Black Swan

If you haven’t had your morning dose of caffeine, this might help.  A super bold bedroom remake from Tabatha at Turn Right at Lake Michigan.  I don’t think the before could be further from the after if they were literally on separate planets. It’s so dark and daring and exciting!  The before was only exciting in a “my-neighbor-wants-to-take-pictures-of-me-in-his-basement-call-the-cops” kind of way. 
SO much better. See the whole process HERE.

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  1. Talk about a dramatic redo!!

    ~ Jillian

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  2. Well, it is interesting. I guess if you are ‘young and hip and with it’ OR if you have to sleep during the day…..

    But it is a beautiful redo, and it is a BIG difference.

  3. I LOVE THAT REDO!!! How dramatic

  4. Kral dairesi gibi olmuş. Çok beğendim.

  5. Kral dairesi gibi olmuş. Çok beğendim. Türkiyeden selamlar

  6. Lol. Hilarious intro Lindsey. That room so says that. It makes me think of the movie E.T. too for some reason.

  7. dramatic,and for a person who loves a lil glam and drama this is a wow!!

  8. Holy, moley! Unbelievable transformation of that room! ~ Maureen

  9. Thanks for all the kind words! (And Carla, with two toddlers I do find myself making up lost sleep during the day and making the room so dark has made a HUGE difference, haha.)

    Tomorrow we’re going to reveal our master bathroom redo, which is connected to this room, so check out the progress post from yesterday and come by tomorrow to see the rest of the room!

  10. Anonymous says:

    That is one depressing room. I love black and white but this room is too much black. You will find yourself very depressed sleeping in this room, mark my words. We are influenced by the colors around us and this black will definitely weigh heavily on your subconcious. You need to take some of the black out and replace it with more white and add an accent color of red here and there. Good luck.

  11. Looks like the Adams’ family bedroom.

  12. “mark my words”
    Things Grandmas say that irritate others.

  13. Two of my 3 daughters, at one time, painted their bedrooms black. This is an awesome redo.

  14. Wow, way different, very cool! LOL @ the pictures in basement comment 🙂

  15. Obviously, one could only “sleep” in this boudoir wearing a silky black negligee.

  16. The only way this room would be depressing is if you spend days not showering, watching reruns of Law & Order and eating Hot Pockets. This room is too hot for Hot Pockets!

  17. The only way this room would be depressing is if you spend days not showering, watching reruns of Law & Order and eating Hot Pockets. This room is too hot for Hot Pockets!

  18. Our bedroom is a private place for us. This is the place that we can take a lot rest and we want to spend our free days. Sometimes we want some transformation that fits on our personality. Like in this example the bedroom looks more dramatic.

  19. Deborah says:

    Bold, dramatic, beautiful and AWESOME! Sure, it may not be for everyone but who cares, it’s not their room. Have you heard the old saying, “If you’re not paying my taxes or sleeping in my bed it ain’t your place to say anything about what I do”.

    Myself, I can’t wait to see the bathroom re-do! You go girl!

  20. Anonymous says:

    That rules!

  21. I like it. And I can tell that it’s one of those rooms that looks much better in person than on camera. I’m sure it’s stunning and gorgeous and not-at-all depressing in real life. Kudos!

  22. Personally I couldn’t sleep in there. I’d be having nightmares Dracula wanted to do naughty things to me. That and the fact too much dark colours give me depression, I have S.A.D (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) and even looking at the room makes me tear up. Now NOT saying the room is not a great re do. Lordy, the other room is like”Oh you wanna stay the night, here’s your prison room and the towel with a hole in it is on the door handle” I know some people will love the redo and some will hate it. I don’t hate it, I just couldn’t live in it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I like everything but the wall color. A gray or white would look so much better.

  24. You absolutely crack me up! Love every single before and after. 🙂

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