Flood Wood Care Review!

When I was contacted by Flood® Wood Care to try out their new product, I did a little dance because I definitely had some wood that needed some care.  Behold, my terrifying gate:

This picture, sadly, makes it look about 10,000 times better than it actually was. Splintered and fading, this pathetic thing is literally three feet away from our front door. Doesn’t make for much of a grand entrance.  We haven’t done anything to it since we’ve lived here, other than replace a broken board a few months ago.  See if you can spot it.  (You totally can).

Anyway, the time had come to do something about this eyesore, so I hurried myself down to The Home Depot to pick up some Flood® OneCoat Waterproofing Finish and get going!  
THEN, while I was The Home Depot, I saw this cute little unfinished Adirondack bench and thought that might make a more exciting redo for your viewing pleasure than my crusty old gate, plus it was on sale, so I brought that home too.

Tada!  I was very pleased with this product, it was much different that any other stain I’ve ever used.  It was a lot thicker and went on just like paint, instead of a typical runny stain. It was such a simple process.  I just used a regular paintbrush, but you can use a roller or a sprayer too. Whatever floats your boat. It also dried very quickly, but that might be because it was about 109 degrees that day.

I LOVE that it protects the wood!  It didn’t really sink in what it meant by “waterproofing” until I accidentally sprayed with the hose later and was wowed by how effectively it repelled water.  We chose the cedar color by default, because that was all our Home Depot had in stock, but I think walnut would be pretty too.

Flood also has a several great prep products available too, if your project requires it, like Flood Wood Finish Remover and Flood Cleaner/Brightener Concentrate. Perfect for decks, play-sets, fences, you name it!

Oh, and for the grand finale, here is my stained and waterproofed gate:

I think the neighbors cried.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flood Wood Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. 


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  1. My deck needs a LOT of TLC!! So does my picnic table. I like that it’s thicker than normal stain – I can’t stand staining things!

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for our adk chairs that sit on our front porch. They are sadly in need of a facelift!

  3. I have a picnic table that is my new favorite spot… except it’s HIDEOUS! Graying wood except for one bench which had to be replaced last year… so that one is bright and fresh!

  4. I have that same exact gate (make that 3 gates). All dry and splintery. Splintery is a word. Would love to try this out!

  5. This stuff looks so cool AND i was literally just thinking about what to do with my poor weathered deck furniture!! its still structurally in fantastic shape but needs a make over!!!

    ~ Jillian

  6. We definitely need this for our deck railings!

  7. Nice job on the gate! I don’t have anything in particular, but I guess this means I would have to sweet talk my hubby into building me something. 🙂

  8. I have a table we use outside that could use some TLC 🙂

  9. When I bought my house, they never put any kind of protective coating on the front porch which is made with mahogany boards. I desperately need to stain & seal it. This looks like a great product to do that!!

  10. Our house has these sad, ugly wood handrails on the front and back steps. I know the previous owner put them up just to get the house up to code, so beauty was not a priority for him. We plan to eventually replace them, but some stain in the meantime would go a long way to reconciling me to their presence.

  11. Our deck furniture is in desperate need of a coat of this beautifier…yeah, that’s a word. 🙂

  12. for our picnic table that is out side and going to cause splinters this year!!! 11 grandchildren will have to sit gently till Grammy can sand and finish it … the Flood would help!!!

  13. My fence needs staining! Would love it to be that rich walnut color!

  14. Oh wow! Yes, please! DS has planned for us to refinish the swingset/fort by the end of the month. He picked the project to meet a boy scout merit badge requirement, his last badge before Eagle. The swingset is only 5 years old but has been well loved by younger brother and sister. Maybe this product would make it last until little bro is done with it!

  15. Good lord… my poor wrap around front porch floor has seen better days … about 30 years ago!

  16. I am going to build a pallet outdoor dining table…..this would be awesome to finish it off with to protect it!!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  17. Our deck beside the above ground pool could use this! It SOUNDS amazing!

  18. Our large wrap around porch needs to be stained and sealed extremely bad!! I love that this is thicker and you only have to use one coat. Doing a large area would take a lot of time if you had to do 2-3 coats.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I would love to get some Adirondack chairs for our front porch, we saw the chairs at Home Depot and were thisclose to bringing them home with us. I would use walnut, it’s be perfect!

  20. Someone just gave us a picnic table this week that needs some help, and our deck is rather sad looking. In fact, I don’t think it has EVER been stained!

  21. I’ve got a railing around my front porch entry way that would make you want to tear your eyes out. it’s old and moldy. the deck is newer, but they don’t match at all and it’s *sob* terrible. I need that product!!

  22. I would love to try this product. I have trim on the inside of my windows that need to be re-done and i think this product would be fantastic! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. Our deck is desperate. Please pick me. 🙂

  24. Tammy Hoffa says:

    I have a old country home with original wood trimmed window sills and thick knotted pine walls in my living room. I would love to give it a touch up.
    tammyhoffa at gmail dot com

  25. My fence – it’s old, faded, curled a bit and splintered. BUT it’s still solid – just sad looking.
    Would love to give this a try!

  26. We need to stain our deck very badly!!

  27. If there’s any chance this extends to Canada, I need it! I moved my old house deck and attached it to my waterfront deck to enlarge it. They are two, different coloured stains! ~ Maureen

  28. I hope I win… That is the stain that my deck needed so badly. Thanks for this opportunity.

  29. Tasha Miller says:

    Our deck is sadly in need of some TLC and this would make it look great just in time for our 1st party at our house.

  30. My husband is planning on building a deck this summer when his parents come down to visit. So we will definetly need a waterproof stain to protect since we live with 100% humidity every day.

  31. Nice job! We have a beast of a playset in the backyard that could definitely use some waterproofing and staining. And probably and entire overhaul and taking away to the dump, but that’s another story.

  32. Our deck and our fence need to be stained and sealed, so either- but prob the deck moreso.:) It’s my job to do it so help would be awesome!!

  33. I totally need this for my deck

  34. I totally need this for my deck

  35. Your gate looks awesome! My back porch could use some waterproofing, but I think it’s too far gone even for Flood! I’d probably use it on the cedar shakes on the gables of our house. They’d look pretty fab perked up with this stuff!

  36. Looks fabulous. Our “teak” table and chairs on our deck look pretty shabby after four years–I think this stuff would really spruce them up!

  37. Our 8-month-old fence still needs to be stained. This would help us finally get our butts in gear and get it done.

  38. oh my poor back porch or my fence or both ! ! !

  39. Potting bench, outdoor shelving & glider on front porch could all use a coat of this!

  40. I just so happened to have bought that same adirondack bench from Home Depot a few days ago! Except I went a bit crazy and also bought two chairs and two tables as well. I have never stained outdoor furniture before, so at the very least, now I have a place to start! We just DIYed a beautiful backyard patio so I can’t wait to put my new furniture on it 🙂

  41. My parents deck could use this!

  42. I could definately use this for my deck. It needs a little TLC.
    Thanks for the chance!


  43. Love how they turned out and what a cute ady loveseat! My deck is so in need of some TLC!

  44. This product may work for my dad to use on the handrails on his sail boat. They are always getting chippy and faded… I wonder if it would be strong enough to protect the wood from the salty air!

  45. I have a great bench that converts to a picnic table on my front porch that desperately needs stained to protect it from the weather.

  46. Jill S. says:

    My deck is in desperate need! After discovering the previous homeowners had never done anything to seal or protect it, we just powerwashed it and have been debating what to do. This would be perfect!

  47. Oh my…my deck would love to get a coat of this stuff!

  48. I am so glad you posted this. We have a wood fence that looks horrible and I need to do something about it. I will be trying this out next year when we fix it. Thanks.

  49. Oh my…my deck would LOVE a coat of this stuff!

  50. Forgot. I would try this on my fence now if I won.

  51. Our deck is in need of staining badly!

  52. I have a raised bed garden and the wood is so ugly and faded..it needs an overhaul
    shel704 at aol dot com

  53. Anonymous says:

    ohhhhh, I would LOVE to win this and use it on our bench and back porch.


  54. Your gate looks wonderful!
    We have a wooden landing outside of our dining room. The boys call it our deck. (It is only 3’x4′) It desperately needs a little love.

  55. My deck is in a sad state! It could you a fresh coat of stain. While I’m at it, I’d freshed up my swing set as well!

  56. Oooh! PICK ME! My husband just replaced the stairs up to our deck and they need to be stained to match the rest of the deck. PERFECT job for this stuff! I’ll even send you a before and after photo! 😉

  57. I have a deck that needs some serious help. It’s saying “Please make me pretty again”….

  58. Our brand new deck!

  59. I would use it on our front covered porch that is being built TODAY! 🙂

  60. I have got to do something about our deck. I color stained it 4 years ago and since then our dog has scratched almost all the stain off. It looks terrible. Thanks for the chance to win

  61. I have two items in need of some care! I’m in AZ too and have the same gate (well, a set of 2). And we have a raised wood playhouse structure in our back yard. It’s a super fun thing, but it really needs to be protected!


  62. We have a pool deck in desperate need of some help! Not to mention some gates as well. The AZ sun is brutal!

  63. This is very timely. I just told my husband that my next project would be to refinish our kids’ playset. It looks like Flood would be perfect!

  64. We bought our first house last August and the deck desperately needs help!

  65. I have a bench that needs restaining! This looks like a GREAT product. I love how your bench and gate turned out. Makes me realize I probably need to check my gate…

  66. Abby M. says:

    Our deck desperately needs to be stained/sealed.
    I’d love to give it a try!

  67. Emma Lou says:

    The previous owner of our home (we’ve been here just about 6 months now) painted ALL of the exterior woodwork (front porch, back deck, and the backyard fence) this horrific orange. Maybe she was going for a cedar-like color? But no, it’s just orange. I can’t wait to make it pretty!

  68. My deck needs a total re-do, but a single can of this stuff isn’t gonna cut it. BUT… I have this great little wooden cart that would be perfect for the aforementioned deck AND if it were stained and waterproofed, it would be PERFECT!

  69. deck and adirondack chairs – so much work to do!!

  70. I would love to try this on my deck railing! It is in desperate need of this product.

  71. I need, need, need this stuff…. and would love, love, love to give it a try. THANKS !! We have a lovely deck that is in desperate need of some TLC.

  72. I need, need, need this stuff…. and would love, love, love to give it a try. THANKS !! We have a lovely deck that is in desperate need of some TLC.

  73. Anonymous says:

    My deck and chairs need some attention this summer…seems like a great product for the job. arana_tree@hotmail.com

  74. We need to replace our deck, so I wouldn’t want to waste it on the old dilapidated one… But my kids’ playsets are really faded (and their favorite one pukes sap all July-Aug) so I would make them new again for my kids.

  75. Wow. I was just referred to your blog by a friend; this is my first visit. Thanks for the great ideas!I love to redo things around my house – especially with paint! However, the stain is needed for the deck. We have a nice large one that gets lots of sun. Thanks for the chance to win the great give away!

  76. Oh, pick me, pick me.
    Your Before gate picture is WAY better than my gate. I’ve been wondering if there’s something I could do to help it. The scorching AZ sun and sprinklers do quite a number on my old wood gate.
    I’d even allow you to help me apply the product. Yeah, I’m generous like that.

    Tricia in Phx, it’s a dry heat, AZ

  77. This is exactly what we need!!! The fence at our new house looks wretched and could definitely use this. Thanks!

  78. I put in a cute little picket fence last year to give the kiddos a safe place to play. Totally cute the first year, turning gray and scary this year. Pick me please! Love your site by the way. When I first discovered it I literally scrolled through EVERY single post since the beginning. It took 3 hours…going fast…not even kidding!

  79. Your gate looks great and that bench is adorable! We are building a deck this summer and could use some of this stuff!

  80. Carla P says:

    My deck. It really needs replaced, but at least it would look better. Your gate looks nice.

  81. My deck could sure use some help.

  82. That would be a fun stain to try. casidyanne at hot mail dot com

  83. Wow!!! Your projects look great. I would love to stain my fence…it is fairly new but is so exposed to the sun its already dried looking, think this would revive it!

  84. I would love to use this on my two old outdoor wooden rocking chairs! We just had a baby and want to be able to sit out on our back patio this summer with him!

  85. Oh, boy! I have a table and chairs, a bench, and also a lounger that are in need of attention! Thanks!

  86. Our fence is ready to be re-stained and waterproofed! I would love to try a gallon. My neighbors would probably love it if I tried a gallon, so their view was a bit better! If this stuff works as well as you say, then we would give the new shed a coat, too!

  87. I would love to paint my fence and some patio furniture

  88. Oh gosh yes please! I don’t have the conventional item…I have a wooden trailer that I pull to pick up furniture etc. that is very dry. But when it rains it absorbs water like a sponge and gets MUCH heavier! (not good going down I95 at 80 mph in a wrangler!) This looks like just the product to make my trailer all new and pretty, AND waterproof! I’ll even send pictures!!

  89. My father, husband and I just finished building a custom cedar fence for our new first home! We are in the process of looking at staining options and I’m so glad I read your review about this brand – it seems like a fantastic product! Thanks for the article!!

  90. our fence is due for another coat of stain

  91. We have a fence that hides the trashcans and a little fenced in area around our backyard. I would love to try this product out. Your projects look amazing!

  92. We have a deck that I’ve been begging my husband to please, please, pretty please stain and seal.

  93. We have a deck that I’ve been begging my husband to please, please, pretty please stain and seal.

  94. We have three wood decks on our house and they all need some TLC. We bought this house last summer and knew we would be getting to that big project this year. I’d love to win the coupon, it would definitely help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. We used their paint for our house. it revitalized siding that we thought was beyond repair. I have a deck that needs some paint/stain.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Shirley said:
    I really need to win this. My deck needs help. Pick me so I can do the happy dance too.

  97. I have a badly neglected deck that should have been waterproofed 4 years ago just after it was built!

  98. I am going to try to find the walnut and paint all the screen doors that are on my screened-in porch…

  99. I have a badly neglected deck that should have been waterproofed 4 years ago just after it was built!

  100. picnic table. and what I have left I will give to my neighbor for her table– it peeled and cracked from the stain she applied last summer after being promised by the paint store it wouldn’t do that.

    trishasorber at yahoo dot com

  101. Our porch! OMG It’s hideous. Painted a thousand times, chipping, flaking, and just ewwww. We need to strip it for sure, but this would make it look super pretty! 🙂

  102. That would be a great product for my porch, which is desperate for some stain and sealer.

  103. Oh my gosh, a gallon would really help me get a start on my privacy fence, which looks alot like your gate! I’d need about 3 gallons, so this would put me 1/3 of the way there! Did you use the Flood Cleaning products before you stained the gate? It looks great!

  104. Anonymous says:

    I have a wooden chair that my hubby gave me (from IKEA) that has been sitting in the garage waiting for some type of outdoor finish. I would love to try this product. I also have a gate that looks like your before picture (maybe the neighbors would rather me do the gate)

  105. My mom’s deck. Badly. I already committed to re-doing her front porch steps, but the last time my kids and I stained her deck was three years ago. If there was any stain leftover, it would go to the children’s treehouse.

  106. Anonymous says:

    My deck desperately needs attention.

  107. I love pallets, honey list includes a day bed for my pati, so grammy can nap with grandson outside. Definitely going to be needing some Flood stain.

  108. Would love to have this for my front stoop. I have a wooden chair that I use to prop planters on and other holiday hoopla. It needs some help! Oh and while I’m thinking of it…my deck table could use a little TLC too!

  109. My deck is in desperate need of staining. I’m scared to tackle this huge job because I’m not sure how to prevent the stain from dripping on everything. This sounds like a good solution since it’s thicker 🙂

  110. I would use Flood on my front porch and I think I’d even have enough left over for a couple of stump tables I am working on. Thanks!

  111. Our deck needs a fresh coat! 🙂

  112. Karen Greer says:

    Our deck seriously needs staining. It’s a wonderful deck but looks pretty bad. Pick me pick me!! :^)

  113. Karen Greer says:

    Oh, and I couldn’t actually tell which board you’d replaced on your gate! But it does look way better. :^)

  114. Ashley K. says:

    Our front and back decks both need staining. My husband built both of them, and we had stained them a few years back, but they need it again! This product sounds great, something that the older kids could help with and not make too much of a mess!

  115. Looks like a great product and I hope that they add a dark espresso color to the line up soon 🙂

  116. Sandra Snell says:

    I have been meaning to re-seal and stain my courtyard doors for several years now, just not sure what product to use. It would be fabulous to try this product!

  117. I would love to use this on the garden table that I am building this summer for potting plants and such. It would be a great place to use this product!

  118. We have steps leading out to our porch, and a roof-level deck that I need to stain. This would be awesome!

  119. This would be perfect for the railing on our steps – my husband just finished building it and we’ve been debating whether to paint it or stain it.

  120. Love the after! I would love to stain my wooden patio furniture!

  121. I would do my gate and my front patio bench.

  122. Would love to try it in my deck!

  123. That looks fantastic. We have a wooden picnic table that is in serious need of some staining and waterproofing.

  124. That looks fantastic. We have a wooden picnic table that is in serious need of some staining and waterproofing.

  125. I will be moving soon into a ranch, and it will be dated. There will be plenty of things to stain, such as fencing, gate and perhaps a deck. And I would love to stain a wooden planter box. Thanks!

  126. I will be moving soon into a ranch, and it will be dated. There will be plenty of things to stain, such as fencing, gate and perhaps a deck. And I would love to stain a wooden planter box. Thanks!

  127. The deck here has not been stained in about 10 years, this would be wonderful! Thank you!

  128. The deck here has not been stained in about 10 years, this would be wonderful! Thank you!

  129. Our fence! Our fence!

  130. Kimberly says:

    Our fence definitely. We’ve been looking at it and talking about it but not actually doing anything to make it look better or protect it. This would be just the jumpstart that we need!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  131. My deck is CRAZY ugly…. really needs some help! This just might do the trick.

  132. Part of my backyard fence needs some TLC – would love to win this giveaway!!!


  133. My Dad makes all sorts of wood items. Benches, chairs, planters, random boxes…. there is an endless supply of items that need staining and protecting. I would be so happy to test this out.

  134. My fence and play set both desperately need attention. This looks like a perfect stain for what we need!

  135. Anonymous says:

    We have some chairs on our front porch that could definitely use some, and I’m sure I could find plenty more uses for some stain! Tonya T. gohawkys@yahoo.com

  136. I would LOVE this for not only my patio furniture but also my garden boxes!!! I’m throwing out positive thoughts that I’ll win! –Robyn

  137. Woot Woot!! This would look so great on the kids play ground, the deck, my chairs, the list goes on and on!!!

  138. Brooke Jansen says:

    Our deck and wood outdoor table would love this product 😉 and so would I for that matter!

  139. i love to stain some chairs that I have outside!


  140. I’m wanting to build some awesome outdoor chairs that this stain would be awesome for!

  141. i could really use it on our secondhand wooden swing set!

  142. Oooh!!! I really need to spruce up the play structure in the back yard. Almost finished sanding the splinters & would love to return it to something that is NOT an eyesore! Thanks!

  143. My new deck would benefit from a coat of Flood!

  144. It’s time for our Rainbow Play system to be stained, this sounds perfect!

  145. It’s time for our Rainbow Play system to be stained, this sounds perfect!

  146. we have a deck that we need to take care of

  147. It’s a toss-up! Our barn is wood. And trying to live through a combination of horses and Arizona heat plus monsoons (since we actually get rain down in Tucson) is hard on the wood! Normal wood protection doesn’t seem to last long out here. The front doors have nice metals signs which have that same kind of dripping metal effect as your gate onto the wood…

    And then there’s the table which was originally a gift from my family when I bought my first house, but which is now the place to put my water while I ride my horse so I can reach it without getting off. Since it has been relegated to outdoors it could really use some help,t oo.

  148. Oh my, perhaps this is a prayer answered. I have spent the last 10 days trying to clean, prep, sand and get a 800 sq. foot, 15 year old deck in shape by my lonesome!! I am DESPERATE beyond belief and am needing to get some stain on this deck like yesterday. I have been contemplating brands, colors,etc. Maybe Flood is the answer??

  149. DBigelow says:

    “Flood Review”… the title caught me as we are bouncing back from losing our home last August because of flooding from hurricane Irene. Flood Wood Care Products are the good kind of “floods”. 😉
    Most everything we have now are hand me downs and we have an outdoor table, 2 chairs and a bench that would love to be wrapped in a Flood waterproofing product. Thank you & love how your projects came out!

  150. I have an old church pew that I sit under a huge oak tree in the summer. It needs waterproofing!

  151. Our deck is in need of some serious lovin’ and this would certainly fit the bill! I’ve never heard of this product–thanks!

  152. Thanks for introducing me to Flood — this is exactly what we need for some fencing, flower boxes, & other wood projects needing waterproofing.

  153. We have a bench and gates we built outside in the yard/garden that could use the Flood product! Thanks for sharing the info!

  154. My tri-level deck needs some TLC and a facelift from Flood products!

  155. Perfect timing of your review, our two sets of spa steps have seen better days and with the abuse of the water and AZ heat. Would love to try this new product!

  156. Hey! Your seat & fence look fab – love hearing about a thicker stain product, thanks! As for the giveaway, I love the Steve Madden Starr bedding! (and the Hilfiger All American Classic for my son!) Have a fab wk/nd 🙂 Julie

  157. We have a gazebo that has been up for a while, and it could defiitely use a facelift and some waterproofin, along with the swing on the front porch.

  158. We are moving into our new house now & planning to build a horizontal wood fence.

  159. I would love to use this stuff on my outdoor rattan patio set, I picked it up at an estate sale for super cheap (because it needs a major makeover) but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet! This would definitely motivate me.

  160. my patio steps and the awesome wood playset that’s in the yard need a nice painting

  161. We could really use this for our redwood bench!

  162. We could really use this for our redwood bench!

  163. I will use it on my wood glider I have just found and cleaned up from my trash treasures!

  164. M’y deck desperately needs this.

  165. Just finished painting our entire home (even the floors), we are going to be focusing on the deck next. I’ve been researching paint for the project and that sounds like the best option, since I hate runny stain. Thanks for the info!

  166. Just finished painting our entire home (even the floors), we are going to be focusing on the deck next. I’ve been researching paint for the project and that sounds like the best option, since I hate runny stain. Thanks for the info!

  167. I would love to have it! we just bought our first house the the deck really need some help!!

  168. my wooden bench could use a facelift!

  169. Our deck and porch are in major need! They are currently all greying and yucky! My husband and I have had it on our to do list but have yet to tackle them.

  170. This comment has been removed by the author.

  171. I have lots of things that need to be stained but if I won a free gallon I would use it on my friend’s 3-level wheelchair ramp that really needs to be stained and sealed. It’s been unfinished since he had it built about 3 years ago and it is weathering badly. It’s the only way he can enter and exit his home. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  172. I hope I am not too late. I would LOVE to stain my fence. We are “those people” on our block and I want to do something about it! 🙂

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