Light in the Box

Dionne wasn’t feeling this worn out dresser in its naked and weathered state.  Which is a good thing.  I try to avoid feeling things that are naked and weathered, as a general rule.  She brightened it up with a crisp blue and green paint job and removed those chunky clunky doors that were weighing it down.  But as if that wasn’t cool enough, she added pot lights inside!  See how they light up in the last picture?  I bow to your awesomeness, Dionne.  See it on her blog The Turquoise Iris.

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  1. Looove it! It had such great bones, albeit “old and weathered,” but I’m not surprised it turned out like it did — though I wouldn’t have thought of removing the doors. Great idea!

  2. Adorable !! Great colorings.

  3. Wow, that is truly amazing!

  4. Oh My God! What a create fun idea! I love the little lights and the fresh colors 🙂 Great find

  5. That is so cool. Love how brave it is with color…it makes it a stand out piece. Thanks for sharing this Lindsey!!!

  6. Naked and weathered sounds like a description of the old guy hiking Camelback yesterday. (Okay, so he had on a loincloth)

  7. Cute for a kids room!

  8. What a great idea!!!! LOVE IT!

  9. LOL, naked and weathered…. LOL!


  10. So cute!

  11. I would totally do that for my son’s room! Awesome!

  12. Wow, this is awesome! One of my favorites. I liked the before; I think I would have been fine with it and never would have considered how much more awesome that piece could be.

  13. Adoro vim aqui estou aqui diariamente,adoro estes antes e depois que vc coloca não sei onde vc acha tanta coisa linda,bjsssss

  14. WOW, love this! An amazing and creative idea!

  15. Thanks for ALL the sweet comments! This has been so fun today!!!! Huge THANKS to Lindsey!!!

  16. This is perfect! What a lucky kid. Those lights really set it off too 🙂

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