Chairfully Cheerful!

When Jennifer emailed me her Cosco stool makeover, I mistakenly read it as “Costcos tool makeover,” and I was like … huh?  Costco tools?  Is this like, a set of knives?  Or one of those mega-blenders that can turn strawberry hulls and potato peels into a deliciously healthy shake?  I want one of those blenders.  Holy smokes, they cost like $500 though!  Anyway.
Then I opened up the email and realized it was Cosco, not Costco, and a stool, obviously, not a tool.  Then it took me way back, because my grandma had one of these.  Then I reminded myself that I actually have one of these in the garage too.  Then I resolved to make it look awesome like hers.  Then I made a strawberry-hull shake. In my dreams. See more right HERE.

What’s that?  You want some more chair makeovery yumminess?  Then feast your eyeballs on this colorful office chair from Kendra at My Insanity.  It’s so sweet and cheerful it almost makes you feel like you are running down a flower-covered hill in the springtime, instead of what you are actually doing: sitting in an office chair.


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  1. That’s so funny, my 2 year old just walked by pushing my Cosco stool into the living room. Consider me inspired! LOL

  2. Love it,esp the first one. I’ve been looking for one of those stools for ages now. Not only are they handy, they’re also sturdy…and great for kids!

  3. BOTH are gorgeous! But the stepstool? I just. Brought momma’s from home &it &she deserve me to make it beautiful again. Thank you!

  4. So what do we think she did about the black rubber on the foot part? Paint it? Replace it?

  5. Amazing! I love the Up-cycle on both. Fantastic.

  6. Thanks for the feature!!

    Love that stool, too! I want one!

  7. Anonymous says:

    @Tracy – in the comments for the pictures, someone asked her that and she said she just scrubbed them until the water ran clean – that it was the hardest part of the whole process…

  8. I love the makeover’s. I too have a cosco stool. I need to try my hand at redoing it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. And I need a tutorial! ha!

  10. Hi again…forgot to tell you…I featured your beautiful green buffet on my blog today called FAvorite Fridays. Take a peek. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. I’m in love with that fabric! Does anyone know what it’s called?

  12. Jennifer says:

    @Danilyn…are you asking about the fabric on the first chair (Cosco stool) or the second one (office chair)?

  13. NancyJNB says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I found one of the stools a few years ago but it was covered in rust, legs and all. Other than sanding until my hands fall off, do you know of a way to remove rust? Is there a paint that will paint over it without it looking awful. I purchased it for approx. $2 thinking the rust would come off easily. I was so wrong. Any advice? My husband says “throw it away”. Thanks

  14. Danilyn says:

    Jennifer: The first chair (Costco). The grey, black and cream loveliness. Do you know who it is?

  15. Jennifer says:

    Danilyn, the fabric is duck fabric (aka “canvas”) from Hobby Lobby and it’s by Mill Creek Fabrics. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the actual design though! (I know all this because that’s my Cosco chair and I have a swatch of the fabric left over with the info on it!)

    And to NancyJNB, I used steel wool to get the rust off (not sandpaper).

  16. I have one of my Cosco stools here, about to get a makeover as soon as I get a chance. Good to see one cleaned up and pretty!

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