squishy toilet seats. Can’t you just feel the gross bathroom sludge oozing out when you step on it? I don’t think I would ever go barefoot in there…

    Anyway, it looks GREAT now! I love the staggered tile! I had some rectangular tile picked out for our bathroom, now I need to go make sure it’s not wall tile…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  581. bathroom looks amazing! You’ve given me inspiration to tackle mine!
    toesinsand62 at gmail dot com

  582. Simple fixes and it looks so happy now!

  583. bathroom looks amazing! you have inspired me to tackle my own!!

  584. Wow! What a difference! Beautiful!

  585. Your bathroom looks very nice. I am jealous. We just started remodeling and your site has been super inspiring. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  586. I heart your blog!
    Lharring at umich dot edu

  587. Anonymous says:

    Great before and after!

    lindahobbs53 at sbcglobal dot net

  588. LOVE the bathroom faucet! That’s the next upgrade for my bathroom!

  589. Anonymous says:

    Love the new look – and so much brighter.

    My email is t j cullen at yahoo dot com.

  590. Hey, good work on the bathroom! It is beautiful! I really enjoy reading your blog but have not commented before. Hope to win! 🙂
    janagrisier at gmail dot com

  591. Love it!! I had to go back and forth between “before” and “after” a few times because I couldn’t believe the difference!

  592. Looks beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

    adriansherri at msn dot com. 🙂

  593. Wow it looks great! What a difference… so inspirational!

  594. Love your Blog…love your bathroom…love it all!! Thanks!

  595. Gorgeous update! Love the staggered tile! Genius!

  596. I love the new tile, though I have to admit I love the added trim… we had the same “uh, lets just cover the edge of the hardwood floor with more trim” conversation in the living room. Whoopsie.

    Still, it is SO much more better after. 🙂

  597. LOVE IT!!!! I agree, it looks so much brighter and bigger. Thanks for the chance to win.

    lbrtychic at

  598. Love the new bathroom! Looks fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  599. That looks sooo much better. Great job!
    Buying my first lil’ old house, so could so use a gift card to home depot…
    my e-mail is

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    (, if you would like to see the house soon!)

  600. I love your bathroom and would love to make mine over too!

    dafarv (at) hotmail (dot) com

  601. Amazing transformation!

  602. It looks great! Thanks for a chance to win. brianandann at gmail dot com

  603. Your bathroom looks fantastic. =) Love it muchly. =) punkybrustr at aol dot com

  604. Are you a ghost?!?!? Where’s your reflection????
    Oh and your bathroom looks amazing! I didn’t realize the tiles were square until you mentioned it!
    Great job!!

  605. The bathroom looks great! Degrossifying our master bathroom is at the top of our list.

  606. Anonymous says:

    Lyndsey – this is so awesome!! So much beauty, plus the feeling of a larger bathroom, due to only a few inexpensive changes. I am so Jealous (And thrilled for you too!!!).
    I can’t wait for your posts every day – absolutely love them and YOU!!!
    Kathy E

  607. It’s so cool to see a project from you on here! Also, excellent photoshopping skills 😉 The bathroom looks great, YEAHNOCARPET!

  608. My kitchen needs that tile!! Love it!

    And, thanks for the chance to win!

    jmpm217 at

  609. What a difference fresh new tile can make. I’m sure you love going in there now. Makes me want to tile up something! Congrats!

  610. The last two places we’ve lived have had carpeted bathrooms! I think they’re following me! Love the tile you picked!

  611. Staggering square tiles is a fabulous idea…I am so stealing it! 🙂

  612. That’s a great makeover! Love that you decided to stagger square tiles!

  613. Staggering square tiles is a fabulous idea…I am so stealing it! 🙂

  614. What a transformation!! Love it!

  615. Love the new look – it looks so clean! We did the same thing in our previous house. Enjoy it!

    Tiffjbush at gmail dot com

  616. Carpets in bathrooms are so gross! Such a little change, but such a big impact!

  617. Love the tile floor! The framed mirror really makes it “pop”.

  618. Oh please pick me…I have a bathroom that still isn’t done.

    Love the look of the frame on the mirror.

  619. Anonymous says:

    That’s an awesome bathroom!
    schmidba at hotmail dot com

  620. Beautiful! I love the plants .. they add another layer of warmth.

  621. Great work on the bathroom! It looks fantastic!
    lissy583 at gmail dot com

  622. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!!! What a beautiful improvement!! Thanks for sharing!! That tile really did brighting up the space!

  623. nice job with the tiles

  624. That is an amazing after! Love it!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    kristenj15 at gmail dot com

  625. That is an amazing after! Love it!

    Thanks for the chance to win

  626. Ahhhh WANT the Mirror Mate so badly!! And the HD card. 🙂

  627. I think it looks great! Getting rid of the carpet makes your cabinets look better! MAGIC!


  628. Just bought a home that needs 2 bathrooms renovated–thanks for inspiring me!!

  629. I absolutely love the mirror update! I never would have thought a simple frame could make such a difference! $100 from HD would definitely move some of my current projects forward!

  630. says:

    The tile looks great!! My master bath is also partially carpeted…I feel your pain.

  631. I LOVE IT!!! The white trim on the bottom looks good (neat and clean), I wouldn’t change it! AWESOME job!!

  632. Amazing! It looks great! I love your blog and hope to use many of your featured afters as inspiration for our new home! This giveaway couldn’t be at a better time 🙂

    Nichole Smith

    Thanks so much and God bless!!

  633. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a carpeted bathroom 🙂 Good on ya on the makeover though.

  634. I WISH my bathroom was that big! It looks great!

    linz_r_m (at) hotmail (dot) com

  635. Beautiful bathroom!!!

  636. Much improved!! Good work!

  637. Much improved!! Good work!

  638. Wow, it looks so bright and airy now! I bet you just want to take your time in there now and soak up all that happy! bbartergianturco at yahoo dot com

  639. Wow, love the floor and the paint. I don’t know if you updated the vanities but they look so much better in the after. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  640. When I was a kid, my parents had dark blue bathroom carpet. But the dog liked to pee in there, so there were this horrible greenish stains. Ugh.

    I’m glad you escaped the world of bathroom carpet and lived to tell the tale.

  641. I’m waaaay at the end, but I love your new bathroom. I’m busy fixing mine up too, and could sure use $100 for new bathroom towel/toilet paper fixtures!

  642. great bathroom, well done!

    I could use a gift card. our new neighbors just built a huge deck and comes very close to the side of our house and looks right into my kitchen family space. I feel totally invaded. i want to make a screen

  643. It looks beautiful! I love the staggered tiles.

  644. Looks awesome!

  645. that is amazing! carpet in the bathroom is terrible and you did an outstanding job with this! great work!!

  646. Anonymous says:

    Wow the bathroom looks sooo good! I bet you never want to leave it!

    a faithful butterfly at yahoo dot com

  647. The new bathroom looks like a very Happy Space! As others have already mentioned, I adore the staggered tile look. Such character! Ok, here’s my info when I win the card… 🙂

    stacyfincher15 at gmail dot com

  648. Josette says:

    Please Pick Me! Home Depot is my favorite!

  649. Big difference! Carpet in the bathroom is disgusting!

  650. So happy for you!!!! It looks great.

  651. Beautiful! It’s amazing how a floor can change a room.

  652. Anonymous says:

    That looks great! We were at Home Depot this weekend looking at tile and remembering your post, I triple checked that the tile was floor and not wall tile before I decided that I liked it!

    juliaslone @ hotmailcom

  653. Anonymous says:

    I had my brother-in-law tile the bathroom (expert installer) with travertine from Home Depoe. Going from a dark fllor to light made a big impact in a much smaller bathroom than yours – love your new look.
    pjseattle at hotmail

  654. I would LOOOVE to win a Home Depot GC. Soo many projects I need to do. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  655. love your new bathroom! The lighter tile flooring makes such a huge difference!

  656. It’s a fantastic upgrade. While I don’t have carpeting [bleeeck!] we moved into a house (almost 3 years ago) and the main bath has stick down “tiles”. Whaaaaat?!

  657. This comment has been removed by the author.

  658. Wow~! Super degrossified bathroom. While I don’t have carpeting to deal with [yuck] I do have stick down “tiles” in our main floor bathroom that are a whole other level of gross.

  659. Anonymous says:

    That bathroom is the!!! Love it. I would love to be able to upgrade my bathroom!

  660. Great job…’Turned a really dark spot into something bright and welcoming (Everyone should have a “welcoming” bathroom. LOL).

  661. The new floor looks great!

    jynnhayes @ gmail . com

  662. Love the staggered tiles!

  663. Isn’t it amazing what new flooring can do? It looks fabulous! When we moved into our house, there was carpeting the 1/2 bath which made NO sense at all (since you walked out of the bathroom onto tile) and was pretty much the most disgusting thing ever.

  664. I’m a little late in seeing this post, but it looks GREAT! I’m wondering, though… how did you manage to take all of those pictures without your reflection showing up in the big mirror? Are you secretly a vampire?? 😉

  665. Wow! I love it! I think the mirror frame makes a huge difference! (Next to the new tile, of course)

    sarahmiller1913 @

  666. It looks AWESOME! (And I’m kind of creeped out by how you’re vampirishly not in the reflections of the mirrors.) HA!!

  667. looks great! My master bathroom is in desperate need of an update. There’s just so much to do it’s overwhelming to even think about where to start.

  668. Anonymous says:

    So much better after! It is such a good feeling to finish a project and it not only looks better but it makes you feel better.

  669. We are getting ready to sell our house and I would LOVE this card. It would come in extremely handy.

    cutiefruity at rocketmail dot com

  670. Anonymous says:

    I love how you framed around the mirror and the new light! And the floors are lovely too 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win the giftcard!

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