Life’s a Picnic

Andrea and I have the same picnic table!  Only mine should be the before picture, not her leaf-strewn but otherwise perfect table.  Mine is on my back porch where it receives daily sprinkler soakage, nonstop withering sunshine, and a steady stream of bird poo.  Plus, edges of it have been chewed off by a dog and we don’t even have a dog.  Needless to say, we don’t use it much.  That’s a shame, because it could look as cute as Andrea’s!  I’m sure my kids would love it, and they wouldn’t even have to fight over who gets to sit where, because I would handily assign them seats based on birth-order!  Genius.  
See more on her blog Making My House a Home.

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  1. Carla P says:


  2. This is such a cute idea!

  3. That is the cutest table & table setting ever! Come set my table, please !!!

  4. Just commenting to tell you that your explanation of the before pictures always has me in tears of laughter. “Ours has edges chewed off by a dog and we don’t even have a dog.” How you come up with these is beyond me, but keep it up!

  5. What a great practical and somewhat affordable idea. This re-do is awesome. Thanks for the idea and inspiration to try something out of the box!

  6. I love white paint, it makes everything look so fresh and new!

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