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Better After reader Jenny had a plan for this table set she found on Craigslist for $100.  The fabric had obviously seen better days, and by the looks of things, those better days had happened somewhere around 1988.  So she and her husband freshened up the seats with new fabric, a paint and stain combo on the chairs, and ditched the tabletop completely and built another one!  Just like that!  (This is magical to me, because that type of thing would never go down successfully at my house.  We’d be eating on splinters and broken nails.)  Great job Jenny!

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  1. That new tabletop is ROCKING awesome. The whole thing looks fantastic!

  2. Oh I also like the new cushions on the chairs!


  3. looks great!

  4. That tabletop is adorable, not to mention the chairs! Great job 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone! We LOVE it so much! It’s exactly what we wanted and more!

  6. After bombarding my husband with photos of similar table tops I want him to make me (like yesterday), he’ll be ever so thrilled after I shove this one in his face! I’m totally in love with it! I’ve pinned it so I will always have it handy for him to look at. I’m good like that 🙂

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