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Sometimes you just need a quick makeover fix, you know what I mean?  Maybe you aren’t in the mood to devote the next six months of your life to repairing the decomposing remains of a dresser you unearthed from the back of your uncle’s barn.  Maybe you just want to spray paint something.  Well then, here are a couple quick and cute little ideas for you!
How about an inspiration/bulletin board made from an old mirror frame?  This lovely example was sent to me by Suzanne at Pieced Pastimes and I loved it, and then I called it “the original Pinterest” and then I cracked myself up.

Or here’s an even simpler project!  Find an old ugly tray at the thrift store (that should be easy enough) and fancy it up with spray paint and coordinating scrapbook paper!  No disrespect to New Mexico and their official state flower the yucca, but yeah, this looks a jillion times better.  From Linn at The Home Project.

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  1. Funny. We live in New Mexico and my son goes to Yucca Elementary. I had no idea the Yucca was the state flower!

    But…I would have covered the tray too!

  2. Aw, I woulda kept the tray as-is. At least, if it were a California tray I would have 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing my ‘Inspiration Board’. BTW – you cracked me up too when you called it the ‘original Pinterest’.

  4. Thanks for sharing my tray too! I can’t believe Rebecca would have kept that tray! I love the inspiration board, I have something similar in the works right now…

  5. I love the old frame pin board idea!! Looks awesome!

  6. Oh my gosh…I have the California tray!

  7. Kimberly says:

    I would never have covered that tray. I have a bunch of those old State trays and I get so many compliments on my display of them. They are a great conversation piece and I love them!

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