Hold the mustard and the pickles!

When Katie moved into her home, the dining room was sporting a mustard-colored paint job and a hunter green carpet inlay.  How unappetizing!  I can hardly think of a worse color combination.  I can’t! I actually just sat here at the computer and tried for a few minutes, and couldn’t come up with anything grosser.  But the power of paint worked its magic, and with a fresh carpet inlay and some shadowboxes under the moulding, this room is now a main course!  See all the details up close on Katie’s blog Amazing Grays.

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  1. I love the after but I’m such a dork for mustard yellow! I know it clashes with most things and looks awful with my hair but I love it!

  2. I would have to agree that I like the mustard yellow too. A new rug was all that was really needed. BUT I do LOVE the after picture! It is stunning! I love the new chairs and wall art!

  3. I had the same situation (right down to the mustard yellow dining room) and went with gray as well! Check it out, http://strawbridgestuff.com/2012/01/03/gray-area/



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  5. That was a much needed update for sure! Can’t tell you how much I love the inspiration that comes through your blog and LOVE your writing!

  6. I like the mustard yellow wall too, but the after picture is awesome.

    On another note re the bad color combo: how about hunter green and burgundy? YUCKY! YUCK! YUCK!

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