Bungalow Fever

Andrea is renting a historic little bungalow that came with a nicely-sized dining room featuring wood floors, a window seat, and thick baseboards.  Let’s be honest here, she could have set up a dining set made from cardboard boxes and old buckets and that room would still be awesome.  But, of course, she didn’t. She redid this ’80s set she found for $50 at Salvation Army with a deep walnut stain on the tabletop and chalk paint on the base and chairs. Plus a pretty french script fabric to replace that rather hideous floral. Beaucoup mieux!  See more on her blog Fiber and Fire.

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  1. This is exactly the combination of texture and color that I love; textures of wood, cane, and the contrast of painted wood with the beautiful wood of the table being left in it’s original color. Lovely, and just perfect! Wouldn’t have had the impact if the wood had been painted any other color. And then the fabric sent it all to the French moon and back! Great, no awesome job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    She made cane look pretty.

  3. Love the French script fabric. I wonder what it says there on the chair seat? “rear” “bum” “sit here” Whatever it says, it probably looks better in French.

  4. LOVE the fabric! Where did she find it??? Great job!

  5. Love love love the table

  6. Wow what a makeover!

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