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I’m so excited to introduce you today to Ashley!  Isn’t she a doll?  And not only is she nearing illegal levels of cuteness, she is also one of the biggest do-gooders I know. 
Ashley is the face behind The Shine Project, an organization designed to inspire you to live the highest quality of life obtainable.
From hosting service events around the country to providing scholarships to inner-city teens to simply bringing light to those who need hope,
The Shine Project is all about love, sacrifice, and CHANGE. 
Today Ashley is launching her latest project Pay It Forward.  This genius idea is designed to get people started doing small and simple things everyday that will make an impact on somebody else in their community.

Here’s how it works: With each act of kindness you perform, you can leave behind a card with a unique ID number on it, encouraging your benefactor to do the same.  You can log into a website and track where your card has gone and how much impact you’ve made with each simple act!

The cards can be purchased from The Shine Project Store for only $2.50 per pack of 10, along with many other Shine items available, the proceeds of which go to The Shine Scholarship Fund.
Today, to help spread the word, she has offered Better After readers a chance to win three of her most popular items!  One lucky winner will receive all three:
The Circle Shine rose necklace seen below:

A Shine wristband:
AND this super cute Be the Change Tee!

(Stop being so dang cute Ashley.  Just stop it.)


Entering is easy!
Simply leave a comment here!
For up to three extra entries you can:
1.  Visit the Shine Shop
2.  Like The Shine Project on Facebook
3.  Visit the Shine Project Blog
PLEASE don’t forget to come back and leave separate comments for each entry you did to better your chances to win, and also leave a way for me to get in contact with you!
Giveaway ends Monday, Feb. 27.
Get involved today!  Pass it Forward and spread some SHINE!

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  1. I love the Shine Project!

  2. I visited the shop!

  3. I follow the Shine Blog!

  4. I visited the Shop! Awesome!

  5. I like them on Facebook!

  6. I follow the Blog 🙂

  7. Ohh.. I love the Shine necklace!!

  8. What a lovely idea. I love the concept of using the internet to inspire and track positive change in this world. We are all capable of so much good!

  9. What a great project…and such cute prizes, thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Visited the shop! Love it!

  11. Liked The Shine Project on FB!

  12. Visited (and followed) the blog!!

  13. What an amazing woman!

  14. What a wonderful thing! So glad you are sharing with your readers!

  15. I visited the shop!

  16. I like them on FB

  17. I visited the blog!

  18. You are my sun SHINE!

  19. I love this project….great idea…

  20. I visited her shop and love how her items I am going to order some of her cards

  21. I liked her on FB

  22. I visited her blog and left her a comment

  23. I really love the concept of the cards. What a wonderful idea!

  24. I liked on Face Book

  25. I visited her shop and I love the necklaces.

  26. very cool.
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  27. I visited the Shine shop! Love the necklaces!

  28. I visited the Shine blog!!!

  29. I “liked” the shine project on FB!!


  30. So wonderful and needed!

  31. I visited the shop too!

  32. I now follow the great blog too.

  33. what an amazing idea. definitely will look into this.

  34. I love this blog! Check out to view my thrift decor blog.

  35. I visited the blog and shop and liked on Facebook.

  36. This is such a great idea!

  37. I’ve always been a shiny sort.

  38. Awesome Possum!

  39. I visited the shop – lmoretti at gmail dot com.

  40. I visited the Shine Project blog. lmoretti at gmail dot com.

  41. I liked them on facebook! lmoretti at gmail dot com.

  42. And the cuteness continues. I visited the shop.

  43. I love the card idea!!!

  44. I love the Be The Change Tees

  45. I like The Shine Project on FB

  46. I am now following the blog. I now have sustainable cuteness.

  47. I follow the Shine Project blog

  48. Liked on facebook!

  49. Visited the shop!

  50. Wow, so awesome!

  51. Love the Shine Project!

  52. I liked the shine project on facebook

    dancefamily in idaho @

  53. I visited their website, loved!

  54. Visited and followed the blog! LOVE

  55. love it, I’m totally buying these and giving them away as gifts too!

  56. I love the Shine Project! (I just found her blog the other day and loved it the minute I saw it!)

  57. Liked on Facebook!

  58. What an AWESOME project! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!

  59. I now follow the Shine Project Blog!!

  60. AND I liked them on Facebook 🙂

  61. AND the Shine Project store is amazing! I most definitely will be stopping by there again!!

  62. I would love to win! Great concept!

  63. You may have just introduced me to my new favorite person!

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo {dot} com

  64. I visited her blog

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo {dot} com

  65. I liked them on FB

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo {dot} com

  66. I liked them on FB

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo {dot} com

  67. I visited their shop too.

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo {dot} com

  68. Neat project! Love the idea behind it!

  69. I visited the shine shop!

  70. I visited the Shine blog!

  71. I liked the project on fb

  72. I “liked” the project on fb!

  73. I visited her blog and am following it now! 🙂

  74. Went to the store! Love the different necklaces!

  75. I love the Shine Project!

  76. I visited the shop

  77. I like the Shine Project on Facebook

  78. & I follow the blog 🙂

  79. Amazing project!

  80. Visited the shop!

  81. I visited the Shine Shop 🙂

  82. I now like the Shine Shop on Facebook 🙂

  83. And now I am following The Shine Shop blog…can’t wait to see what’s happening on a regular basis 🙂

  84. I want to be adorable like her when I grow up!

  85. Visited the shop. Adorableness!

  86. I llllllllliked them on FB!

  87. Visited the blog. 🙂

  88. what a lovely project. I am inspired to try harder everyday.

  89. Visited the Shine Shop AND thought this was such a great idea, I shared this with my daughter to use as her Wedding Guest Gifts so all their guests could receive one and pay it forward. The reach of this will be global as there’s many coming from EU from the Groom’s family…what a great idea!

  90. Liked it on fb!!!!

  91. Went to the SHINE Project Blog!

  92. yay i love this chick i follow her blog !!

  93. This is such a good idea! I always hear on the radio of people who do these random acts of kindness–but it would be nice to know if they passed it on.

  94. I love that tshirt! I’ve always lived that quote–I think it has more impact than the old childhood saying of “do unto others as you wish they do unto you.”. But I do love that the jewelry isn’t expensive and proceeds go to the shins scholarship fund!

  95. I liked Shine Project on FB

  96. I’m following Ashley’s blog!

  97. adorable!! the necklace, wristband, and tee are too.

  98. visited the shine blog!

  99. checked out the shine shop!!

  100. I love this shop!


  102. please ignore my previous comment. when I clicked on the link from the shine project website it took me to it. sorry.

  103. I love this idea! When I was a Starbucks addict, I would pay for the person behind me. They told me one day that people would ‘pass it forward’ for hours. I think it was a nightmare for them but it sure made me smile. I’m definitely on board!

  104. What an amazing idea!

  105. I visited the shop, love the tees! and that bronze necklace might have to be mine! 😉

  106. Liked the Shine Project on Facebook, I look forward to the updates 🙂

  107. The Shine blog has really inspiring past entries, too! I feel like a better person already!

  108. What an awesome idea!! God bless our angels here on earth!

  109. The store is so fun! Yellow is a “make you smile” color so its perfect for this project and all your products!

  110. love, love, love this project…and the pay it forward request is so doable even if you don’t have the cards to do it with. Just doing an act of random kindness anytime will set your spirit soaring. If we all treated each other with kindness, and didn’t expect anything in return, what an amazing world this would be….Not that it isn’t already!!!

  111. love, love, love this project…and the pay it forward request is so doable even if you don’t have the cards to do it with. Just doing an act of random kindness anytime will set your spirit soaring. If we all treated each other with kindness, and didn’t expect anything in return, what an amazing world this would be….Not that it isn’t already!!!

  112. sorry for the double comment post…

  113. I’m a LIKER on Facebook :o) Love all the pics and stories of people spreading the smiles!

  114. neat idea! love the t-shirt! thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  115. Visited the blog. I smiled. I cried. I was inspired. I cried some more. I look forward to the wonderful things the SHINE concept and project have in store…all the BEST!! PS – LOVE OLIVER :o)

  116. What an awesome thing she’s doing!! I love it.

  117. Liked the Shine Project on Facebook!

  118. I visited the website. Oh my gosh, that girl is amazing. I am always trying to be kind to people (even while driving!!) and see something beautiful in every person I meet. I love that she’s taken that one step further.

    Go Ashley!!!

  119. Love this!

  120. Thank you for a chance to win!
    Patty A.

  121. I visited her blog!
    atravelingwife (at)

  122. I visited her shop and actually bought 10 cards! Yay

    atravelingwife (at) gmail (dot) com

  123. I follow the project on FB.

    atravelingwife (at) gmail (dot) com

  124. What an amazing idea!

  125. Love the necklace

  126. What an awesome endeavor! Will definitely pass the links on!

  127. awesome – and yes she is cute!

  128. Shops awesome as well

  129. and ofcourse hte blog is great!

  130. It’s interesting how sometimes the simplest things can get us to really observe how we are treating and impacting those around us. Love it!

  131. I visited the shop and like the Be the Change Crew tee. Thanks for this opportunity!

  132. This is awesome!! I love seeing the passion other people have for lovig others! Visited the webpage and love it!

  133. visited the shop!

  134. Liked them on Facebook!

  135. Like them on facebook.

  136. I visited the shine shop. This is great!

  137. I follow the blog 🙂

  138. I just love the necklace!

  139. *Fingers crossed*

  140. I liked Shine on facebook!!

  141. I like Shine on FB!

  142. I visited the Shine shop!

  143. I am passing this on to my entire 3rd grade class. What a lesson! Thanks!
    jo.candelore at

  144. Using this for a lesson in my class! Let the shining begin!

  145. Visited the Shine Site! Love it!

  146. I love this idea!

  147. I visited the shop and bought 2 packs of cards, a wrist band, and a necklace. I’m on board with this one!

  148. I visited on Facebook and liked the page. I’m about to go read through it.

  149. I am also visiting the blog right now!

  150. This idea is so brilliant I got all choked up reading about it!

  151. Thank you for posting this. Perfect gift for my neice’s b-day.

  152. Pass it Forward – AWESOME!

  153. I *like* the Shine Project on FB.

  154. The personalized Shine necklace is adorable at the Shine Project Store.

  155. I love the idea of pay it forward!

  156. I visited the shop!

  157. I “liked” on Facebook

  158. I need to do more of ‘letting my light shine’ for others, so this is a fabulous giveaway for me!

    ~Jessica Mumford

  159. I visited the blog

  160. I visited the Shine Shop!

    ~Jessica Mumford

  161. I went to the Shine blog. Love love love the project.

    ~Jessica Mumford

  162. I visited the My Shine Project blog online. 🙂
    I love that Ashley and her hubby study scripture together at bedtime. <3

  163. I visited the Shine shop.

  164. I follow the blog now.

  165. I liked her on FB.

  166. This is such a fun idea, and cute products!

  167. I also liked it on facebook!

  168. I visited the shop!

  169. I visited the Shine blog and am following it!

  170. That necklace is adorable! I love the idea of being able to track how far you can pay something forward.

  171. Visited the shop!

  172. Liked them on Facebook!

  173. Reading the blog, definitely adding it to my daily rotation of reading!

  174. I visited the shop 🙂

  175. I stopped by the blog 🙂

  176. Oh and my email is lanceandstacy at gmail dot com

  177. I cannot even begin to explain how excited this makes me. About a year ago I started a group where we do raok. 😀

  178. I cannot even begin to explain how excited this makes me. About a year ago I started a group where we do raok. 😀

  179. I visited the Shine Shop. Thank you for such an inspirational giveaway!

  180. I like the shine project on facebook.

  181. I am now following The Shine Project’s blog.

  182. I couldn’t wait so I ordered the raok cards. ;o)

  183. Very Cool Project!!!

  184. I went to the Shine shop…I like those shirts!!!

  185. following the blog!!

  186. This concept is so simple, yet so overlooked! Love the shine project. I had already liked it!

  187. Bought the cards and ready to go!

  188. Wow, Definitely a cool project! I swung by the shop, and their merchandise is just as inspired as the project!

  189. Liked the Shine project on facebook. Spreading the word seemed like a good idea, contest or no 😛

  190. Following the blog via email!

  191. I visited the Shine Blog.

    nikki_moshier at

  192. I visited the Shine Shop.

    nikki_moshier at

  193. I like the Shine Project on Facebook and pinned them on Pinterest.

    nikki_moshier at

  194. Love the Shine Project!

  195. I LIKE on FB!

  196. I visited the SHine shop!

  197. AND visite the blog. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

  198. love the shine project! checked out blog and store!

  199. I liked the Shine Project!

  200. I checked out the blog!

  201. I loved the shop!

  202. I love the Shine Project – thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  203. Visited the shop – cute 🙂

  204. Liked The Shine Project on Facebook 🙂

  205. Visted The Shine Project’s blog… what a great concept!!

  206. I visited the shop!

  207. I liked the Facebook! Twice! (once with my personal account, once with my business =)

  208. I also visited the blog!

  209. I liked them on facebook 🙂

  210. I visited the blog 🙂

  211. I visited the shop 🙂

  212. What a great idea…definitely going to find out more information.

  213. Just visited the Shine Shop…cute items!

  214. I “like” the Shine Project on FB

  215. Great stories on the Shine Blog!

  216. I liked their facebook page! Can’t wait for updates!

  217. I visited the Blog! You are right! She is too cute!

  218. I visted the Shine Shop!

  219. I am now following the Shine blog!

  220. I visited the Shine Project website… I love the personalized Shine necklace.

  221. I liked The Shine Project on Facebook… my email is

    (I forgot to put it in my other comments)

  222. Such a great project! I have always wanted to do something like this, thanks for sharing so many people and their wonderful ideas/creations!

  223. love it 🙂 great idea

  224. Love the idea and what a great cause.

  225. Love this project!

  226. I visited the shop. Love the necklaces.

  227. What a great idea!

  228. Visited the shop.

  229. Thank you for letting everyone know about this fabulous shop and all she does. I would love to be entered into her give-a-way.

  230. I visited the shop! Awesome! Awesome!

  231. this is an awesome giveaway!!

  232. i visited their shop! so awesome what they have going here.

  233. i visited their blog.

  234. What a wonderful idea!!!

  235. I love her blog. I’m going to highlight her on my blog!

  236. Just bought a ton of cards for our whole family to use from the SHOP!
    I can’t wait to see how far they go!

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