Hammer Time!

Hello and Happy President’s Day!  I don’t normally get all that excited over President’s Day, but I have a 5-year-old boy who thinks any holiday is cause for major celebration, (he burst into our room first thing this morning with a sincerely excited “MOM, DAD, it’s PRESIDENT’S DAY!”)  so celebrate we will. 
But first, I will leave you with this amazing coffee table transformation from Better After reader Peggy.  I’d say she “nailed” it!   HA! (Sorry).  Not sure how exactly she accomplished this look, as she doesn’t have a blog, but maybe she will enlighten us in the comments!  Great job Peggy!

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  1. O.M.G. – that is absolutely amazing – too bad she does not have a blog – would love a tutorial on that!

  2. Wow, I think she better MAKE a blog with a project like that!


  3. Wow, what an amazing redo! So hip and updated!

  4. Thanks for posting my coffee table, Lindsey. Sorry I don’t have a tutorial; just getting a before picture is better than I usually do! Maybe I should consider a blog!

  5. That would be such a fun project to work on!

  6. Oh my! I would love to know what is on the table top? Is that fabric or paint? PEGGY, you need to give us the details!!

  7. Ok, here are some details: the base is painted. The top was removed and upholstered with flannel and faux ostrich vinyl. The decorative tacks hold strips of fabric (long edges folded in to center). I used fabric because I couldn’t find cotton twill tape in a color that worked with the other colors. After the top was finished, I reattached it to the base.

  8. Love it, came out great!

  9. Wow! What creative bliss!! Leave it to Lindsey to shout about it for you! I vote BLOG!!! You know we will come. 🙂 Thanks L, for another great post.

  10. Love it! It’s not some boring piece of furniture that you just pass by without a second glance. It screams uniqueness and originality and is ultra funky. I want one!!

  11. Not really my cup of tea, but I always admire people who are creative and can do something different! It really turned out great!

  12. I love !! Peggy, please, tutorial!
    Lindsay, congratulations. I´ll blog it.

  13. much more better!! I like it!! Good job!!

  14. Love! So simple but stunning! I’m very impressed 🙂

  15. Here’s a question if Peggy can share this…is the top circle just notched and folded under before using the tacs to keep it in place? that was a lot of work. great job!

  16. This is a great blog!
    Glad I found you!

    Am from now on a dedicated follower.

    <3 LYWM

  17. Very creative, Peggy! Fabulous job! You need a blog! 🙂

  18. This is fabulous! Awesome job!!!

  19. Wow this is GORGEOUS! I.NEED.ONE

  20. Wow Peggy!! Simply stunning! Thanks for posting the details too! I thoughts I spied some sort of leather like upholstery, but wasn’t sure! Where did you find the nail heads? Great job!!

  21. Gorgeous transformation!

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