Herringbone Prone

Michelle had this old faux-wood box that wasn’t doing her eyeballs any favors. She wondered what she could possibly do to pretty it up, but no inspiration struck.  Stumped, she sat it down in the kitchen and decided to take its picture, which she planned to post on Facebook and ask her fellow friends for ideas.  It was then that she noticed the kitchen rug right behind it.  Yes! Why didn’t she see it before? A herringbone pattern in white and gray!  She would painstakingly tape off and paint the box and add decorative edges, and it would be the envy of all her friends! 
Anyway, I made that whole story up.  I have no idea if the kitchen rug influenced her decision at all, or if that picture was even taken in a kitchen.  It could be the laundry room, for all I know. But what matters is it turned out deliciously, and it probably is the envy of all her friends in real life.  I certainly covet it!  See more on her blog Innovative Interior.



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  1. Haha I loved the background story, real or not! It made me giggle 🙂 This is one of my favorite projects by far, you can’t go wrong with grey herringbone! Thanks for posting!


  2. Wow, that little box sure looks different! So pretty.

  3. You had me going there, I’ll bet that rug did influence her.

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