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Gemma is saving up for a major kitchen overhaul, but does that mean she has to live with a kitchen she hates in the meantime?  No!  And neither do you!  If your kitchen has a case of the hum-drums, try a quick fix like she did: slap a little paint on your cabinets and some peel and stick tile over that lifeless linoleum, and shabang!  Your kitchen will be sleek and chic in less than a week! Or probably only an afternoon to be more precise, but ‘week’ rhymed.
Grand total was less than $200, and most of that went toward the hardware which will be used in the future remodel.  See more on her site The Sweetest Digs.

And are you one of the many non-American’s who often emails me wondering why Americans like our white kitchens so much?  I don’t have an answer for you. But I do have this black  kitchen makeover from Rebekah at DeBlog as a sort of peace treaty truce thing.  I think because there were SO MANY fake, shiny, tacky wood cabinets used in American homes built over the last decade or so that we’ve finally decided to just give our eyeballs a rest and paint those suckers.  Just my theory.  What say you?

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  1. I LOVE the black kitchen! I am amazed at how it didn’t make the kitchen appear smaller! Awesome job!

  2. I agree on the tacky wood sticker for the kitchen theory. I would prefer not white because it will get dirty and messy SO easily! I like the black and white combo kitchen and real wood.

  3. so what color are the non-American kitchens???
    Yes, too much brown wood will make you run towards lighter and brighter!!!!
    Oh and the builders are still putting in the dark wood cabs here in my neck of the woods!!!!

  4. Dark wood I can handle. But all the orange wood…. gah. My kitchen is orange wood and it’s driving me nuts. White won’t work with our purple and black granite counters. I really want to do black but I’m afraid it’ll turn a dark room even darker. Thanks for posting a black kitchen and showing how nice it can look!

  5. But the red kitchen looked so….cozy. Am I outdated? (yes.)

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my kitchen!!

  7. Both re-dos are great! I think just about anything other than wood-toned cabinets is an improvement! But that’s cuz around here there’s an unspoken dictum: oak = good = God! Just kiddin’…some oak cabinets do look nice…I just haven’t seen many lately 😉

  8. Oh my goodness, those are Incredible makeovers!


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