The cold snap in Arizona continues; it’s friggin frigid here!  I’m tempted to get my knitting needles out and make some big, wooly socks so I don’t have to leave house to go buy some.  Yes, I only wear socks once a year. No, I actually can’t knit socks. Unless they are rectangle-shaped socks. But you know who can knit?  Virginia, from UberCrafty, that’s who.  But she doesn’t limit her knitting to human apparel. If you leave a broken chair on the back of her porch, she just might knit that thing a sweater!  I have to say it again: She reupholstered this crappy old chair with a custom-knitted sweater!  
Totally cool. And warm!

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  1. That looks so warn and inviting. Very cool!

  2. I. LOVE. THIS.

    a lot.

  3. Beautiful! Amazingly talented! Wasting her talent on chairs!! lol

  4. Very Clever, who would have thought…so where did you say she lived. Front Porch or back porch? Hahaha!

  5. How cute, now the chair is all cozy and loved…


  6. Very cool! Love this!

  7. many years ago (in the 80s), there was in infomercial on for the knit-wit and doodle-loom tools. My sister and I would always tease about the knit-wit and doodle-loom tools. The afghan in the back of the first picture looks exactly like what would be created with the tools. Thanks for the memories!

  8. Holy smokes! Just when I think I’ve seen every clever idea!….you show us another one!

  9. Totally elegant.

  10. holy crap! that’s my chair!!! Actually, it’s my friend Suzie’s chair, but I MADE THAT!!!

  11. Holy cow, now I want to crochet sweaters for all my furniture. Well, not all of it. But I do have a chair that’s been begging for something like this…

  12. That’s my ‘Coolbrook Chair’ that Virginia made for me!! I found it in the trash on Coolbrook Avenue (this its name), my husband dumped it on V’s back porch as per my request and this is what I got back a few weeks later. A perfect addition for our new home! Thanks V!!

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