Tan Take-down

Lorraine’s living room was overburdened with beige.  The little red candles by the fireplace were fighting valiantly to bring a bit more color into the room, but they were no match for the onslaught of oatmeal and barrage of browns.  So Lorraine banished all that tan with a bright new wall color and some fresh fabrics.  I especially love the fireplace makeover! The new mantle frames it so much better than those strange strips of brick, don’t you think?  Sure you do.  She reports that it’s so much cozier now, her guests all flock to this room more than any other!
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  1. Ahhhhh … like a breath of fresh air! Very nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i would have have hung the curtains higher and also I am not in love with the mirror, maybe if it was just resting on the mantle

  3. Looks beautiful!!!

  4. Nice! It does look cozy … I especially like the painted out brick. But really, there doesn’t seem to be any more colour than there was before. (And that’s fine by me)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The painted fireplace is a huge improvement! It’s still a calm room, but so much fresher and somehow looks more alive.

  6. I got to say like the before best …sorry

  7. Great makeover! Confused by the table and chairs… is it a kiddies version?

  8. I do like the new room, however I think it still needs some pizazz. Personally I’d close in the gap above the fireplace and put a much bigger mirror there. Some colour really is needed and I think some warmth in the curtains would be good. The greeny tones and white give the room a cool feel rather than one of warmth. If they like the new room the way it is, then that’s great! Just saying what I would do.

  9. Oh wow! I love it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love the painted fireplace. I’m slowly but surely getting my husband ‘used to’ the idea of painting ours.

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