Kate’s Kiddie Kid Kitchen

After Kate remodeled her kitchen, she noticed her young son “stalking around stroking the cupboards and muttering gleefully ‘My new kitchen! What is in my cupboards? I cook now!’  So, she decided he needed a new kitchen too!  She found this hutch top on ebay for £12, which, if my pound-to-dollar currency converting skills are up to snuff, is something like $20?  Hot deal!


Check out her blog Kate’s Creative Space to see him and the kitchen in action. Seriously, do it. He’s rocking a little red bathrobe and bedhead, and it’s going to be the cutest thing you’ve seen all week.


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  1. so cute. Great job

  2. Love the sign!

  3. What a cute idea!

  4. OMG I want the hutch b4 ;D perfect to go with momma’s treasures. Add – on space y’know :) but heaven forbid I upset little Mr Baffrobe & Bedhead! She did a *killer* job! sure

  5. I hate that his kitchen is more organized than mine.

  6. I love this Kitchen. I love the colours en everything about it!!!!!!

    I also did a kitchen for my girl last year. It was so so so much fun to make it and it is still so much fun to play with her in her little kitchen.

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