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So, did you win the Mega Millions jackpot this weekend?  Yeah, me neither.  Looks like I’ll still be hitting the thrift stores.  Actually, I think I would still do that even if I was filthy, filthy rich, just because it’s fun.  Or maybe I would spend all my time shoe shopping on a rocket ship with Richard Branson instead. Who knows?  All I know is I sure wouldn’t mind the chance to find out …
Anyway, here’s a thrifty little makeover to start your week out thriftily, a living room refreshing from Roo at Nice Girl Notes.  Just a few small changes, like colorful pillows, a cheerful coat of coral on the coffee table (it’s shorter too!), and a rug to center the whole room made a huge difference.  Oh, and art in the frames! (I’m guilty of hanging empty frames, yup).  Psh, who needs millions of dollars when you have creativity!? (Although … if I had to choose …)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Art in the frames, ha, I just have to tell you what my Aunt does she frames calendar pages. She gets thoes big photographic ones and frames just thoes or she’ll print a poem on vellum and place the calendar picture under it. Don’t tell I told her secret.

  2. What a cute little refresher. The coral table looks GREAT. So happy and perfect for SUMMER =)

    (I am skipping rainy Spring and fast forwarding straight to SUMMER. lol)

  3. Amazing what a few little changes can do. Nicely done!

  4. I love seeing how many “hmmmm’s” there are under every post. There are three in this one and to you three hmmmmmm’s, I have to say: WHY???? THIS IS TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!

  5. The red makes the whole room pop! Love it, great job!!



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