Wash, Rinse, Repeat

It seems like my New Year’s resolution EVERY year is to get organized. (This never happens).  So this year I didn’t make any resolutions! I feel more organized already!  (This is not true).  
Anyway,  if YOU are looking to get more organized, why not start in the laundry room?  I tried the little trick of labeling my laundry baskets a few months ago (after getting over my laundry basket racism fears) and it totally worked!  The kids think it’s a great big game to sort the laundry.  It’s crazy how much time that really has saved me.  I recommend it.  I also recommend checking out Karen’s cute laundry room/closet makeover for more laundry inspiration!  I don’t know, this might actually make doing the laundry … fun?!

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  1. Lovely! My favorite detail is also the smallest; that little blue jewel hanging from the light pull? Fabulous!

  2. That’s so pretty! I haven’t ever “decorated” my laundry room, but in our next house, I absolutely plan on it! 🙂

  3. Would love to decorate my laundry area. The first thing would be a box like yours with the music!! Love that! Do you have close up pics of it?

  4. Simply awesome!!! I wish this was my laundry area! Sigh….

  5. So cute! If I had this laundry room I might roll around in dirt just so I could spend some time in there!

  6. This is so pretty, I love the fabric she used. Does she have a blog?

  7. Thanks for the compliments! Suzy-Q, the box was what my sister-in-law put my Christmas present in, her little boy had pulled apart one of her music books (The Messiah, aptly enough) so she just taped the pages over a regular cardboard box and added a little glittery tag to it. Very easy. The curtain is a shower curtain from Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens brand. I added a black band of fabric to the bottom and hot-glued some trim over the seam. I can’t tell you how pleasant it is to have something lovely to look at when I do laundry now. :^)

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