Jumping Jacks!

I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of Union Jack themed makeovers, but I love Deana’s slightly distorted take on it.  Whether she’s staying true to the original design or tweaking the colors completely, or even giving you just a vague hint of Union Jackiness, her love (or possible obsession!) of the flag waves high and proud.   Much more to see on her blog Bad Rabbit Vintage.
Daena is fighting a rare and aggressive form of cancer and has discovered how therapeutic painting furniture can be. For this dresser she used her favorite colors and a stylized look, and was thrilled with the outcome!  I love how the design crawls up and over the front.  See it HERE.

And see what I mean about vagueness?  I’m not sure what design this chair was sporting in a previous life, but Daena saw Jackitude (made up word) in there somewhere and brought it out!  See it HERE.

Great work Daena!

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  1. That little stool/bench on top is adorable, but I really like how she went with whatever was already going on with that ugly chair and made it so much better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love that dresser!

  3. huh….?

  4. I love everything on this page but the dresser is amazing!! I have an old oak electric fireplace that I’d like to try to redo.

  5. Love, love, love them. Very talented woman!

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