Feeling Frosty

Jana bought this coffee table from her extremely hip neighbor who was redecorating.  What, you don’t believe me?  OK, you’re right, she got it for free from her roomate’s grandma who was moving into an assisted living home.  While she was grateful for Grandma’s generosity, she slowly began to hate that ugly table.  
But she decided there was a little hope left, and once the swirly plastic doors were removed, things started looking better.  With a coat of Horseradish and an extra special touch: frosted glass door inserts, it’s a table to be proud of!  Thanks Jana!

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  1. Wow! what an awesome transformation! Beautiful!

  2. What a difference that glass makes! Great transformation.

  3. So this looks awesome!Brought toally up to now, good job!


  4. Evet güzel olmuş ama ben olsam kapakları değiştirmezdim.Sevgiler…

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