Piping it Pretty

Howdy friend!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I watched the inside of my eyelids on my couch.  And speaking of my couch (which we kinda were, for .002 seconds),  I did a double-take when Kelly emailed me this sofa makeover, because I have the exact same one!
But Kelly needed more than this couch had to offer, (AMEN) and so she switched things up with some colorful cushions to replace the beige-y lump-o-matic ones from before. But, best part alert: she also PAINTED the PIPING! Painted right over it!  Ha!  I’m totally going to try this too! Check out the how-to on her blog Corner of Main.

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  1. That’s crazy. Good crazy, but how do people think of this stuff!!!


  2. Unreal. What a huge difference. Hugs, Marty

  3. That is really a terrific transformation. I am nervous about reupholstering…I’ll go see what this makeover maven has to say…

    Thanks Lindsey!

  4. Ooooh totally impressive. Seriously looks like a brand new sofa! Well done! Fantastic job!

  5. I would have to quit drinking Diet Coke to have hands steady enough to paint piping. I looks great.

  6. Thanks for featuring me Lindsey!! All the lovely comments are making my day =)

  7. REALLLLLY. Why didn’t I think of this?! TRYING IT!

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