Don’t Dispute the Cute

It’s about to get cute up in here. REALLY cute. Ridiculously cute. Like, get-out-your-umbrella-cuteness-is-pouring-from-the-heavens-cute.  I defy you to take a look at this cottage before and after from Amanda at Amanda Magazine and not put a hand over your heart and softly murmur “Soooo cuuuuuuuute.”  It can’t be done.

 Special thanks to Fiona!
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  1. Absolutely, positively amazing! Some people have the BEST imaginations!

  2. How CUTE is that! Fabulous after.

  3. i laughed at your message…said yeah right..i won’t say “so cute”…but dangit if you weren’t TOTALLY right… cute!!!

    ~ Jillian

  4. Yep. Cute. In fact, it looked a bit like a prison barracks in the ‘before’ pic!

  5. Uber Cute!!!

  6. Definite improvement!!

  7. Darn it! I was so not going to say it when you said that I would but darned if I didn’t! God, that’s cute!

  8. Ok, hand is over heart and murmuring has commenced!

  9. Anonymous says:

    That thatched roof!!!! I swoon!

  10. So homey!!! Love it!

  11. I wrote about your blog and linked back to you. Go check out why you are one of my favorite blogs to read.

  12. No way is that the same house…WOW

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