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One day, Meg innocently walked into an auction. The next thing she knew she was struggling to load this massive hutch in the back of her truck, and had no memory of what happened in between.  Something about her bidding hand developing a mind of its own… 
What she didn’t realize until she got this puppy home, was how truly enormous it was.  Over seven and a half feet tall and six feet long!  It was also crying out for a little bit of color, so she went at it with a homemade batch of chalk paint.  It turned out so good, I’m really tempted to DIY some myself. (Or should I just say DIM?) See more on her blog Never a Dull Day.

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  1. OMG this is GORGEOUS. I want a piece like this

  2. It’s beautiful! Is it too big to get inside?? Lol!!

  3. Sad, but my amnesiac episodes never turn out this well

  4. LOVE that – WOW. That would NEVER fit in my puny doors though! I always have to buy furniture with my puny doors in mind… I swear a miniature person designed my house back in the 20s.

  5. stephbo93 says:

    Wow! That is beautiful!

  6. That is absolutely beautiful!

  7. LOVE the red!!!! Such a great makeover for this piece!

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my Hutch Lindsey! Next time I sneak off to an auction I’ll have to remember to bring my tape measure! 😉

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Meg you’ve done a fab job on your HUGE hutch. I want!!

  11. Meg you’ve done a fab job on your HUGE hutch. I want!!

  12. Wow this is quite a piece and QUITE a makeover. I love that the AFTER picture is taken outside – I don’t think I could fit that through my front door. 🙂

  13. I wondered if it outside because it won’t fit inside lol The makeover is gorgeous. I found a piece like this a year ago and brought it home and could not get into the room I wanted it in. no matter which way we turned it , it would not fit lol But it looks lovely in my sunroom. Trying to find someone that can make it into two pieces. Now I measure before I bring things home.

  14. Wonderful!

  15. It really looks like a high-end piece of furniture now — beautiful!

  16. Wow! That looks incredible! I am an aspiring furniture refinisher too, and your blog is terrific. Thanks for sharing!

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