Color Chaos

Today I am adding something to my list of “Things That Would Never Occur to Me,” which is: keeping the green tufted fabric on this chair and painting the frame teal. Hunter green velvet and teal?  Doesn’t the sound of that make your eyeballs want to gag?  Well guess what pardner, it actually looks really rad.  Especially with those bright pillows, don’t you think?  It’s so happy! From the girls at Colorsaw.

And here’s another happy place to perch your posterior, from Amber at A Merry Chaos.  She recently sent me her ‘gossip bench’ makeover, and in all my years of blogging it up about furniture, I’ve never heard it called that before!  It has always been a ‘telephone table’ to me.  You learn something new everyday.

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  1. Aww the green cushion is exactly the color I love. I want to find curtains in that color and coincidentally just posted about them before seeing this. I would have loved that chair!

  2. Not only color make beautiful furniture but if matching color furniture with room walls make home more then its earlier and the people amazed to see them.
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  3. I love the sunny yellow, its really a bright and happy colour for that table. A great idea to change the wood colour and keep the upholstery, I will have to remember that one. Antonia

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  5. So colourful! How do you get all your restyling ideas? Your furniture transformations are amazing!

  6. Carla P says:

    Yellow bench yes! Green tufting no!
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this is just my thought.

  7. Definitely a gossip bench! My grandmother’s was in her hall, where the one phone in the house was located…a Princess Phone (google it if you aren’t old like me). Many of my childhood memories are tied up in seeing her perched on it chatting with one of her friends. My daughter now has it in her front hall!

  8. All that bravery with colour paid off! ~ Maureen

  9. Maybe it is regional? Here in my part of the south US, it has always been gossip bench and everybody’s grandma had one.

  10. love the yellow piece, but the blue one just doesn’t work for me. that chair has great potential, but that colour combo leaves me wanting.

  11. I’m from the South and call it a “gossip bench”, so that makes sense. 🙂

  12. So very excited to be featured here on your lovely (and addicting) blog! My husband is enamored by this and can’t stop chatting about it. Tonight he even sat on the bench and said, “I feel like I’m sitting on a celebrity!” lol Bless his cheesy little heart. 😉

  13. I love the work on the chair. It really looks great. Then those two cushions compliment it perfectly. Will look good in any home.

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