Wall to Woah!

WOWZERS!  Is that what you just said to yourself?  Because that’s what I said to myself when I saw Ashley’s kitchen makeover.  Look how cramped and cave-like it used to be!  Well, you can’t.  Because there is a huge wall in the way.  But not anymore!  She was aiming for a open and airy streamlined look. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

Here’s a peek further in.  This little nook was cute, but wasn’t that functional.  Not as functional as having a fridge, that is.  Cute built-ins vs. fridge?  I’d prefer the fridge, thanks!  Much more to see on Ashley’s blog BartoBlog

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  1. I love this re-do but I really like that little nook (even if it’s a space waster!).

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, not the nook!

  3. Waaah. I want that NOOK! And the corner cupboards. I do like the reno but I wud hv had to make other arrgmts for the fridge. Like on the ceiling. Or roof. Garage nearby? I wud save the nook&cupboards somehow. Not trying be mean, honest. The rest is gorgeous! It’s just I hv a 75+ yo house. I love its nooks & arches &original unpainted thank-Him! hardwood floors & woodwork. That’s me. I’m a woodgeek. 🙂 and an “oldstuff”geek. Sorry 🙁

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