Door no more!

Shel found this sturdy old dresser for $50 and fixed it up for her daughter.  She opted to remove the doors and added a shelf to give her girl easy access to toys and books.  So now it’s a dresser and toybox all-in-one!  A droybox.  A tresser.  I’ll work on it.  
When my first son was born (ten years ago), I was excited to fill up a little bookcase for him too. But then my OCDness took over and I couldn’t handle looking at all those brightly colored, mismatched books of various heights, so I literally made a slipcover for the bookcase.  Right over the whole thing, yep. I convinced myself that it was to keep him from pulling the shelves down and ripping the books apart, but really, it was just for me.  I’m happy to report I have relaxed A LOT since then. 
Speaking of relaxing, keep scrolly scrolling down to see what Shel did with those doors she removed … they didn’t go to waste!

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  1. Love this…ESPECIALLY love the door turned tray!!! I removed a few doors from our tv stand and have been wondering what to do with them!! Brilliant!!

    ~ jillian

  2. I love everything about this. What a great idea. And I love the use of the doors! I never would have thought of that.

    by the way, I totally get the ocd thing with the books all being different sizes 🙂 It happens haha

  3. Great usage of doors she removed, wonderful transformation for her daughter’s toy and clothing storage piece.

  4. I thought the second after was the reward of a job well done! Not the re purposed door! Haha!

  5. This is amazing! I always find hideous, old, scary furniture that no one wants, but to me it’s like gold! “One persons trash, is another persons treasure!”

  6. Fabulous AND to use the WHOLE thing, amazing! Can’t see a link to see what else this clever gal has done so hope she gets all these comments!

  7. Brillant! I need one of these, I’ll have to start checking Craigslist!

  8. That looks great, and what a nice tray idea!

  9. I love this, …am I seeing pink rhinestones in the drawer pulls or is the camera flash playing a trick? I hope its rhinestones….

  10. Greenacres This is what I am looking for. Everybody should follow your blog

  11. Now that’s one DIY idea I’m going to try. Door turned breakfast/wine/nibble tray…who know?

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