Layer it on me!

Since wearing stripes is supposed to be slimming … do you think painting stripes on your table would have some sort of slimming effect and cause you to subconsciously eat less?  I bet it totally would.  As if I needed another reason to love this striped beauty from Jesse at Nine Red!

Jesse is always up to his elbows in furniture refinishing, sometimes literally, as he dug through – count em’  – EIGHT layers of fabric on these old chair cushions before getting to the original foam.  Woah.  And also, ew.  I think I spy a bedspread in there!  Looks a million times better now, and probably a billion times more sanitary!  The table looks fantastic too, it almost appears to be glowing! Check it out HERE.

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  1. I had to pin the first table before I even left a comment. It’s AWESOME!

  2. I love that table. Great color combo !

  3. I’m IN LOVE with that first table. Colors, and stripes!!

  4. Love both tables but those stripes are amazing!

  5. Yes, ma’am! Both are Better After! Awesome!

  6. What a riot, my first comment regarding the multiple layers of fabric was, “Holy Crap!” And that was BEFORE I noticed what was printed on the photo.

    Thanks so much! I do so love your blog.

  7. LOVE that first one!

  8. Ha! Thanks for featuring my furniture Lindsey! Yes, there were DEFINITELY bed comforters in that mix… I mean, you hear of being resourceful but take it easy! I was just glad THEY were the lumps I saw in the seats before peeling away at them… I was worried what I’d find!

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