Yell’s Angels

You guys, I’ve been converted!  Holy hallelujah, I’m born again!  You are looking at a card-carrying, confirmed member of the church of yellow.  Remember way back when, about a year ago or so, when I was all like “Yellow, ew!”  I’ve changed my ways.  I’ve seen the light.  And the light is yellow.
And now I can say that yellow is my favey crockett, and I owe most all of it to Sarah and her sweet makeovers.  Check them out! 
Lamps: LOVE them. 

Nightstand: Ok, technically NOT yellow, but working perfectly with all those yellow accents in the room.  Hi again lamps!

Console table: Genius. She sawed it in half and painted it … you guessed it.

Oh, but wait!  What if you aren’t a huge fan of yellow (weirdo) or just want to know what happened to the other half of the table?  Don’t you worry.  Check this out:
Aqua ombre, hombre. And what a perfect way to add some a table space and accessories to that narrow ledge. (Not to mention getting two tables for the price of one). Pretty sure Sarah is a genius. See more from her on her blog Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

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  1. Lamps looks great!!
    But most i love the blue table!!

  2. Awesomeness!! Love it all!

  3. Wow. That was a whole lotta awesome!!

  4. I love it all – most of all the lamps.

  5. stephbo93 says:

    Love the dresser/bedside table thingy. Just goes to show that some paint and new hardware makes all the difference.

  6. I’m really into yellow now esp when paired with gray and white.

  7. maybe you’re starting to love yellow so much because it goes so well with GRAY=)

  8. I’ve been wanting to saw a table in half for a long time but haven’t had the guts. Now I may just have to try it!

  9. I love the yellow. I am wondering where the yellow lamp shades are from?

  10. Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often…

  11. Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often…

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