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Tracy claims to be a “measure once, cut twice” type of gal, (hey, me too!) and consequently never quite fell in love with this overly tall coffee table that she had built long ago.  So she decided to take another whack at it, literally, and de-lengthened the legs, tufted the top, embellished the edges, and curlicued the corners  (I’m stretching, I know) for a delightful bedside bench.  She gives a whole tutorial on her blog SoulStyle.

But wait, there’s more!  She has also solved two of my biggest old-furniture pet peeves: one – Why do old items of furniture always sit flat on the ground?  It bums me out.  And two – Why is it so dang expensive to buy furniture feet to fix problem #1? 
But Tracy is a smarty pants and skipped right past the ‘furniture feet’ aisle at Home Depot, and went straight to ‘fence posts caps’ aisle, where these “feet” were a mere $4 apiece, as opposed to $12 each for the ‘real thing.’  I actually prefer these!  See it on her blog HERE.

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  1. Fence posts – genius!

  2. My husband actually LIKES furniture to sit flat on the ground. I’m not sure how to talk sense into him. Suggestions? 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like furniture that sits flat on the ground too, because it can’t collect dust under it! I’m very allergic to dust and it’s always such a pain to try and vacuum under or move furniture.

  4. Curlicued??? You’ve outdone yourself this time Lindsey! lol.
    Tracy that padded bench is amazing. AMAZING. I love how the feet on the drawers now match the bench…. great use of the fencing dept. 🙂

  5. I love these ones! Gorgeous! Good Job!


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