Jenice and the Three Chairs

What can you do with three mismatched chairs? Find a fourth mismatched chair and make a set?   Have a very short game of musical chairs? Stage a dramatic retelling of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears?’  Good ideas, yes, but if you’ve recently loaned out your Papa Bear costume, here’s another idea: make a bench! Better After reader Jenice did this herself with three chairs, a board and a few hours of work.  Juuust right!

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  1. What a unqiue idea for a bench. I love those/that!

  2. Love the idea, but it’s so quirky and cute I wish it were painted a brighter, more fun color.

  3. I agree with the paint idea…definitely a quirky redo! I bet it’s fun in the right setting!

  4. I must say that I’m a little amused by the “What do you think?” breakdown on this post.

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