Color me Carly

Carly’s kitchen just wasn’t screaming “Carly!”  There were too many contrasting wood tones, a paint color that did none of them any favors and a countertop that I can only describe as ‘barf-speckled.’  The only one who could stand it was that cat, and that’s because he’s colorblind.  (Are cats colorblind?  I just made that up.)
Anyway, since she had always wanted a white kitchen, fresh paint was first on the list!  Then, she tried out a creative mix of countertop paint and roll-able stone coating to achieve exactly the look she wanted on the counters, and finally, a pretty sea foam green for the walls. Grand total … $300! Check out tons more lovely details on her website Carly Kmyta.

(special thanks to Better After reader Tara for submitting this!)
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  1. I absolutely love it! Must pin as an idea for my new kitchen.

  2. I love it! I just added the same color to one wall in my kitchen last week! :)

  3. I always love color on someone else’s walls. I just a chicken. So hats off to Carly.


  4. it is amazing what a little color can do to a room. I love it!

  5. Great transformation. Love what paint can do. So fresh

  6. Beeeuuuutifulllll!!!!

  7. She has really captured exactly what I want to do with MY kitchen! THanks for sharing this one!

  8. It`s beautiful, but why almost every US-kitchen is painted white?

  9. I love that color and was thinking about a lighter shade for my living room but I am so chicken. I love the kitchen makeover!

  10. This kitchen is so refreshing! There is nothing like white cabinets to freshen things up. Great job!

  11. The kitchen looks amazing and for only $300 bucks! Gotta love the wonders of paint.

  12. I love it! So bright and fresh and summery. I bet she walks into that room with a big smile every time now!

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