Yellow Fever

I was never a huge fan of yellow, but it is slowly growing on me.  Literally.  My daughter recently informed me that my teeth are looking yellow, but what does she know, she’s just a little three-year-old baby with a brutally honest opinion.  Whatever.  So anyway, I hope you are fond of yellow and will be inspired by today’s collection of makeovers! I was! I think there is some yellow paint in my future!  Also, Crest whitestrips.
First up, this freebie dresser that Darci found on the curb!  Doesn’t it look snazzy against the white and gray stripes in her bedroom? I give it two hearty thumbs up; maybe that will help sway her husband who is not convinced.  See the whole story on her blog The Buhl Family.

And here Dana from Circa Dee probably took one look at this aging dresser and declared, “If you’re going to look yellowed and distressed, do it right!” She achieved this look with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Arles and a combination of clear and dark wax.

Check out the ebony stain on top too, so pretty.

Krista from The Dabbling Crafter decided to dabble in a little furniture fixin’ when she found these chairs.  Their mismatch-iness didn’t bother her one bit, because she thought white paint and yellow fabric would bring them together in the end.  And, of course, it did!  White paint, you never fail us.

Heidi at Lily Field Furniture reminds us never to overlook an outdated stereo cabinet again, which is what I’m pretty sure this boxy thing was, judging by it’s similarity to the cabinet in my grandma’s living room that houses her Marty Robbins tapes. I couldn’t be more in love with the new look!

And Courtney wanted to add a little more pizazz to her already yellow dresser, so what did she do?  She added zigs and zags! And owls!  And flags!  The whole thing is a picture of extreme cuteness.  Brace yourself.  See it on her blog A Little Glass Box.

And lastly, Stacy at Sugar Scout recently shared this chair that went from stained and sad to so awesome I would punch my own mother in the face for it.  Not really Mom. (but I would definitely throw some elbows to get my hands on it first).  

I hope you were inspired by this yellow round-up.  Now go paint something!  And send the pictures to mee!
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  1. Fantastic! I have been looking for yellow inspirations and you just provided a bunch for me! thanks! Love your blog by the way! I look at every post!!

  2. I love all of these! makes me want to go out and grab a can of yellow paint 🙂

  3. I am going to do my coffee table and end tables in yellow. I keep seeing it everywhere and I love it. It is becoming the new turquoise!

  4. im not really a fan of yellow but i think iv been converted xxx

  5. I love that last chair. I have a completely abnormal obsession with houndstooth and I am now salivating over it. Great stuff!

  6. so cheery! loved this post. and about the teeth? when jack was 3 he said his dad’s teeth looked like corn! xo

  7. The yellow wouldn’t fit in my house, but they all look great!!!

  8. Love the yellow inspiration!

  9. Why do husbands try to have opinions about decor?! Darci, what color is your couch? Maybe he likes that better? ;P

  10. Recently Im in falling inlove with yellow, i used to be a blue girl all the way but now im adding some yellow accessories and im in a hunt for a yellow rug 🙂 loved the first dresser AMAZING I wish i can find on the curb somehting like that and the stereo cabinet is so pretty too
    Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

  11. They are all beautiful – but yellow is my favorite color. (I hate to tell you but your grandchildren will be brutally honest as well) (Oh, but you won’t mind)

  12. I bought 2 chairs on craigs list just like the blue one! $35 for both! A total steal! I’m going to paint them white and reupholster them with black fabric! I love those chairs!!

  13. The color of the first dresser is a wonderful yellow! Warm, cozy, cheerful without slapping you in the face! I love it!

  14. This post made my whole day! Love the happy, sunniness of yellow!

  15. This post made my day too!!!
    So fun and inspiring! Thank you.

  16. Ok, the Better Afters are really good, but YOU are cracking me up!

  17. I am so inspired by all of these yellow projects. They are all beautiful!

  18. That first one is gorgeous!

  19. I love all those but I think the first one would look a little more masculine (only to appease her hubs) if she had black handles. I love how this mustardy yellow is so popular especially with shades of gray. I’ve see it used on walls in the kitchen too and it was so yummy and inviting.

  20. So in love with that zigzag dresser!

  21. These are ALL so GORGEOUS. I love every one of them.

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