Brooke what you’ve done!

If the thought of staring at your basic boring builder-grade blah kitchen for one more millisecond is more than you can stomach, look to Brooke! There’s nothing basic about her catalog-worthy kitchen now.  Not only did she customize every single fixture and surface, she also made the room look twice as big with one of my favorite tricks: one single type of flooring throughout.  That’s not really a trick.  That’s like, common sense. (You would think). Look how tiny the kitchen looked before, on that sad swath of linoleum. It looked like a kitchen-themed mini-golf hole.  Now the whole room is so dang gorgeous it makes me want to punch myself in the face.  That’s high praise indeed!
See more from Brooke at B in Real Life.  Want to know more about her light fixtures or paint colors? It’s like she’s read your mind. Check out her kitchen Q and A HERE and HERE.

Seriously.  Punching self in face.

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  1. Wow – love love love it
    Great job – great feature

  2. “kitchen themed mini golf hole”… CRACK ME UP! 🙂

  3. Seriously I LOVE this kitchen! Absolutely what I want to do with mine. Wish my hubbie would let me. He isn’t a big fan of white maybe if I show him this (and pray) he will change his mind.

    Cracking up at the “punching self in face” comment!

  4. I’m so happy you de-angled the island!! Great job–it looks fantastic!

  5. Whoa! and stop punching yourself in the face!


  6. Love this!

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