Chair Scares and Repairs

I hope you have a hankering for a whole lot of chair makeovers.  Because you are about to get some!
Ok, so this first one isn’t really a chair.  It’s a demonic bench that is possibly concealing some kind of lumpy illegal contraband.  The whole shamdangle is giving me nightmares, and I’m not even asleep yet.  Holly found enough inner fortitude to start over and make it shine with glossy black paint and fun fabric.  BETTER.

Virginia from Live Love DIY has a special talent. It’s something that very few people in the world possess: The ability to make brown paint look like wood and not poo. I honestly thought she had stripped off the plum paint from the before chair and restained the wood, but nope!  Just brown paint!  Trust me on this, that’s rare.

No need for mod to be sad!  Beth beefed up her chair’s cushion and recovered it in a fun fabric that no longer looks like the interior of a driver’s ed car.  She also refinished the wood, but kept it as close to it’s original flavor as possible.  See the whole process on her blog After the Dust Clears.

Jesse from Nine Red decided this simple chair should get in on the ombre trend. I need to get in on the ombre trend too. It makes me feel pathetic when furniture is hipper than I am.  He gives a full tutorial over on The Divine Minimalist.

Maria Difonso has found a new passion: saving the world from ugly upholstery, one tattered sofa at a time!  Move over heart surgeons, there’s another noble profession in town.

Here’s another skeevy chair given another shot at life, and it owes everything to Maria.

And here’s another Maria!  There must be something about that name.  I think it translates into ‘she who is not afraid of hopeless upholstery.’  Even though these orange chairs were pretty fun, Maria couldn’t overlook those mega rips. Who could? No throw pillow in existence could conceal them. But after stripping the chairs down to the nubs, she brought them back to life with a neutral fabric and some sweet detailing.  See it all on her blog Our Lake Life.

Valery gave this chair some added ‘oomph’ which is such a weird word.  Does anyone ever use that term in everyday life?  Doubtful.  Nonetheless, she oomphasized it and accessorized it with a snazzy little chevron pillow, and the whole thing is adorbs.  See it on her blog Merry Go Round Boutique.

And now we’ve come full circle, as we end today with another bench redo, this one thankfully free of creepy cherub heads, although frighteningly enough, it appears to have been upholstered with a  prom dress from the ’90s.  Zorrie from Let’s Talk Chic must know what she’s talking about, because now it’s is the epitome of chic.  To be fair, hunter green sateen was probably once the epitome of chic too.  Those were different times.

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  1. Hi!
    All are just great. The last one is mine favorite 🙂

    Its realy good blog!


  2. Thanks for all the chair inspiration. And I agree: It’s really good blog!

  3. I love the Skeevy chair! Makes me want to save the one in my garage.

  4. Love, Love, Love all of them!

  5. Why can’t I find a bench like that first one?! I’ve been searching…..and searching! lol Love!

  6. Thank you! Here’s the correct link to my bench:
    Thanks for looking! 🙂


  7. Oh my gosh! So many makeovers. This was an awesome round up. Just when I thought I picked a fave, I scrolled and saw more.

  8. Hello!!!
    I realy love your pictures…

  9. The last bench makes my heart go pitter patter 🙂

  10. Hey Lindsey,

    Thanks so much for featuring my chair on this round up!!! I love your blog and I live for before/afters!


  11. God, you are SO right about the brown paint! These are all awesome, but I have to say that creepy chairs total skeeve me out and I don’t know if I could get over that even when they are so pretty looking!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. That really was my prom dress that my grandmother made for me in 1993. Good times.

  13. Thanks for featuring my chair, Lindsey! Love your blog.

  14. Thanks for the descriptions of these adorable chairs!!! You make me laugh!

  15. I prefer vintage to trends. I like the before on the last bench.

  16. Love your blog, I will be visiting quite often…. 🙂

  17. Love your blog, I will be visiting quite often to see what I can learn from you….because I am such a beginner, lol 🙂

  18. Love the benches!!

  19. We had a couch growing up EXACTLY like that lovely green velvet stripe on the first bench! Don’t think that style ever came back around… 🙂 Great round up!

  20. All of em – amazing 🙂

  21. Love these before and afters. Beautiful transformations!

  22. I think that every child of the 70’s had a piece in their house that was upholstered in the before fabric of the first photo. I know I did. What a great piece!

  23. Wow, I’ve just discovered your blog! It’s fabulous!! Oh, and I have to say that ‘Oomph’ is absolutely a word that I use in everyday language. In fact, it’s widely used here in the UK and in South Africa where I grew up. It’s a good word and needs more people to use it.


  24. Fantastic makeovers!

    One of my old favorites just bit the dust so I’m searching.

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