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Do you love the look of  gold or silver-leaf furniture but hate the price?  Or the idea of DIY-ing it?  I’ve never done silver leafing myself, but from what I gather, it entails furiously rubbing tiny particles of expensive silvery paper stuff onto a large surface and hoping that it sticks, even though nine-tenths of it won’t.  Don’t tell the other DIY blogger people I said this, but I think some things are not worth doing yourself!  Like making your own chapstick.  Seriously, just go buy some. It costs 99 cents. DIY something worth your time!
So yeah, silver-leaf is probably worth your time, because it looks pretty darn cool in the end, but if it’s simple shiny silver you’re after, try Better After reader Rebecca’s method seen below. Nothing more than Rustoleum’s metallic aluminum enamel paint and a foam roller. And how cool does it look against that wallpaper, huh?… (that was me typing in a robot voice, in case you couldn’t tell) then here’s a warm and welcoming buffet from Gretchen in a buttery yellow.  Even just removing the lattice inserts went a long way in updating this piece.  Check out more on her blog Gretchen Moore.

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  1. that shade of yellow is nice on that second piece. i wonder what it is?

  2. Love that color of the yellow, and the shine on that silver is so perfect!

  3. Those are killer makeovers! I’ve been petrified of the silver spray paint after attempting to paint a cabinet. It rubbed off every time it was touched. But this has prompted me to give it another go (maybe after some more research) 🙂

  4. I want to know why I cannot find awesome pieces like this. Since I have been looking at this blog I now pay A LOT more attention at thrift stores, yard sales and Craigslist for sure.

  5. Love them both!

  6. I wanna hear more about how Rebecca did the metallic desk! This is exactly what I have I’m mind for a table of line, it looks great!

  7. I agree! HOW did she do that silver desk???

  8. The silver desk is AH-MAZING!

  9. I love/hate it when I’m sitting by myself, looking at the computer, and laugh OUT LOUD. you and your silly robot voice…

  10. Rebecca left a comment on my blog about the metallic paint – it is absolutely gorgeous – have to try this. And the yellow is beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing these Lindsay!
    You’re the best.

  11. Hi! It’s Gretchen with the yellow desk. I used Behr’s “Leisure” yellow paint. Kind of a brown mustardy shade which I really enjoyed.


  12. Hi, it’s Rebecca! I’m so thrilled that you like my silver desk. There was really more prep before I actually started painting. I sanded w/220 grit paper, then used Ben Moore primer w/an enamel underbody(always follow the drying time)w/a foam roller, only 1 coat, then the Rustoleum metallic aluminum, 2 coats. I always use oilbased primer & paints for better adhesion & staying power. Be sure to have really good ventilation & use a respirator mask. That enamel is some strong stuff. Don’t want you killing a few brain cells! By the way the wallpaper was actually just a sheet that I stuck to our wall. Hey, it was a cheap & beautiful backdrop! If you have more questions, you can email me.

  13. I totally agree, some DIY projects are more hassle than they are worth! Like others have said that shade of yellow is perfection.

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