Four-leaf Do-over

Shannon got lucky when she found this sweet little quatrefoil cut-out table for a measly $10.  Did you know “quatrefoil” means “four leaves?”  Yeah, kinda like a four-leaf clover, the official world symbol of luck!  If I were Shannon, I’d never leave home without this lucky lady.  She should put it on a keychain or something. 

See it on her blog Fox Hollow Cottage.  Thanks Shannon!

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  1. Yum. Pure yum.

  2. Of COURSE I love it. lol =)
    Thanks for the feature Lindsey. Love your site. So many awesome before & afters offer endless inspiration.
    Happy Holidays!!

  3. How lovely! Makes me want to paint some furniture!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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