Going Once, Going Twice

Meg set out to redo this old dresser for a school auction.  That sounds like a groovy cool fundraising idea!  I wish our schools here would get on board with that kind of thing.  I don’t think I can buy another tub of overpriced cookie dough or a card of “Buy one 6″ sub, get one free at Subway (with medium drink)” stickers without punching myself in the face.  Maybe that’s an overreaction.  But I don’t even like Subway.  Do you?  You can’t go inside a Subway without smelling like it all day.
ANYWAY… Meg’s dresser.  It’s rad.  I’d bid on it!  See more on her blog Never a Dull Day.

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  1. I seldomly like stuff on dressers. But this is perfect! Great job! =D

  2. I’ve redone some pieces that the horse rescue I volunteer with had donated to them… we made $400+ off those items. Could I ever donate $400 out of pocket? I wish!

  3. This is STUNNING, I’d bid!!!!

  4. I usually find stenciled dressers to be too busy, but the neutral palette tones it down a lot.

    I also hate Subway and its smell.

  5. Everytime I go to Subway my hair smells like Subway for the rest of the day! It drives me crazy. I’m glad I’m not the only one…my boyfriend thinks I’m making it up!

  6. I love this. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. I’m eating a Subway club sandwich as I read your blog!

    It’s delicious.

    I don’t think my hair smells … maybe it does and I don’t know it … good grief … now I have to be worried that my hair smells like a sandwich …

  8. It looks great! Do you think she used chalk paint on it?


  9. Love it–so tastefully done, simple and perfect!

  10. I love this !!!

  11. GORgeous!!

  12. What a great idea. I’m going to pass it on to my school. This is beautiful.

  13. And now I sigh with the knowledge that I could never pull that off. It’s truly stunning, though.

  14. Thanks for the feature!! It did do very well at the auction. It went for way more than I spent and way more than I could have donated out of pocket!!



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