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Kim’s house is 180 years old! No wonder she needed a kitchen update, she was probably grinding her own flour by torchlight!  She and her husband began this project in February of last year and had it done in time for Thanksgiving.  Pretty impressive, considering how much work was done here.


 They ripped out the 100 year old pine floors that couldn’t withstand another sanding and replaced them with dark oak.  The lighting went back to the future, from recessed can lights and ceiling fans to period fixtures.

And after living with about three square inches of counter space for 12 years, Kim knocked out a wall of cabinets to make way for a long, luxurious stretch of countertop and opened the kitchen up to see all the way to the front of the house!  Such a huge change from before!

Want to see the other side?  Sure you do!  She reports “That’s probably my proudest DIY accomplishment! 
I taught myself to use a compound miter saw and nail gun and built it
Amazing job Kim!
Update: OK, OK, due to popular demand, here is the “eat in” side of the kitchen, where the mysterious fridge had disappeared to! I agree, Kim needs to start a blog!


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  1. Comment worthy, yet speachless!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Where is her fridge now?

  3. Silvia, there is even more to this remodel, believe it or not! There is an eat-in kitchen right off the working kitchen, and the fridge was relocated there. 🙂

  4. i love it!! you did a very good job!!congratulation!!

  5. “grinding her own flour by torchlight”… crack me up! 🙂

  6. I had the same question as Silvia! Nice work, love the pop of turquoise!!

  7. Probably one of the few kitchen re-dos where I actually really like the before pictures as well, but I totally understand her wanting more counterspace and like the after too. :^)

  8. She needs to show off the rest of her house! Tell her to start a blog!!! It’s wonderful and I’m super jealous!

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wondered…where’s the fridge?
    It’s beautiful, but a fridge is kinda important.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So is there a link to look at where the fridge is? The kitchen looks great, but I don’t know how you can make it work and look great.

  11. Would love to know what kind/color paint is in the room that’s looking from the other side. It looks great and that picture makes me want to cut a whole in my wall. 🙂 Great job, Kim!

  12. This is probably my favorite of all you have ever featured on your blog – They did an amazing job 🙂

  13. Impressive. I like how she opened the wall, it makes the whole space look much bigger. I also like her color choices.

  14. Thanks so much Lindsey for featuring my kitchen! And thanks for all the kind comments everyone. I wanted to start a blog so badly to document the whole process, but the whole process was all-consuming so it never happened. Since I don’t have a website, I’ve put more pics on a pinterest board with all the details if you’re interested (paint colors, etc.) Maybe now I can stop checking your blog a dozen times a day 😉 Probably not, though. Love it!

  15. Looks really nice, but it looks like they lost a lot of cupboard space! Where do they put everything?? Love it!

  16. One of the best, unique re-dos I’ve seen in a while. Plus, I love the character and paint choices, it’s so friendly.

  17. I love everything and how they still kept the vintage-ness feel to the kitchen. The colors are nice and airy.

  18. BF~ I actually didn’t lose all that much cabinet space, if you can believe it! The upper, upper cabinets were so high they were useless and even the lower wall cabinets were very narrow and also not as useful as they could’ve been. I carefully plotted out everything I own and made sure I replaced storage space for every single thing. Not more space, just smarter use of it.

  19. What a great kitchen! I’m super impressed! Trying to decide what color to paint my cabinets right now. Even though it’s not, it seems so . . . permanent. I find great inspiration from her cabinets. Lovely color choices

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