$150 MirrorMate Giveaway! (now closed)

(giveaway now closed)
Remember my master bathroom makeover?  I hope you do, I just barely
showed it to you a week ago.  If you’ve already forgotten, maybe you
need to see a doctor or something.  But hopefully you didn’t because I
think it was pretty dramatic. Let’s take another look:
Would you believe only three things were involved in the making of this makeover?  The new tile, a couple light fixtures, and the biggest bang for the buck: my new MirrorMate frame!  
I think it makes a ridonkuously huge difference in there. 
MirrorMate offers tons of frames in every style, for just about every mirror. We went with Pemaquid Black and I simply love it. 
Everything about this process was so easy.  Ordering was easy; MirrorMate provides you with a handy little measuring form that spells out exactly where and how to measure what.  
Delivery was easy, it arrived quickly and was packaged extremely well, in some sort of indestructible bubble wrap that had my kids very frustrated.  
Putting it together was super easy, and hanging it couldn’t have been easier if a team of MirrorMate employees had shown up at my house and hung it themselves.  The whole process (minus drying time) took literally 10 minutes.

  I am beyond pleased with my MirrorMate frame, I would recommend them to my friends and grandma without hesitation, and now you have a chance to win $150 to spend on a MirrorMate frame of your own! 
Entering is easy!

Good luck, I hope you win! Random winner will be chosen Monday, July 23.
  Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: MirrorMate provided me with a mirror frame of my choice to review, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I love the look of framed mirrors. Fingers crossed!

  2. Just found your blog the other day. I love the look of these mirrors. My next project is a bathroom update. One of these would be perfect.

  3. We are currently in the process of redoing our master bath, and I am so glad I read about MirrorMate! I will definitely have to check it out, but I’m hoping for some extra spending cash. 🙂

  4. Love the MirrorMate, always wanted one!

  5. I would pick the Pemaquid Old World Silver frame!

  6. Celeste Becerra says:

    I check your site daily and it’s given me a lot of inspiration! I would love a mirrormate! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Celeste Becerra says:

    I definately would chose Pemaquid Black. I had to double check and see if that is what you went with, and sure enough it is!

  8. Your makeover looks great! I just finished my bathroom makeover 30 minutes ago!

  9. For my new makeover, I would choose the black frame just like you did!

  10. I have many a frame-less (naked?) mirror that could use this treatment!

  11. I have many a frame-less (naked?) mirror that could use this treatment!

  12. I’ve been wanting to do this forever! I was going to try molding and liquid nails but it definitely intimidates me… this seems like the better alternative.

  13. Broadway brushed chrome all the way!

  14. I would pick the permaquid slim dark bronke frame!

  15. I like the Cherokee in the dark brown. Seriously considering ordering one, thanks!

  16. Just in time, as I am redoing the master bathroom on a very small budget. This would a perfect way to make an update with a big impact. I have tried to make my own mirror frame and it was a total failure.

  17. So many options!! I really like the Pemaquid Porcelain White. It’s wide, it’s white, and it has a bit of a character, but in the same time pretty traditional, which is the effect I am looking for!

  18. I have been wanting to put frames around our two mirrors in our master bath. I saw this some time ago on HGTV and thought it was genius. I have looked into getting this done but never got around to it due to the fact we had a baby and here we are 2 1/2 years later and the mirrors are still bare and I am still wanted frames for them. I absolutely love the tribeca black frames featured on the Mirror Mate website. They would be perfect and cute for our bath.

    Thanks so much for kicking in the inspiration again for us!

  19. I have a huge mirror that needs to be spruced up and this would be perfect!

  20. The cherokee cherry chocolate is absolutely gorgeous!!

  21. i have a mirrormate in our guest bath and would LOVE one in the master!

  22. i have a mirrormate in our guest bath and would LOVE one in the master!

  23. i would pick the paintable soho and gold leaf it!

  24. i would pick the paintable soho and gold leaf it!

  25. I love the Acadia Dove White frame, it’d be perfect for my vision.

  26. Ohh I like this giveaway!

  27. I thinkkkk i would choose the pemaquid back. But don’t hold me to it!

  28. I am planning on putting frames on my mirrors in two bathrooms, this would be a great start to get there!

  29. I would pick the chelsea cherry to match our cabinets!

  30. Fab giveaway. If I won I would choose Pemaquid Porcelain White and give it to my BFF for her new house. Hmmm, maybe I should let her choose 😉

  31. I think i would go with the Permaquid Black. I like the bold simplicity of it. Love you blog.

  32. Love this idea! We have some mirrors that could use facelifts!

  33. This would make my bathroom look so much classier!

  34. Would love to win, I’ve been wanting to frame my mirror but having a kit like likes would take a lot of the work off of me!

  35. I’d pick the Cherokee Slim Espresso

  36. OMG! I love the Waterside Pearl frame. And it would look awesome in my guest bath that I’m renovating soon.

  37. I need two of these – one for each of my upstairs bathrooms! I would go with the Pemaquid white for one and the Cherokee espresso for the other. Pick me!!!

  38. I need two of these – one for each of my upstairs bathrooms! I would go with the Pemaquid white for one and the Cherokee espresso for the other. Pick me!!!

  39. I have a huge mirror in my bathroom. This would be perfect for it!

  40. I’d pick the Pyramid Black – just what you picked out!

  41. I love this idea! Hope I win! heidi.blackwelder@gmail.com

  42. I would definitely need a white frame. My guess is that I would go with the Pemaquid Porcelain White. However,the Chelsea Classic White is very nice too.

  43. I would pick the Pacifica Silver Sheen! Love it.

  44. WELL… I was going to force my hubby to make me one of these, but you’d save his little fingers from working to the bone if you picked me!

  45. Pemaquid Porcelain White would work nicely in my bath!

  46. This would be perfect in my bathroom! I did not know it existed.

  47. Pemaquid white

  48. I have a lot of mirrors that could use some mating.

  49. love the blog, even have my folks and friends addicted to checking it daily like i do. redoing my mirror is my next project and this would be great.

  50. I would prob. go with Cherokee Mocha Walnut. love the color and the small detail. 🙂

  51. I love it, esp all of the thick dark frames

  52. I’d love to use one of these frames to cover up my ugly, chip-edged bathroom mirror. The Venetian in Silver Wave is calling my name!

  53. I have been dying to try this and still haven’t pulled the trigger!

  54. I love this! This is just what we need.

  55. What a difference these frames make! We need one for our master…

  56. If I was the lucky one I would choose the Black Pemaquid frame…

  57. I’d LOVE to win this! The frames makes such a big difference!

  58. I’d probably go with the Pemaquid Black too because the black would look nice with my light colored walls.

  59. We’re moving into our first home next Saturday! The bathrooms could ALL use this!

  60. Love the look!!!!!

  61. I’ve always wanted to try Mirror Mate with our mirrors, I hope I win so I can finally do it! 🙂

  62. I’d pick pemaquid black!

  63. Love it! Great giveaway!

  64. I really like the Slim Old World in Silver!

  65. I think this would look great in my bathroom. That mirror has been naked for a LONG time.

  66. Lovely! I have a giant mirror in our master bath that needs a frame in the worst of ways.

  67. Love it! I hope I win 🙂

  68. P.S.-I’d choose the Cherokee Espresso Walnut!

  69. We’re in the process of finishing off our basement, and I would love to use this in the bathroom!

  70. We’re in the process of finishing off our basement, and I would love to use this in the bathroom!

  71. We have a nice huge and boring frameless mirror in our main bathroom(other one is being remodeled as stated before). I knew i wanted to put a from on it but had no idea about Mirror Mate, i figured id just have to buy trim cut it myself and glue it on. plus i’d have to paint it as well. I’d go for a nice crispy white!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. I’d like to cover up some corrosion on our mirrors; this would be perfect.

  74. I’d choose the Pacifica White Cap or Pacifica Silver Sheen!

  75. Rachel C says:

    Ahhh I would love to win one of these for my hall bath! It has an ugly builder-grade mirror that is begging for a makeover!

  76. I’d pick Acadia dove white

  77. Anonymous says:

    i’d get the pacifica mirror in brown.
    flyergal82 AT (yahoo) /dot/ $com%

  78. Anonymous says:

    this is a great idea. I love the way yours turned out.
    flyergal82 AT (yahoo) /dot/ $com%

  79. Rachel C says:

    I would get the acadia dove white!

  80. I like the slim cherokee in cherry. This would be great for my mirror. Thanks!

  81. I would get a paintable style since I haven’t started my bathroom makeover yet… or maybe I would get the permaquid white and that could jump start the project!

  82. Ya, I couldn’t decide if the tile or the mirror was my favorite part last week. The frame makes such a huge difference!

  83. I would choose the Venetian bronze wave. It’s gorgeous!

  84. I have wanted to frame my bathroom mirror but haven’t had the motivation (or the funds!). This would help with both!

  85. I would choose the Pacifica Silver Sheen. Lovely!

  86. wow i really love the makeover!

  87. You did such a nice job!

  88. I love this! Easily dresses up any builder grade mirror!

  89. The makeover looks great!! Wonderful job!

  90. I’d pick the Bellemeade Vintage Champagne to hang in my living room!

  91. i would pick the pemaquid old world silver… so pretty!

  92. I would pick the waterside style!

  93. I’ve been wanted to do this since we bought our house…7 years ago! 🙂

  94. Oh and I’d pick the slim espresso walnut:)

  95. Melissa P says:

    We have two mirrors in our bedroom over built in dressers that are begging for a frame.

  96. I don’t know. There are so many drool-worthy frames!

  97. This would be perfect! We just purchased a house and I’d love to change the “builder’s standard” mirrors.

  98. I think the broadway brushed chrome would match the brushed nickle hardware in our new place and give a fun modern feel.

  99. Man, those are beautiful!!

  100. I’ve always wanted a MirrorMate frame for our bathroom! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I never win anything…I think I’m due!

  101. I’d pick the Providence Oiled Bronze frame for our mirror.

  102. Definitely would add a lot to our bathroom

  103. A framed mirror would look awesome in our master bath!

  104. I have two mirror that are desperately in need of frames!

  105. I’m thinking Cherokee slim licorice

  106. I would choose the Pacifica White Cap

  107. Ooo, pick me! We have 3 bathrooms with the builder-grade frameless mirrors. They are crying out for some enhancement!!

  108. I love the makeover of your bathroom and I always love seeing bathroom makeovers that have the Mirror Mate touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. And I like Chelsea Black Satin 🙂

  110. I love Cherokee Espresso Walnut!!!!

  111. I’m torn between the chelsea pewter bronze and the venetian bronze wave….

  112. love your new bathroom! hope you have some quiet time to actually enjoy it…

  113. Pacifica in silver! Gorgeous!

  114. Love it!

  115. I’ve been wanting to do this to our bathroom mirrors! After seeing your transformation, I’m even more motivated!

  116. I’m conflicted among the brown and wood tones!

  117. How cool! I love the black, too, and the Pemaquid is pretty, but I like the Chelsea. 🙂

    And I love your bathroom! It’s got me seriously thinking about doing something with my own. 🙂

  118. Rebecca says:

    Just moved and could really use this wonderful update!

  119. I love it! We are in the midst of a home remodel, and this would be perfect! Yours looks awesome!

  120. I visited the site, and I would pick the Providence Silver! I hope I win!!!

  121. I was one of them who asked how you did this mirror frame. I want to do this in our main bathroom in our home. Thanks for letting us all know where you ordered your frame and for the wonderful giveaway.

  122. Gorgeous

  123. I like the slim cherry chocolate

  124. I want to win!

  125. I want the Chelsea Black Satin!

  126. Love these mirrors!

  127. The Broadway would look fabulous in our home!

  128. I have the same mirror in my bathroom, and it could really use a new frame! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  129. The frame looks amazing! I wouldn’t even know where to start- they all would look awesome!

    Stacy H.

  130. I love the Pemaquid Black that you chose. Its simple and dramatic at the same time!


  131. I would definitely order the permaquid dark bronze… but they have a lot to choose from!

  132. I ordered the samples last year – I love them!! I’d love to frame my large bathroom mirror.

  133. The frame around your mirror really helped tie the room together. We just bought a house, so I’ve been frequenting your blog in search of ideas. 🙂

  134. I think I like the Pemaquid Porcelain White the best.

    pastacats (at) gmail (dot) com

  135. I would love to update the builder grade mirrors in my baths! Thanks for the chance!

  136. The Chelsea brushed Bronze is beautiful!

  137. LOVE it!

  138. Jennifer B. says:

    honestly, I’d pick any of them. Such a neat idea!!

  139. I adore this makeover…I am still in shock that you had carpet before.

    I would pick the black also

  140. I would love to try this in my master bathroom!

  141. Karen G says:

    Not that I ever win, but it couldn’t hurt to enter. :^)

  142. Getting ready to move into a condo that needs lots of fixing up. This would be awesome!!

  143. So many choices….I like the Pemaquid slim dark bronze!

  144. Awesome idea–the frame makes a huge difference for sure. I love the black–goes with everything and it’s classy.

  145. I’ve spent years thinking about trying to frame my mirrors with Home Depot trim, but it always seemed too hard. This is such a genius idea!!

  146. OK, I looked more thoroughly at the site and I’d go with the Chelsea Black Satin.

  147. I need this!! My naked mirrors are crying.

  148. I think I would go with the Pacifica.

  149. Portage Moonlight silver would look fabulous in my master bathroom…

  150. I have been wanting to do this forever!

  151. This is such an awesome difference – love it!!

  152. I would pick the Broadway frame!

  153. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to frame 2 ugly mirrors in my kids’ bathroom. This would make it so much easier than I’d imagined!

  154. I think I’d go with the Chelsea Black Satin.

  155. Tammy Hoffa says:

    I would choose Soho Matte Black

  156. I would love to update my bathrooms with such a simple fix!

  157. I think I would choose Gramercy Martini!

  158. I would love to use these in my kids bathroom!

  159. I want these in every bathroom! I’m thinking that the providence oiled bronze would look especially dramatic in our master bedroom/bathroom vanity area.

  160. I’m moving into a new condo with some very dated decor. I think I could use it as a convincing stage for Friends re-enactments. Anyhow, I love the MirrorMate and have included it in my blueprints (and by blueprints I mean Pinterest) for reviving the master bath. I like the espresso walnut best.

  161. I’m moving into a new condo with some very dated decor. I think I could use it as a convincing stage for Friends re-enactments. Anyhow, I love the MirrorMate and have included it in my blueprints (and by blueprints I mean Pinterest) for reviving the master bath. I like the espresso walnut best.

  162. Ive wated to do this to my bathroom mirror for like…ever!


  163. ooooooooooo. so hard. but i think Venetian SIlver wave or Providence SIlver or Gold. Love them. Yours was so high impact and looks fantastic, but i think the metallic would be better in my bath.

  164. Entered the rafflecopter form as “crave to save”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  165. I love the Acadia frame!!

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  166. I so want these for my master bathroom. I love your redo!

  167. I love permaquid slim dark bronze.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I was just thinking about doing this with wood railing from the hardware store. This looks so much easier!! Thanks!! – jen b

  169. Anonymous says:

    Building a new house- would love this!
    -Emily R

  170. Please choose me! As long as it’s easy I’m in.

  171. Anonymous says:

    My google account is screwing with me! I’m JustJoanna… I’ve been wanting to frame my seriously monstrous bathroom mirror for ages!

  172. Anonymous says:

    JustJoanna again, visited MirrorMates and I would pick the Chelsea or Pemaquid in Black (to match my painted cabinets).

  173. My bathroom mirror definitely needs one of these!

  174. I love the transformation! My main bath mirror needs help!

  175. I love the transformation! My main bath mirror needs help!

  176. Love the after on your master bath! The mirror does make the room. Better After is the first site I hit every morning for my inspiration for the day.

  177. I’ve been wanting to do this to our bathroom mirror for awhile now! If you’d recommend this to your grandma, i know it will work!

  178. I’d go for the Cherokee Slim Licorice!

  179. I would go with the Tribeca burnished brown… wonderful texture

  180. Love this idea!

  181. Anonymous says:

    How cool is this! I have a mirror that desperately needs a makeover;)

  182. Anonymous says:

    I think I would pick the Pacifica Whitecap….we need a cool white frame for my daughters bathroom mirror:)

  183. I love the transformation in your bathroom!

  184. I think I’d pick the Pemaquid in the dark bronze.

  185. I would love to win! Thank you for the chance.

  186. I would pick the Portage.

  187. I’ve used MirrorMate frames in two OLD bathroom mirror and the transformation is amazing. They are so worth the price and I am thinking of putting one up on a full-length mirror on the master bathroom door.

  188. I love your bathroom makeover! I have a half-bathroom in my house with an old metal-style medicine cabinet… that the previous owners actually MOVED to a different spot in the tiny bathroom! Yes moved, not discarded and bought something better….


  189. Awesome giveaway! Our master bath “builder grade” mirror could use an update!

  190. i would choose either the pemaquid wood, likely in black… or the aged silver! It depends on how I’d get to redo my bathroom.

  191. I would love to do this on my mirrors…makes such a difference in the look! I also love that it appears so simple to do!

  192. I love the Cherokee Espresso!

  193. I would get the Waterside Pearl for my guest bathroom!

  194. Vanessa S says:

    I would love to win this, in order to give it to my mother as a housewarming gift!!

  195. Vanessa S says:

    I would pick the Cherokee Cherry Chocolate, for my MOM!!

  196. I would choose Waterside Pearl, as it would look very lovely in our bathroom.

  197. Great giveaway! I did my second entry, the visit to MirrorMate, first, and now am commenting. Backwards, but hey, it is early!

  198. I would choose Waterside Pearl, as it would look very lovely in our bathroom.

  199. Louisem says:

    Thanks for posting the giveaway. I have two builder grade mirrors I have been wanting to updated for ages..this would be perfect to use.

  200. I love your blog! Sometimes I laugh out loud at your sense of humor. The mirror looks so good. I need to spruce up my bathroom, also.

  201. LouiseM says:

    Love the Pacifica Silver Sheen

  202. So easy and such a huge impact! Love!!

  203. So many choices…..white or maybe silver,hard to pick just one.

  204. OH I would love to have this in my bathroom. That’s awesome!

  205. Love the Pacifica White

  206. This is such a brilliant idea!!! love it

    ~ Jillian

  207. Love your mirror!!!

  208. I love the how simple the Chelsea Classic White is!

  209. What an easy way to update!

  210. i LOVE your bathroom makeover…nice tile! and the mirror frame really does make a huge difference. i want to do that to the mirrors in both my bathrooms but all work in my house is on hold until i find a job 🙂 great blog!

  211. Bellemeade Vintage Silver for sure! I love the look of it.

  212. i would pick the cherokee espresso walnut for my master bath. i ordered a sample a while ago so i know it would be perfect in there! thanks for the opportunity!

  213. just found out you are from phoenix, me, too! love your blog…i’m sucked in!! 🙂

  214. These are such a great solution!

  215. Love the Chelsea in Pewter Bronze

  216. I love the grandezza and the pemaquid

  217. My mom really needs this.

  218. Would be awesome to start post-bar life with a sweepstakes win! yey!

  219. Aly Wags says:

    I would love to do this in my bathroom! We have the regular builder-grade mirrors which are fine, but adding the frame makes them look so much better, more custom made.

    Love your blog! I come here every day.


  220. I really like the Soho.

  221. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I would LOVE to win!!

  222. I would pick Chelsea Pewter Bronze if I was the lucky winner!!

  223. Just starting a master bathroom renovation. MirrorMate would be perfect for my drab, boring, builder grade mirror. Planning to use a Synmar cultured marble product for the shower walls, GBI Sierra Almond tile for floors (Lowe’s). I would choose the Tribeca Burnished Brown mirror frame from MirrorMate. The pattern is contemporary yet formal, and I love the bronzed color.

  224. Amazing what three things can do. Carpet in bathrooms is so yucky! Good work!

  225. I would love the chelsea espressso to match my cabinets

  226. I LOVE the framed mirror and the MirrorMate would be so easy!!!

  227. This project has been on my Do It List for my kids’ bath for the longest time. Thanks to both you and Mirror Mate for offering the chance to get it done!

  228. The framed mirrors are awesome!

  229. I’d choose the Chelsea White. Love it!

  230. Wow, what a huge difference. I’d love to do this on my contractor mirrors.

  231. Still deciding which great frame to get with my winnings! :). But it’ll definitely be a dark brown or espresso finish!

  232. I love the Pacifica Black Leather. Awesome.

  233. I too have a bathroom in need of degrossifying! Mirror mate will be perfect!


  234. I would love to win this! We have two of these mirrors in our house, and I have been wanting to frame them out in some way. This would be awesome!

  235. I’m all about easy and fabulous things! I’d love to win!

  236. I would choose pacifica black leather. It’s perfect for our room!

  237. Awesome giveaway!!

  238. Karen Wetzig says:

    I like the Chelsea Pewter – put it in my guest bath and it looks great! Now I need it for the master!

  239. pacifica black leather!

  240. Oooh this would be so much easier than buying, cutting, painting baseboards!

  241. Pemaquid black, I think!

  242. I’m getting ready to re-do my master bath. This is exactly what I’m looking for!

  243. Love the Cherokee Espresso Walnut. Clean and simple.

  244. Verna Miller says:

    Its amazing the difference a framed mirror makes!

  245. Anonymous says:

    My bathroom looks much like yours did. Same mirror and same lights (luckily I don’t have the carpet). This would give me the kick I need to actually do something about it!! I think I would choose the Pemaquid old world silver. Beautiful stuff!

    clemsley (at) yahoo (dot) com

  246. LOVE IT!!!

  247. I would love one of these in my master bath!

  248. I love it!

  249. Oh, I have lusted after one of these for so long, would LOVE to win!

  250. I have a HUGE mirror that I need framed for my guest bath! Pick me, pick me!

  251. I have a mirror in my kids bathroom that definitely needs a makeover. I would love to win this prize.

  252. Cherokee Mocha Walnut, gorgeous!

  253. I’d pick the Cherokee Mocha Walnut to match my floors!

  254. I visited the site and I would get either the cherokee espresso walnut or the soho matted black.

  255. What a great giveaway! The mirror in our master bath is soooo frameless. I would love to improve it with a mirrormate frame!

  256. One of the bathrooms in our new home has a huge unframed mirror… it’s missing something:) This would be PERFECT!

  257. The Cherokee Slim Cherry Chocolate or Cherokee Slim Mocha Walnut would look great with the fixtures we have!

  258. Ooooh, the Acadia Oiled Bronze is beautiful! I would pick that one 🙂

  259. LOVE the one you chose! they’re so neat…

  260. This comment has been removed by the author.

  261. We’re looking to buy a house this fall, so this could be great for us!

  262. Love the new look in your bathroom

  263. I would pick the Cherokee Mocha Walnut like the one pictured in the upper right-hand corner of your collage. 🙂

  264. Went to Mirror Mate, looks easy to order . I am looking to redo my guest bath. I really like the permaquid blac too!

  265. Looks great! I have the perfect mirror for it!

  266. This comment has been removed by the author.

  267. I would choose Cherokee Espresso Walnut or Portage Pebbled White

  268. I love the look!

  269. you can also find some related furniture on my site also http://www.mobilyala.com

  270. I would love this for my guest bathroom.

  271. I would choose the Mediterra Glazed Stone. It would look great with by green and gold decor.

  272. I love this and our mirror could totally use an update!

  273. I NEED THIS. Fingers crossed – thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  274. I NEED THIS. Fingers crossed – thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  275. I love the Mediterra Glazed Earth frame- it would match my tile wonderfully!

  276. This transformation is amazing!

  277. I would choose the Naples Antique Silver! Gorg!

  278. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, fun giveaway! Love the espresso walnut.. would help update our Alaskan cabin 🙂
    -Amy aho

  279. vwlizard says:

    I’d do a paintable so that I could paint it teal (my bathroom accent color). I’ve been looking into these for a while and was glad to see your makeover

  280. I just found out this company is based in my city! Love them so much. And your bathroom looks fantstic, too!

  281. Fantastic!! So many great choices.

  282. This would totally transform my bathroom. I want one so bad!

  283. Anonymous says:

    Love reading your blog! I have gotten so many inspired ideas since I found it two months ago. We have TWO bathrooms to redo, so I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!

  284. Anonymous says:

    Love the Naples look!

  285. Framing your mirrors is a huge bang for your buck!

  286. I like the Pacifica Silver Sheen and the Tribecca Black

  287. Anonymous says:

    what a nice giveaway. my tacky bathroom mirrors would love a make over.

  288. Anonymous says:

    i think i might choose something from cherokee slim

  289. After a pinhole leak in the shower wall caused hubs to cut several holes in the wall, I am now getting a mandatory bathroom remodel. This would be very helpful!

  290. Thanks for the giveaway!

  291. I would love a MirrorMate – I like the Grandezza in aged silver!

  292. nice!

  293. Your bathroom turned out fabulous!i am inspired to take action on my own!

  294. I love the chelsea classic white. This is exactly what my bathroom needs. I was dreading the thought of taking the mirror down to replace it with a framed mirror. What a great idea. I’m doing this to my master bath!

  295. This is exactly what I need in my main level bathroom!

  296. I want one, actually I need two one for each bathroom. I love that they are so each to install. Sounds like a great product. Yeah, Mirror Mate!

  297. I visited MirrorMate and decided on the Bellemeade in Champage and a Waterside in White! Whoo hoo, sounds good just saying that! Love their products! I even emailed them to ask a question and I’m awaiting their reply.

  298. Amazing. I’ll be trying this in my own bathroom soon! So thrifty!

  299. Oh, that would be fabulous! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  300. Darcy Mcgowan says:

    I have wanted to do this to our mirror for so long!! It looks great.

  301. Darcy McGowan says:

    I would choose one of the black frames….but which design, I have NO idea!!!! So many choices.

  302. AMAZING!!! What a difference a frame can make. Woot Woot!

  303. I LOVE the Acadia Dove White. Beautiful!

  304. Robinreads says:

    I’m loving the Waterside Pearl!

  305. I love these mirrors. I need a new frame for my bathroom mirror. I’m not sure which one I would choose. I would have to study on it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  306. Love your blog. Have you in my favs and check on your finds often. Love the Mirror Mates, they are fantastic!

  307. great makeover and thank you for the chance to win!

  308. These mirror frames are beautiful. I’d love to win 🙂


  309. Love the pemaquid black frame 🙂

  310. What a great idea! I am at the airport and am having trouble clicking on Mirror Mate, but I saw a corner of a beautiful white one I would love!!

  311. Fantastic! Thanks for a great giveaway! I’d love to win!

  312. What a geat giveaway! Thanks!

  313. That did make a HUGE difference! Our master bath could use something like that! (PS – I found you from A Beagle and a Baby)

  314. Fantastic! Thanks for a great giveaway! I’d love to win!

  315. Celeste W. says:

    I’d go with the Cherokee Slim in Espresso Walnut. Love you blog!!

  316. Mirror mate is such a genius concept!

  317. And I *think* I’d choose Pemaquid Black, as you did.

  318. We’ll be moving to an older home in need of rennovations in the next few months – I’ll be in great need of help with those bathrooms!

  319. I love the wood tones, and the color just depends on what we end up doing in the new bathroom!

  320. Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway. They are just beautiful!

  321. Love the Chelsea Classic White!

  322. I have two of these funky mirrors I’d LOVE to redo!

  323. I would love to do this to our bathroom mirror!

  324. I would pick Waterside Pearl.

  325. I would use the pemaquid silver in my master bath!

  326. I would use the pemaquid in silver in my master bath!

  327. Definitely could use mirror mate in our family bath!

  328. Pick me! I’ve been wanting to do this project for a long time!

  329. I’ve been drooling over the Permaquid River Rock for my guest bath. 🙂

  330. I need all the help I can get! Simple make me smile!!

  331. Love the look!

  332. Anonymous says:

    These look great!
    -Karen L

  333. I really need this for my master bathroom- it’s the only thing left on the to-do list for that room!

  334. Anonymous says:

    I like the Chelsea Espresso.
    Karen L

  335. I have a mirror that is screaming for a frame. Love it!

  336. I totally have a naked mirror that could use this gift card!

  337. I would love to win this!!! My bathroom needs a facelift bad!!!

  338. I am a fan of all of them but the Pacifica Silver Sheen is awesome!

  339. Pemaquid
    Bronze is my pick!!

  340. Would love to win a MirrorMate for my upcoming bathroom remodel!

  341. I visited MirrorMate and would love the Waterside Pearl!

  342. Love Mirror mates! Love how it really helped transform your bathroom.

  343. I’ve got a couple of those cheap $5 mirrors from WM and I’ve been wanting hubby to make frames for them so they will look nice. These would be perfect!

  344. Hope I win!

  345. I really need to finish out the mirror in my bathroom so I really hope I win this. Thanks.

  346. I like the Cherokee mocha walnut

  347. I love the Pacifica White Cap!
    missashleigh at juno dot com

  348. This is an awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂
    missashleigh at juno dot com

  349. This is such a neat idea!

  350. I like the venetian, that’s a neat texture.

  351. I love these things! They would make SUCH a huge difference in the bathrooms in my house! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  352. My bathroom really needs this! I love this idea!

  353. OOOOO I really love the Grandezza style in Bronze. BEAUTIFUL! This would go so great in my upstairs bath!

  354. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and I know those buider-basic mirrors are going to need some help!

  355. My husband and I are in the process of builing our first house and I know those builder-basic mirrors are going to need some help!

  356. I’d probably go with the Cherokee Espresso Walnut frames. They’d go so perfectly with our cabinets!

  357. I so need this for my master bathroom. We have a gigantic mirror!

  358. I would so love to win and your bathroom is just beautiful our vanity just broke remember the old metal ones with the pretty plastic at the top that covers the bulbs well that what we have and the one side of the mirror just broke would so love to have one like yours been searching for a new one just have not found what I want

  359. This would be awesome for my master bath. We’ve been in our house for 6 years now-had it built, but now its time for a little updating!

  360. The Riverside Pearl or Riverside Oyster is really beautiful.

  361. I’ve been wanting to do this to my bathrooms forever!

  362. I was JUST thinking that I wanted to do something like that! What a great idea!

  363. I like the aged silver

  364. I love the waterside in sea foam. It would match perfectly in my master vanity

  365. Seriously jealous. I also have gross carpet in the bathroom and yuck light fixtures and BORING mirrors! Love yours though!

  366. Love the Pemaquid Porcelain White Frame!

  367. This is something we have always wanted to do!

  368. This is something we have always wanted to do!

  369. I would pick Cherokee cherry chocolate!

  370. I love your blog! The mirror mate really did make a huge difference! All the frames are so lovely.

  371. I love the Pemaquid Slim Matte Black frame.

  372. I do love your bathroom makeover. Your “new” mirror is awesome. Thanks for this MirrorMate giveaway chance!

  373. Amazing!! Need to remodel my bathroom and I am on a fixed budget.Money is tight lately something like this would be wonderful!! Thank you

  374. Amazing!! Need to remodel my bathroom and I am on a fixed budget.Money is tight lately something like this would be wonderful!! Thank you

  375. I would choose moca walnut

  376. These r awesome, I have been planning to put a frame around my mirror for a while now, if only I could decide which I like best 🙂

  377. I have been in my new house for 4 years now and haven’t done anything to it yet. This would be the perfect project to do.

  378. I would pick the Cherokee Cherry Chocolate for my bathroom mirrors.

  379. 10 minutes? That’s my kind of DIY 😉 I like the big, bold look and pinned the Pacifica Silver Sheen as a bookmark. Definitely going to use it with or without the gift card. But thanks for the opportunity to win!

  380. Tribecca burnished brown!

  381. Anonymous says:

    Awesome giveaway ! Thanks!


  382. Your site is awesome! I wish I had an imagination to do the things you have done!!!

  383. I love your website! and a good mirror too!! Help me win!!

  384. I would probably choose Tribeca Burnished Brown !!

  385. I love them I want one!!

  386. I would choose the Tribeca I think not sure what color though

  387. Pacifica Silver Sheen!!! I Love it!!! And your blog 🙂 I check every day.

  388. I would choose Cherokee Mocha Walnut for my bathroom. This is on my “will do” list, which is much shorter than my “someday when I have more money and more time” list. :O) I check your blog everyday and enjoy your comments on each post, it makes me smile.

  389. Cherokee Mocha Walnut is just right for my bath. This is the single most effective makeover for any bath. I love it.
    I read your blog every day, your “story” for each makeover always makes me smile. Keep ’em coming!

  390. So many choices,not sure what I’d pick.Probably the Black Chelsea Satin

  391. What an awesomw site.Love the ideas.I’LL BE BACK FOR SURE.

  392. Emma Lou says:

    I love the Pemaquid Woods Mahogany Burl!

  393. This really does make a huge difference! Pemaquid Black would look amazing in my master bathroom. Just saying. 🙂

  394. This really does make a huge difference! Pemaquid Black would look amazing in my master bathroom. Just saying. 🙂

  395. I love this blog and love the Broadway brushed chrome

  396. Love your blog and the Broadway brushed chrome

  397. Your bathroom looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  398. Love the Chelsea Classic white.

  399. Anonymous says:

    Very nice! My 80s bathroom needs some help….

  400. I love the look and it looks very high end!!

  401. Hmm, so many to choose from. But I think I am kind of in LOVE with Tribeca black!!

  402. Hello! I just found your blog and I am loving it!

  403. I like the Pemaquid Slim Dark Bronze

  404. would love to win this to help spruce up my new house!!!

  405. i would totally get the Tribeca Burnished Brown frame

  406. Heck yeah, I have a bathroom mirror that could definitely benefit from this.

  407. I am so excited! My mirror makeover project has been on my to do list for a year and I’ve been avoiding the trip to Lowes to create my own frame. This is so awesome – I might have it done by next week!! Crossing my fingers that I win!! I would pick the Acadia Oiled Bronze frame 🙂

  408. Suzanne says:

    Love your blog … And your sense of humor!

  409. I love the premaquid and the cherokee slim – can’t decide between them!


  410. I love the premaquid and the cherokee slim – can’t decide between them!


  411. Suzanne says:

    Love your blog … And your sense of humor!

  412. Suzanne says:

    Cheklsea brushed bronze would be my pick. Beautiful!

  413. These are awesome! It would help my bathroom immensely. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  414. I’d probably choose the Soho Matte Black or the Bellemeade Antique Silver, depending on what else I would do with my bathroom!

  415. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of months now, but putting off spending the cash. Hope I win!

  416. Portage Pebble (although currently out of stock) would look great in my sea spa styled bathroom.

  417. I love love love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to find the best of the best and showcase it for us!

  418. Heather says:

    I think I would go with cherokee slim expresso walnut. I would love to do this in our bathroom. What a difference a frame can make!

  419. Oh please pick me!!! Ive wanted to do this for years!! Love it!

  420. I have a plain straight-edge bathroom mirror that could really use some dressing up! I would love the mirror frame.

  421. I would choose Pemaquid Slim Old World Silver for the bathroom. I think it would complement the brushed nickel finish of the hardware in that room.

  422. EXCITED!!!

  423. Pemaquid Slim Old World Gold

  424. Very neat idea! I love the look it would provide to my boring bathroom mirror we currently have.

  425. Framing our bathroom mirrors was one of the first things we put on our to-do list when we moved to a new house a month ago. Sounds like this product would sure make that easier!

  426. rebecca says:

    Pacifica white, thanks for an awesome blog!

  427. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea!

  428. If I win this, I’m giving it to my brother and his wife for an anniversary present!

  429. I like the silver frames!

  430. Nice, sounds awesome!

  431. I love the Cherokee Espresso Walnut!

  432. I have 5 mirrors like yours that I would love, love, love to frame! Your bathroom re-do looks great!

  433. And I’d probably pick the Permaquid and Chelsea styles – colors to be determined!

  434. love it! I need this desperately!
    I’d pickGrandezza aged silver

  435. Yes! I saw the new mirror in your bathroom and instantly wanted it. I was already brainstorming whether or not I could DIY something..but I like the idea of winning one even more!

  436. My favorite color is the Permaquid Dark Bronze. Pretty.

  437. The mirror looks great.

  438. Amazing what a difference a little “trim” can do to change a mirror!

  439. Awesome giveaway. I have a few mirrors I need to frame.

  440. I like the Cherokee Espresso Walnut

  441. Hi – so excited to learn about mirror mate! Framing my master bathroom mirror has been on my project list for a while now, would LOVE to frame it with a mirror mate!

  442. I’d choose Grandezza Aged Silver!

  443. I love framed mirrors! I’ve been wanting to do this in my bathroom for years!

  444. I love Cherokee Slim Licorice in black.

  445. I love the Cherokee Slim Licorice!

  446. Anonymous says:

    Would love this to update our bathroom mirror and it would be a great excuse to update the lighting too!

    tjcullen at yahoo dot com

  447. I’d choose a black frame – probably the Slim Matte Black because it’s more in my budget. Thanks for the giveaway!

  448. I love the look these give a bathroom!

  449. Love the grandezza

  450. I love the way the frames look around the mirror. I like the Permaquid slim gold 🙂

  451. I LOVE MirrorMate!!! I’ve had them on my list for updating my “Outhouse” bathroom! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  452. I would LOVE the Cherokee Mocha Walnut…that would look GREAT in my bathroom!!!

  453. I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!


  454. your bathroom looks great .My bath is in a great need of a makeover.

  455. My favorite frame is cherokee cherry chocolate.

  456. awesome and Im totally digging the cherokee

  457. I was just planning to do this to my bathroom mirrors!!

  458. Wow! This sounds great!

  459. I would choose Chelsea Espresso!

  460. I would choose Chelsea Espresso!

  461. I would pick the waterside pearl!

  462. I’d put the Waterside in my master bathroom, and the Cherokee Mocha Walnut in the other bathroom. What a great idea! My huge frameless mirrors aren’t the WORST thing in my house, but I’d love an easy fix for them.

  463. I would love to win!!!….so many neat ideas!

  464. I would love to do mine in black!

  465. Anonymous says:

    Your bathroom is huge! And if I have learned one thing from this page is that all the American houses are huge. Entryways, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms. I think my last flat was the size of your bathroom:D
    ugh, screw you tiny Europe 🙁

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