Reform Spool

Are you looking for a cheap table project?  Then look further.  Seriously, keep looking, because this one cost almost $100!  That was way more than Joda had planned on when she started this spool makeover, but then again, she started from scratch.  Now that she has all the paint, putty, stain and polyurethane needed to transform a grimy old spool into a gleaming table, she thinks another one would be a fraction of the cost.   


She started by puttying all the dents and cracks, then sanded everything smooth.  Since you never can be too sure how food-safe industrial items like this are (answer: probably not that safe) she opted for a prefabricated table-top from Lowe’s which also added a nice bit of overhang. Paint, stain, and casters to easily move it to and fro, (because you can’t really flop it on its side and roll it place to place anymore) and she has a totally unique addition to her outdoor decor!  See her inspiration board HERE.



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  1. Great transformation!!


  3. My grandpa took one of these, stuck an axle through the bottom of it, screwed some handle bars on top, and viola, a merry-go-round. We were the envy of the neighborhood as kids. Swing set? psh. spin until you vomit!

  4. Love it!!

  5. Perfect!!!

  6. awesome! I have one of these in my barn waiting for inspiration to hit! This is a SWELL idea! 🙂

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