A Mostly True Story

Yael had looked far and wide for a hutch to display her ever growing collection of fabric.  She finally found the perfect piece, but knew deep down that the color wasn’t right.  So after many loving hours spent sanding and painting, her masterpiece was finally complete and ready to move into her home!  Then, tragedy struck.  It wouldn’t fit down the stairs.  Doh!  Utterly disappointed, Yael had no other choice than to sell her beloved hutch. 
At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how the story went.  Yael is from Israel, and Google translate is having a heck of a time deciphering her blog for me. I might have just made that entire story up. See for sure on her blog Yael Home. (A title I think I also made up).

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  1. Brave, brave Yael with that wallpaper. Oh to be so confidant with color…..

  2. I thought this one was particularly awesome: http://yaelel.blogspot.co.il/2011/11/blog-post.html

  3. That just made me go gasp ooooooh! LOL love that! And the mostly true story.

  4. SUPER cute! (you are so internationally known, my dear)

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  6. good stuff! i did the google translation thing too and felt it gave the story so much more character by reading it out loud! your translation was awesome, i adore mostly true stories!

    and like susan, my true love is a paste. (mostly true)

  7. I speak Hebrew so I didn’t do google translate but your version is spot on. I think it might even be entirely true ;-). Her blog by the way is called Yael’s House or Yael’s Home (same word for both in Hebrew)

  8. This is such a fun makeover – love the colors and the handles.

  9. Hi Lindsey,
    thank you!! wow!! i’m speechless… the story is real, you didn’t make it up 😉
    the name of the blog is Yaeli’s House or Yaeli’s Home – there is an old children book with that name in Israel.
    there are lots more here –
    Thank you again,

  10. Oh I cringed when you said it didn’t fit down the stairs because something similar happened to me! I re-upholstered a large padded armchair in my office for someone else and when I finished it wouldn’t fit back through my doorway!! I ended up having to unbolt the blinkin arms again. OMG. Shudder. Great makeover Yael, the colour combo was spot-on. Love it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is GORGEOUS!!

  12. I wonder if it is the same Yael from Yoola designs on Etsy…also from Israel & not afraid of colour. I took an online class from her!!

  13. yas Lindsey! you got the right person here! Yael’s projects are great!

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